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August 2013 Newsletter
CDA Staff:
Amanda Simmons
Director of
Dee Simmons
Regina Eifler
Director of Dance:
Emily Wilbanks
Carly Reid
Marilyn Hazelrigs
Karissa Kracht
Welcome to the Academy
Parents and Dancers,
We are pleased that you will be
joining us for the first season at
Claudia’s Dance Academy. This
will be a year for all involved;
students, parents, teachers, and
administrators to grow, learn,
DANCE and succeed together.
Claudia’s Dance Academy's
monthly newsletter will include
general information about the
academy, important dates such
as performances and rehearsals
as well as fun facts and tidbits
about the art of dance.
As an academy, we believe it is
important to have structure and
standards for our dancer’s and
teachers. It is necessary that the
rules of the Academy be followed
to ensure growth as a dancer.
Our dress code is designed to
create unity and discipline, as
well as to create an incentive for
students to attain the next level
of achievement. All dancers are
expected to adhere to the dress
code. Please refer to the handbook and review
the discipline
process when a
student violates
the dress code.
How to class: Ballet Bun
It is a long-standing tradition to see ballerinas with their hair in a
secure and neat bun, but there is more than just tradition to this elegant hairstyle. The most basic purpose of the bun is to keep hair
from whipping the face during turns. In addition, ballet class requires that students focus on different aspects of their developing
technique and therefore cannot be distracted by loose hair falling
down or getting in their face. Please join your child in her ballet class
during the week of 9/1-9/7 to learn how to make a proper bun.