How To Get a Job in Investment Banking

How To Get a Job in Investment Banking
For nearly fifteen years, Adkins Matchett & Toy (AMT) has
provided technical training to the world’s top financial
institutions across the globe. We currently deliver the analyst
and associate training programs for eight out of the top ten
global investment banks.
“Bring the world of
investment banking and
finance to your campus”
We bring first-hand experience of the interview process at the world's leading financial institutions. Our instructors have
successfully negotiated this process as graduates and have also been on the other side of the desk interviewing candidates. All
students will gain an understanding of how the different divisions of the investment banks inter-relate, the broad differences
in the qualities that recruiters look for when interviewing candidates for these roles, and how to navigate through the
challenging application and interview process.
Course Options:
Investment Banking Overview - No Technical Training
Sales, Trading & Research with Technical Training
Corporate Finance with Technical Training
Support Functions with Case Studies
Complete Program (covering the above)
Course Length:
1/2 day
1 day
1 day
1/2 day
2 days
Key Business Areas
Sales, Trading and Research
Corporate Finance
Support Functions
• Trading / Structuring
• Sales
• Research
• Mergers and Acquisitions
• Leveraged Finance
• Equity Capital Markets
• Debt Capital Markets
• Middle Office
• Risk Management
• IT Development / Support
• Human Resources
Technical Topics
• Financial Statement Analysis
• Valuation
• Modeling
• Deal Structuring
Case Studies
• Transaction Life-Cycle
• Risk Management
• Trading Software
• Graduate Recruitment Process
Related Careers
• Private Equity
Related Careers
• Other Industries
The people facilitating the buying and
selling of securities and derivatives every
day, allowing investors to allocate their
capital across a variety of financial
Technical Topics
• Equity Securities and Derivatives
• Fixed Income Securities and Derivatives
• FX and Commodities Derivatives
• Economics' impact on markets
• Trading Strategies
Related Careers
• Asset Management
• Wealth Management
The teams that help countries and
corporations raise finance around
the world, and also facilitate the
purchase and sale of entire
A major source of employment in the
industry that can afford great
responsibility and great rewards. Careers
often have much more longevity and
stability than front-office careers.
We currently work with: Harvard LBS Columbia Wharton Cambridge Oxford Esade LSE and more..
AMT’s Training Experience
Adkins Matchett & Toy is the world’s leading financial training
company, providing junior and senior financial services
professionals with the core skills required for success in banking and
related sectors. Our instructor base is the most experienced in the
industry, with backgrounds in investment banking, investment
management, consulting, accounting and academia. AMT provides
training worldwide, teaching in all major financial centers to the
world’s top firms, and has offices in New York, London, Hong Kong,
Mumbai and Singapore.
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For pricing information and customizing a class that works for your school, please contact AMT.
Office: +44 (0)20 7324 2385
[email protected]
All sessions will be delivered with a
focus on interview-relevance, with
sample questions given throughout,
and a description of the typical
working day.