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Senior Care and Resource Management
FiftyForward is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to
enriching the lives of those 50+ in our communities. The organization has multiple services and resources to encourage education, socialization, and volunteerism. FiftyForward was established in 1956 and now operates seven lifelong learning centers
across Middle Tennessee, each providing a friendly meeting
space for older adults to connect with their peers.
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“When was the last time you did something for the first time”
is a favorite motto for their adult classes. Inspiring confidence
and ingenuity, these opportunities can make the difference for
a long, healthy adult life. FiftyFoward offers many different
volunteer opportunities for all ages to become involved with the
community, including Adult Day Services, Music for Seniors,
and Meals on Wheels. They also offer indispensable services
including their Care Team, for connecting older adults and their
caregivers to the answers and resources for care.
Getting older presents many different challenges, from managing health issues to finding a way to remain in your home and
maintaining an independent lifestyle, and often we don’t know
the best way to prepare and remedy issues when they arise.
The FiftyForward Care Team is only a phone call away to find
answers and receive the best assistance and practical knowledge
for services. The Care Team can help you formulate plans that
are tailored to your specific needs to ultimately give you and
your family peace of mind.
The FiftyForward Care Team menu of services includes
the following:
• A personalized comprehensive, professional assessment of
elder needs
• Plan of care development
• Guidance and advocacy for third party services
• Monitoring of care
don't have family in the area, but require assistance and knowledge. The FiftyForward Care Team will assess your treatment
and advise of services which will fulfill your housekeeping and
healthcare needs. This allows you to focus on your physical therapy, recover, and begin to care for yourself again.
2. Your mother is in need of full-time care and wants to remain
in her own home. Your relationship is strained due to life’s
demands and the unique circumstances of her aging process.
You need to know what resources are within budget to maintain
a happy, personal relationship and meet her care needs. The FiftyForward Care Team will assess the need for in-home care and
will listen to the desires of your parent. The care management
component is so important to realize what is truly necessary and
how your financial resources can best used.
FiftyForward Care Team wants you to know that there are
resources for older adults and their caregivers. The uncertainties
of aging can be resolved, and a full life can be attained. Visit
FiftyForward Care Team at their website
supportive-care/care-team/ or call 615-743-3436.
Each member of the FiftyForward Care Team is a Master's level
practitioner who will assess your needs and create a tailored plan for
your lifelong goals. They are trained professionals who listen and
problem solve. Often, the initial phone call for assistance is one of
confusion and fear. The FiftyForward Care Management Team is
prepared to answer your questions and, most of all, provide care
and resources to assist in your recovery and lifelong wellbeing.
Academic Excellence in Christian Education
To speak with an Admissions Representative or
call 467-2313 or visit us online at
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Jr. Kindergarten - 6th Grade
33 Burton Hills Blvd. | Green Hills
“As the only daughter of a widowed father, you have been an
invaluable resource to me. I so appreciate your expert advice,
assistance, and guidance. We don’t know what we would have
done without you!” - FiftyForward Care Team Client
Following are two scenarios where the FiftyForward Care Team
assistance is beneficial. They can help you find answers and
address your concerns whether your goals are long term or to
simply bridge a period of time.
1. You are in need of emergency treatment requiring significant
downtime, and you cannot maintain your household. You are
at a loss of what to do, do not want to involve your family or
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