How to use it SikaBond -T2 Sika at Your Service

How to use it
Pre-cut nozzle to give a V shaped profile
310 ml Cartridge
Sika at Your Service
Sika companies around the world
The real Highstrength
elastic adhesive
600 ml Sausage
10 mm
How to use it
8 mm
For optimal product performance:
Subsidiaries in 64 countries worldwide and
more than 8‘500 employees.
Surface must be clean, dry, free from oil, grease, dust and loose particles
To ensure a uniform thickness of the bead, the product should be
applied in form of a triangular cordon
Holding nozzle at right angle to the substrate and extrude the triangular
shaped cordon
Retailer‘s stamp
Cordon as extruded
10 mm
8 mm
Desired configuration of cordon
3 mm
12 mm
For outdoor and high performance applications use
SikaBond® Primer-2 resp. Sika® Primer-35
For bonding of heavy tiles use SikaTack®-Panel Fixing Tape
Powerful initial grab
Heavy duty use
Water resistant
Vibration and shock resistant
Inside and outside uses
SikaBond®-T2 is a high performance, onecomponent Polyurethane Adhesive and result of
longtime experiences of Sika as global leader
for sealing and elastic bonding in construction
and industrial applications.
Can be used in all positions,
also overhead
Time and money saving!
The real
high strength,
elastic adhesive
For high loads SikaBond®-T2 is unique!
Replaces the use of screws,
nails, welding etc. ....
Aesthetics improvement
Time and money saving!
Characteristics and benefits
• Transfers only a reduced stress
to the substrade, reduce noise
and is shock and vibration
an ibra
re d sh tion
sis o
ta ck
• Allow different building materials
to be joined
• Adheres and bonds on most
construction materials
• Bonds absorbant to nonabsorbant surfaces
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d id
o e
us utsi
e de
He init owe
av ial rfu
y d gr l
ut ab
Due to its elastic behaviour SikaBond-T2 .....
Non-corrosive and avoids
galvanic corrosion when
bonding of different metals
Durability improvement!
During the application and
due to ist consistency
allows compensation of
small substrate uneveness
Time saving!