Our students succeed by taking ADVANTAGE... Summer Time Events

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Our students succeed by taking
Al Vanim B221
Summer Time Events
Come take a walk along the river at the Berks County Heritage Center and learn
about the lives of early European settlers that made their homes on and around the
canal. We will tour the Gruber Wagon Works, the Canal Center, take a walk
across the covered bridge and more.
Advantage Program
Fall Scholarship
Opens Sept. 12, 2011
Enjoy an afternoon movie with us at the IMAX in August. We will head over to
the theater for some popcorn and a show. There will be a 2 ticket limit.
Watch your email for updates and event specifics!
****************************************************************** Eligible Advantage Program
****************************************************************** students have the opportuDid you know…
Aspirin is a great painkiller & anti-inflammatory
but it also has many other household uses.
1. To remove perspiration stains from white T-shirts, dissolve two aspirins in half
a cup of warm water and apply to the area of the fabric where the stain is. This
should be left for a couple of hours before washing.
2. Has your hair ever gone yellow or green from chlorine in a swimming pool?
This can be remedied very quickly by dissolving 8 aspirin tablets in a glass of water and rubbing the resulting liquid into your hair. Leave for about ten minutes and
then rinse it out. Shampoo in the usual way.
3. First aid for pimples: Crush an aspirin tablet and add a little water to make a
paste. Cover the pimple with this paste and after a few minutes rinse it off. The
pimple will be less red and reduced in size. Aspirin is an astringent.
4. Drop a soluble aspirin tablet into the water before arranging cut flowers in a
vase. It helps to keep them fresh for longer.
5. To treat dandruff, crush two aspirin tablets and add them to your usual shampoo. Leave on the hair for a couple of minutes and rinse as normal.
6. Mosquito bites can be eased by wetting the skin and rubbing an aspirin over
the spot.
7. Bee stings can be treated in the same way but any adverse reaction to the sting
should be reported to a doctor.
8. Gardeners can treat fungal soil infections by dissolving an aspirin tablet in a
liter of water and using the mixture to treat the soil. Don’t make this mixture too
strong if using around plants as it may burn the leaves.
9. Aspirin can also be mixed with potting compost in the greenhouse, or garden,
to prevent fungus forming around the roots of new plants.
10. Take some fresh lemon juice and mix it with a soluble aspirin to make a mixture that will remove grass stains, nicotine stains, etc from hands.
nity to apply for the Advantage Program Fall scholarship.
Minimum requirements are
as follows:
 Students must be a Pell
Grant recipient
 GPA of 2.5 or better
 At least 15 credits
earned and no more than
60 credits earned
 Must be enrolled for the
Fall & Spring Semester
 Complete an online
budget course
 Attendance of appointments with your Advantage Counselor/Advisor
Oct. 14, 2011
Application and Instructions can be located at
What you do today
can improve all
your tomorrows.
~Ralph Marston
Our students succeed by taking ADVANTAGE...
Page 2
Scholarship Winners
Spring scholarships were awarded
in April to the following
program participants…
Bangura, Aminata
Beadencup, Kim
Buchanan, Josephine
Chebli, Samera
DeSautel, Charles
Erneto, Lindsey
Gardner, Andrea
Houser, Pennie
Lievano, Laura
Magloire, Paula
Medina, Ramon
Roman, Sophia
Woollery, Leonie
The submissions and interviews
went extremely well. We encourage all students to apply for the
Fall scholarship!
President’s List 4.0 GPA
Abraham, Barbara
Albin, Sheila
Anderson, Catharine
Batista, Yvette
Beadencup, Kim
Berrios, Marlene
Brown, Dale
Cleary, Carmen
Ferguson, Kadera
Frizzel, Todd
Gardner, Andrea
Hertzler, Margaret
Hostetter, Dena
Keller, Tammy
Kortman, Robert
Le, Cristina
Lynch, Ana Maria
Martinez, Lucia
McCracken, Alicia
Vettleson, Melissa
Weidner, Tracy
Wise, Susan
Yeager, Margaret
Dean’s List
3.5 to 3.9
Abraham, Farah
Alvarez, Diandra
Artis, Jamille
Berger, Arlan
Buchanan, Josephine
Cafurello, Michael
Creelman, Erica Marie
Cummings, Danielle
Dianna, Lacinya
Duff, Peter
Ernesto, Lindsey
Fell, Sandra
Flood, Randall
Grainger, Kristen
Guzowski, Casimir
Houck, Sandra
Jackson, Gregory
Lebron, Cynthia
Lievano, Laura
Magloire, Paula
McRae, Stacey
Miklos, Michelle
Moore, Rochelle
Moyer, Danielle
Parcells, Robert
Pastor, Christopher
Patterson, Katrina
Piguave, Blanca
Rittenbaugh, Brooke
Rivera, Annmarie
Santangelo, Julia
Savage, Beth
Schnelly, Marcelline
Stutzman, Amanda
Tarawally, Juliet
Young, Jennifer
Open House
On May 18, 2011,
we held our second Advantage Open House.
Students were able to
drop by any time between 10 and 2 and were
treated to a variety of
goodies and drinks. Once
again the turnout was
tremendous! Students
and staff enjoyed the fun,
Page 3
laughter, music and much
needed break in between
finals. For those of you
who stopped by, Thank
You for a wonderful
time! For those of you
who missed it, make sure
you stop by next time!
Watch for details on our
next open house
in December.
Congratulations Graduates and Best
Wishes on a Bright Future!
Summer Time Facts...
-The highest temperature
ever recorded in the U.S.
was in California's Death
Valley. The temperature
reached 134 degrees.
The hottest record on
Earth took place in El
Aisisa, Libya. That temp
was 136F.
-The summer solstice
doesn't always occur on
June 21. In 1896, summer began on June 20. It
won't begin on that same
date again until 2012.
-Ancient astronomers in
Mediterranean countries
came up with the phrase
"dog days" for the hottest
period of the summer,
from about July 4 to August 11. The astronomers
defined the dog days as
extending from 20 days
before to 20 days after
the conjunction of Sirius
(the dog star) and our
sun. This conjunction
happened to coincide
with the worst days of
summer, when folks were
especially plagued by
disease and discomfort.
Put your future in
good hands
- your own.
-According to the Heat
Index, 100 degrees F at
60% relative humidity will
warm the human body as
much as heat at 136 degrees F at 0% humidity.
When the heat index gets
above 90, it's time to take
some precautions. About
175 people die in this
country every year due to
excessive heat.
Program Services
Advantage Program
Room B221
Al Vanim
610-372-4721, Ext. 5074
Tammy Verbonitz
[email protected]
Program Assistant
If you need any help or have any questions
about the Advantage Program, please feel
free to contact the Advantage staff at
610-372-4721, Ext. 5099.
We offer various services such as:
scholarship searches, academic coaching,
WebAdvisor assistance, course
registration, and more.
Reading Area Community College
Advantage Program
10 South Second Street
Reading, Pennsylvania 19603-1706
Counseling - academic, transfer, career, personal
Tutoring - group, lab, math learning center, and online tutoring
24/7 through www.smarthinking.com
Cultural Opportunities – discounts, free tickets and/or group
cultural experiences
Transfer Trips to four-year colleges - free to Advantage students
Advantage scholarship consideration for Pell Grant recipients
Info on Advantage Scholarship and other scholarships (not all
students are eligible for the Advantage scholarship)
Financial planning www.financialliteracy101.org (this is required!)
Tuition and fees refunded for College Success Strategies course
during the year of admission to the program
Program Requirements for Students
Each Advantage Program student is required to meet with a
caseload counselor/advisor to set goals for the Fall and Spring
Semesters. Students with less than 30 credits earned will be
required to meet at least 3 times per semester or more
to set the goals and to follow up on student progress toward
goals and academic standing and issues.
Each student must complete an on-line financial planning/budgeting course. This course provides students with advice
and explanation on sound financial and budgeting practices. It is
highly informative and practical.
Each student is expected to maintain a cordial demeanor toward
others in and outside the Advantage Program.
Each student is expected to be motivated and striving to meet
and keep a minimum of a 2.5 GPA at RACC.
Students not complying with the above standards will not
be eligible for all activities and benefits of the Advantage
Program; and, at the discretion of the Advantage staff can
be removed from the program.
When you reach the end of your rope,
tie a knot in it and hang on.
username racconlinehelp
password getaccess
~Thomas Jefferson