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HOW TO BECOTE f, rrlllorf,nE
An lnvestment "Activist aild Motivator
Gtrairman of Amaka Ya Bwingi Nefwork
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of the discourse is to stimulate interest in our community to
become alert and aware of hsw they can make use of wasted money and
make it grow for themselves.
"To the board members of Amaka Ya Bwingi Network world wide who have
groped with ine in the darkness to find steps for leading the community to
become investors in their own economies! Now the light has come."
Publisher Dr. John Lukomona Ph.D
First published: 5'n May 2010.
United Kingdom.
[arly ltlorning conversation
I wclce up this morning feeling a bit low, but I heard a voice in me saying,
'Wake up and de it. To feel discouraged and leave My presence is what the
enemy wants to achieve so that every dream and vision you have perishes.
can walk you through the lives of many men of God who have failed, but got
up and have now succeeded."
Wow that was it. Then the voice walked me through so many figures in our
world laday and showed me their failures, which many have not heard about.
But these heroes got up and moved societies and changed the destiny of
ffiany. The world today has been shaped by these men and women. There
were some specific names that the Voice spoke to me about. Amazing!
How can I fail to make it then? Will you? lt is in those harsh times that your
vision is made and born. Opportunities come in abundance when times
present difficulties. You can dare God to believe him for greater things as you
speak what you want to be in the future.
Just lastyear l"picked up the phone and rung Zambia and spoke to a young
lady and she said to me, "Doc you have just said it and confirmed. I have
always wanted to learn about shares so that I can buy them at our Lusaka
Stock Exchange."
"Thank you!" I responded.
.Actually it is you who mentioned to me your vision of stocks some time
back that is why I phoned you today." I added in.
.Really,... O! lrecall yes ldid". She responded with great hope.
"The good news is that I have been researching and I have contacted the
relevant people. I have been advised what to do." I said.
"Ok'. $he replied.
"Do me a favourn please go and deposit for me these monies which I will
send to you and of that money take K100,000.00 so that you can also
open a similar investment account and buy or sale stocks whenever.
Grow your money!" I instructed and offered. She was excited.
loo$e lloney
IOOIE llOtEV is money that normally rernains in your pocket as change after
you purchase the big items you planned to. Sometimes this loose money
stays in your pocket for a week without you realising it. Then you would say,
'Oh I did not even realise that I had f10!" e10 is approximately K70, 000.00 in
Zambian money.
lf you are in the UK, for example, you leave these coins on the dash board in
your car and they stay there for months. ln your mind you begin to think you
are doing well since you always have some loose change to a value of more
than f 100.00 if you searched the whole house, car and office-
I have discovered that this is carelessness and lack of understanding
actually robbing our own children's and their children's inheritance.
TilE tUnREilT charts that are published by the Lusaka Stock
(LUSE) show that the value of a stock for the listed companies is K250.00 per
share on average. These values changes every so often.
Therefore f10 can buy you at least 280 shares (i.e K70,000.00 divided by
K250.00). Therefore 1100.00 which is approximately K700, 000.00 can buy
you 2,800 shares.
iloss lhis moen?
?ODfiV, for example, let me just quote an arbitrary company. lf connpany
"Mwansa Leta Agric" has today's share value at K250 per share, it means
that this is the value at which you buy these shares in that company. Now let
us say that after one month the share value of this company has grown to
K300.00 (See table below).
ln other words you have made a profit of K50 per share. Say you bought 2800
shares, it now means that you got in profits K14A,000.00 (i.e., K50 x 2800). ln
the sterling pounds, yoLr have made approximately t20"00. The hundred
pound which was lying on the dashboard board of your car for four weeks has
potential to make you an extra 920.00 if you invested in a company as I have
just shown you.
Like the above example you are now making loose money work for you to
invite other loose moneys from elsewhere"
I0 BtauB?
I DOt'? blarne you. We did not know how these things worked and in school
we were not taught. Now you have no excuse. lgnorance is qone.
I started trying this game and discovered that most times am out of pocket. I
have no coins anymore because they are somewhere working for me. lt is
painful, my daughter would say dad I want Kentucky fries, I packed my car
and said, "How much have you saved since last week?" Daughter says,
"Dad I have f 1.70 and I will find something that fits in the budget when I go
inside Kentucky Fried Chicken shop". I remained in the car to make sure
everything is secure.
i strode quickly to where my daughter was. "ls everything alright?"
"Yes dady!" She replied. I looked at the gentleman at the counter and he
emiles at me, then I asked him, "What is the total bill?"
"t2.99" He replied.
I pulled out my wallet to rescue rny daughter from embarrassment. I realised
that I never keep money on my dash board in the car any more. Then I asked,
"There it says 99pence, how come it is now f2.99?"
"Okay, .. lt is 99pence then no drink!" the shop keeper replied.
"deall" I said and my daughter grabbed her chicken nuggets. They were a lot.
Don't let Kentucky Fried Chicken eat your future investment. The small coins
add up to a huge investment. I thought rich people were mean as they
account for any coin that passes through their hands. They are just prudent
and careful and plan when to spend and how to spend.
Just multiply the change of mindset to invest your loose change in shares by
twelve months. You will discover that you will be in a better financial position
than you were before. lf you are that sort of person who has no time at the
moment to set up own business and run up down, shares can be a starting
point for money to start working for you.
I discovered it has become easier for me to save f300.00 in several months
as a result of the share knowledge. Just starting with K100,000.00 in Zambian
money {which is approximately t14.29} in a year you can build up to f300.00
in taking care af loose money on the dash board of your car or kitchen shelf.
All you need to know is know tbal voulnpwlhat vau know that there is a time
of sowing and reaping.
I hope you have enjoyed this short discourse and I trust that it will provoke
you to invest. Join me and learn what I am doing at LUSE.
is A Millionaire". lt is a personal Journey a series of short books which are
based on facts and very motivating. The average price will be e6.99. lnvest in
You can reserve copies now, by emailing [email protected]
telephone me on 47523718358.
Thank You.
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