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Role description
Role description
Role details
Job Ad Reference
Role title
Clinical Nurse Consultant MH&ATODS
Status (temp/perm) Temporary Full Time – varying Time
Mental Health & Alcohol, Tobacco and
Other Drugs Service
Torres and Cape Hospital and Health
Division/ Hospital and
Health Service
$3,817.90 - $4,146.60
per fortnight
Closing date
Various Locations within the Torres and
Cape HHS (Thursday
Contact Name
Sam Schefe
Contact Number
(07) 4226 5542
Vision for the Public Sector
To be a government of the 21st century, one government that is connected and working together to deliver
smarter, simpler outcomes that are responsive to the needs of Queenslanders now and for the future. We
will create opportunities in partnership that are all about positive outcomes rather than just service delivery
and regulation.
To enable this vision, the Queensland Public Sector is transforming from a compliance focus to a more
values-led way of working. The following 5 values statements underpin behaviours that will support and
enable better ways of working and resulting in better outcomes for Queenslanders.
Customers first
Know your customers
Deliver what matters
Make decisions with
Ideas into action
Challenge the norm and
suggest solutions
Encourage and embrace
new ideas
Work across boundaries
Unleash potential
Expect greatness
Lead and set clear
Seek, provide and act on
Be courageous
Own your actions,
successes and mistakes
Take calculated risks
Act with transparency
Empower people
Lead, empower and trust
Play to everyone's
Develop yourself and
those around you
In line with the above vision, the Blueprint for better healthcare in Queensland sets the scene for structural
and cultural improvements in a health system that focuses on patients and people
Your Employer – Torres and Cape Hospital and Health Service
The Torres and Cape Hospital and Health Service (TCHHS) provides better healthcare by adopting and
applying six key values:
• Better service of patients
• Better healthcare in the community
• Valuing our employees and empowering frontline staff;
• Empowering local communities with a greater say over their hospital and local health services;
• Value for money for tax payers; and
• Openness
The TCHHS provides a range of health services to the remote areas of the Torres Strait and throughout
Cape York Peninsula. The TCHHS has approximately 800 employees and services a population of
approximately 25,000 people, in addition to up to 30,000 occasions of service to Papua New Guinean
nationals through treaty arrangement between the Australian and PNG governments.
The TCHHS has one Integrated Health Service based in Weipa, one Multi-Purpose Health Service in
Cooktown and two hospitals located at Thursday Islander and Bamaga. These facilities provide a range of
acute services strongly linked to a model of enhanced primary health care.
Primary Healthcare Centres are currently located on sixteen (16) islands in the Torres Strait and fifteen (15)
locations on the Cape York mainland.
The TCHHS also supports a wide range of healthcare providers including outreach teams and visiting
specialist services from other Health Services and non-government providers such as Apunipima and the
Royal Flying Doctors Service.
Your opportunity
The Clinical Nurse Consultant MH&ATODS TCHHS will provide an advanced standard of Clinical
Mental Health and Alcohol and Other Drug nursing expertise, nursing leadership and consultancy that is
consistent with nursing legislation, professional standards and relevant Mental Health and Alcohol and
Other Drug policy and procedures.
The Clinical Nurse Consultant MH&ATODS TCHHS may be requested to provide services within the
Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula Area Communities of Thursday Island and Outer Islands, Bamaga,
Seisia, New Mapoon, Injanoo and Umajico and the Cape York communities of Weipa, Napranum,
Mapoon, Aurukun, Kowanyama, Pormpuraaw, Lockhart River, Coen, Cooktown, Hopevale, Wujal Wujal
and Lauara
Your role
Fulfil the responsibilities of this role in accordance with Queensland Health’s core values.
Provide clinical leadership to effectively plan, implement and evaluate specialist Mental Health and
Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Services to achieve organisational goals and implement the
Queensland Health MH&ATODS strategies.
Provide an expert level of clinical assessment, clinical case management and intervention skills to
support consumers presenting with mental health and alcohol and other drug disorders
To utilise an integrated model of care that includes a dual diagnosis framework, chronic disease
strategies and application of social and emotional wellbeing frameworks to facilitate the provision of
quality MH&ATODS clinical service
Coordinate specialist training and professional development activities for staff working with
MH&ATODS clients and their families.
Work in partnership with stakeholders (community, government and non-government departments)
and the multidisciplinary team in a remote setting to ensure community development is enhanced
Lead and coordinate quality improvement and evidence based practice activities to ensure the
provision of quality, cost effective MH&ATODS service delivery.
MH&ATODS Administration Officer
Provide leadership for clinical governance, education and clinically focussed ethical research within
the MH&ATODS service
Provide clinical support and clinical supervision to the staff (including students in clinical placement)
employed in the MH&ATODS service.
Complete other relevant tasks in the capacity as a TCHHS employee requested by Service
Mandatory qualifications/Professional registration/Other requirements
Appointment to this position requires registration with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation
Agency (AHPRA) as a Registered Nurse with no restriction on your practicing certificate.
This position requires the incumbent to operate a class C motor vehicle (Manual 4WD) and an
appropriate licence without restrictions is required.
Hepatitis B Vaccination: Health Care Workers in Queensland Health whose occupation poses a
potential risk of exposure to blood or body fluids must be immunised against Hepatitis B according to
the National Health and Medical Research Council Australian Immunisation Handbook and the
Queensland Health Infection Control Guidelines.
How you will be assessed?
You will be assessed on your ability to demonstrate the following key capabilities, knowledge and
experience. Within the context of the responsibilities described above under ‘Your Role’, the ideal applicant
will be someone who can demonstrate the following:
• Demonstrated advanced clinical competence relevant to contemporary best practice in Mental
Health Nursing and ATODS and to deliver and coordinate complex client care
• Demonstrate advanced knowledge of the full range of substance misuse disorders and their various
treatments and clinical management options
• Sound knowledge of and experience in the application of mental health and alcohol and other drug
standards, policy, strategies and legislation including recovery and consumer and carer participation
• Demonstrated understanding of the application of primary health care and social and emotional
wellbeing frameworks in a cross cultural remote environment.
• Demonstrated high level interpersonal skills in communication, consultation and negotiation and the
ability to provide supervision, education and clinical support to team members.
• Demonstrated ability working in a multidisciplinary team and in partnership with clients, communities
and other government and non-government agencies, both within and outside of the district, to
maintain equity of access and continuity of integrated care
• Demonstrated commitment to participate in research projects and quality management activities
including the ability to implement policies and promote evidence-based practice amongst staff.
• Demonstrated advanced skills in the area of clinical documentation and in the management and use
of relevant information systems (CIMHA and ATODS IS etc)
• Extensive knowledge of, or demonstrated ability to rapidly acquire knowledge of, the National State
and District policies and plans for MH&ATODS, as well as a sound knowledge of contemporary
issues related to the treatment of addictions.
• Sound knowledge of contemporary administrative and management issues including human
resource management issues such as workplace health and safety, equal employment opportunity,
and anti-discrimination.
Your application
Please provide the following information to the panel to assess your suitability:
• Your current CV or resume, including the names and contact details of 2 referees. Referees should
have a thorough knowledge of your capabilities, work performance and conduct within the previous
two years, and it is preferable to include your current/immediate/past supervisor
MH&ATODS Administration Officer
A short statement (maximum 1 – 2 pages) on how your experience, abilities and knowledge would
enable you to achieve the role
Additional Information
Applications will remain current for 12 months/the duration of the vacancy (select one – permanent
and temporary vacancies longer than 12 months remain current for 12 months, temporary vacancies
less than 12 months remain current for vacancy duration)
Future vacancies of a temporary, full time and part time nature may also be filled through this
recruitment process
Pre-employment screening, including criminal history and discipline history checks, may be
undertaken on persons recommended for employment. Roles providing health, counselling and
support services mainly to children will require a Blue Card, unless otherwise exempt
Employees who are permanently appointed to Queensland Health may be required to undertake a
period of probation appropriate to the appointment
All relevant health professionals, who in the course of their duties formulate a reasonable suspicion
that a child or youth has been abused or neglected in their home/community environment, have a
legislative and a duty of care obligation to immediately report such concerns to Child Safety
Services, Department of Communities
Applicants will be required to give a statement of their employment as a lobbyist within one (1)
month of taking up the appointment. Details are available at
Applicants may be required to disclose any pre-existing illness or injury which may impact on their
ability to perform the role. Details are available in section 571 of the Workers’ Compensation and
Rehabilitation Act 2003 (
MH&ATODS Administration Officer