How To Apply BorNiGuard Ceramic Anti-Spatter

How To Apply BorNiGuard Ceramic Anti-Spatter
Tip and gas
1. Remove the nozzle from the diffuser/tip assembly (see photo)
2. Scour the tip, diffuser and nozzle with Scotch Brite (remove oxides from
copper/brass to ensure good adhesion). Tarnish remover can be used during
scouring (optional).
3. Wipe parts with a cloth to remove debris or residual tarnish remover
4. Shake aerosol can for 30 seconds
5. Apply ceramic anti-spatter on tip and diffuser and nozzle from 8” distance in smooth
5. Wait until the film completely dries, about 60 seconds
6. Apply ceramic anti-spatter to nozzle from 8” distance. Spray the difficult areas first,
e.g. inside front edge of nozzle. Spray remaining areas with smooth coating.
7. Re-attach nozzle
8. IMPORTANT: Place the aerosol can at a safe place away from the welding area.
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