QYMA Jnr Choir Parent Letter

Marylin Terrace
Eatons Hill Q 4037
(PO Box 324, Albany Creek Q 4035)
Telephone: (07) 3264 9222
Facsimile: (07) 3264 9200
Email: [email protected]
1st May, 2015
The Eatons Hill Junior Choir are participating in the Queensland Youth Music Awards on Wednesday, 20th
May at 6:30pm at Albany Creek High School. Choir members should be in attendance half an hour before
starting time. We will be singing ‘Dream A Little Dream’ and ‘Rodger the Rooster’.
The Queensland Youth Music Awards is one of Queensland's longest standing school music competitions which celebrates
the participation of over 4000 young people in the music making process. The contest provides an environment to motivate
young students to develop their skills and raise artistic levels which are applauded by audiences, other contestants and
adjudicators alike. www.qyma.org
ALL students in the choirs are required for this performance. This is a competition between schools and we are anxious
to do the best we can. If students are away, this will not be possible. Please advise us ASAP if you are unavailable.
Wednesday 20th
Albany Creek State
6.00 pm
(for a 6.30
3rd choir out of 5.
(We will be taken
to a warm up room
prior to singing so
please be there on
Black long pants, black shoes and
black socks. Wear a T-shirt
(preferably black) and you will be
given a SING shirt to wear over
your own shirt. These will be
returned before you leave.
Other information
 Parents of participating students accept full responsibility for their child's attendance at the event, subject to the
direction of supervising teachers. Parents are responsible for the transport of their children to and from this event.
 Students will not be allowed to wear jumpers on stage. As it is usually quite warm inside and jumpers are both bulky and
easily lost, we recommend parents look after them.
 Tickets must be purchased at the door for entry to this event. The cost of entry to the Q.Y.M.A. for adults is $10. There
are no facilities for direct debit. Season’s tickets are available at the door. This money goes to running the event,
adjudicators, hall hire, prize money etc.
 I encourage singers to purchase a copy of the full season colour glossy program.
 All choir members must sit with the choir both before and after their performance. Performers are not allowed to sit with
parents. If you wish to leave before the adjudication, please notify a teacher before you leave. Please collect your child
from inside the hall without disturbing the other performances.
 Students should bring a named water bottle.
Participating in the QYMA is an excellent opportunity for our choirs to perform and it provides a chance for our students to
hear other school choirs. We hope everyone will enjoy the evening. If there are any questions, please see me or email me
as soon as possible.
Thank you.
Kim Podlich
Mara Graham
Brad Geisel
Classroom Music Teacher
Arts Coordinator
Deputy Principal
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
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