Trip Description - Crazy Horse Memorial

Spirit of the Hills:
This 283 mile day trip includes amazing outdoor activities and fun learning opportunities. You will actually tour some of
Wyoming and visit everything from Devils Tower to the Largest Mountain Carving in the World.
Here are the highlights!
Crazy Horse Memorial- The World's Largest Mountain Carving, dedicated to preserving & honoring the North American Indian
living culture. Crazy Horse Memorial offers something for everyone with large museums featuring an extensive collection of
Native American Artifacts, arts and crafts for the kids, seminars, laser light shows (at night), regular blasts on the Mountain, gift
shop and restaurant.
Devils Tower- This huge landmark protrudes from the rolling prairies that surround it. It is a site that is sacred to the Lakota
peoples. You can hike to the top, with the monument requesting no hikers on the mountain in June when most Native
American ceremonies are taking place.
Vore Buffalo Jump- One of the most important archaeological sites of the late-prehistoric Plains Indians. This site is an active
archaeological dig with as many as 20,000 bison remains have been found along with arrow points, knives and many other
tools. What is really neat about the project is they can date each buffalo jump with precision because of the annual layers of
sediment that wash into the sink hole.
Spirit of the Hills Wildlife Sanctuary-Lions, Tigers and Bears..."Oh My". Bet you wouldn't have guessed that a visit to the Black
Hills could include seeing Lions and Tigers..well it can! The Wildlife Sanctuary is a home for over 360 animals, 40 different
species including bears, African lions, tigers, dogs, cats, parrots, horses and other farm animals. The animals on the sanctuary
are rescued from abusive homes and given the chance to live out their lives in a permanent and loving environment.
Broken Boot Gold Mine- It's no secret the Black Hills first became famous for the large deposits of gold found in the 1876.
Broken Boot Gold Mine offers underground mine tours for your chance to walk the historic rail car paths. Learn about
techniques used in gold mining and view relics found through the years of restoration.
Mount Rushmore National Monument- Completed in 1941, designed by Gutzon Borglum, Mount Rushmore is a shrine to
democracy. The monument features 60 foot heads of four US Presidents; George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore
Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.