How to Enter an Equity Order o NetX360®

How to Enter an Equity Order
Go to: NetX360® > Trading > Equities/ETFs Trading.
In the Account field, type the account number and then click GO.
o Note: Perform an account search by clicking
The client's Funds Available to
Trade may be determined by
clicking the Refresh icon
Type the quantity of
shares for the order
Select the transaction
Buy, Buy to Cover,
Sell from Position,
Sell Short or Sell not
in Account
Type the symbol of
the stock for the order
If the order type is Limit or
Stop, in the respective
field, type the desired
price. If the order type is
Stop-Limit, enter prices in
both (the Limit Price and
Stop Price) fields.
Select an order type:
Market, Limit, Stop,
Stop- Limit, Execute at
Close, Or Better, With or
Without Sale
(The default is Market.)
Select an account type:
Cash, Margin, or Short
(The default is Cash.)
Select Yes if the order is being placed
due to the recommendation of a
sales representative or No if the
order is being directed by the client
Select the appropriate indicator for
the order:
A- The symbol is three or less
Blank- The symbol is 4 letter or more
Will always be No
Select the duration of the order:
Day - Good for the current day only
GTC - Good-till-cancelled
GTD - Good-till-date
GTW - Good-till-week. Indicates the
order is good up to 7 calendar days
from the date the order is entered.
GTM - Good-till-month. Indicates the
order is good up for 30 calendar days
from the date the order is entered.
FOK - Fill or Kill. Either fill the entire
order or cancel the order.
OPG - At the Market Open only
IOC - Immediate or Cancel. Either fill
all or part of the order immediately
and cancel the unfilled portion of the
(The default is Day.)
If you choose to dispose of shares in a different
manner (other than the account default disposition
method), or by a specific tax lot or lots, click the Edit
Tax Lot button. The Edit Tax Lot pop-up window
Select Additional Order
All or None, Not Held, Do
Not Reduce Price, Do Not
Increase Shares, CashSame Day Settle, Next
Day Settlement
Select Commission:
COM - Flat commission (For $50 commission, enter COM 50)
To calculate the cost of the trade for you the rep, use the Pershing Equities
Ticket Charge Calculator.
The default is NetExchange
In the From field, type
the name of the client
To populate the IBD Order Receipt: Date, Time and
Time Zone fields with the current date, current time
and NYT time zone, click the DT Stamp button.
Click Review Before Sending. The Review Order field displays.
If the order details are correct, select Send Order.
The order may:
o Go directly to be processed.
o Generate a warning, and if acknowledged, go directly to be processed.
o Be sent for approval.
o Have a severe violation indicating the order (as entered) has been rejected.