“My son was more aware of how to be attentive,... aware of how to help my son become more attentive. ...

“My son was more aware of how to be attentive, and I became more
aware of how to help my son become more attentive. My son also
pointed out how we as parents need to be more attentive to them
when they need us, instead of always looking at our mobile phones!”
- Julie Soh Lih Shan, parent of a Primary 4 boy
“My child is more attentive, especially to details, and listens better after
completing this program. The sharing helps us as parents in imparting
values to my son, and the content is clear and effective. My son was
excited and wanted to do all the activities in one sitting!
- Daisy Teo, parent of a Primary 5 boy
“My son became more aware of how easily distracted he was by the sms
notifications on his mobile phone and would sometimes put the phone
away. He also realized that playing with his hands while talking to me was
not being attentive. I was also reminded of my own habit of being busy
with my own work when my children talk to me. The Star Actions helped
us to focus and work on overcoming our weaknesses.”
- Georgina Lau, parent of a Primary 3 boy
“The Character Toolkit is a convenient tool that can be used at home. I had
been looking around for resources to teach character to my children and
was delighted to have this resource on hand with a systematic structure to
work with. It was easy to use and not difficult at all to navigate my way
- Arthur Ling, parent of two girls, one of whom is in Primary 4 and the other
in Primary 3
“I found the toolkit easy to use with my child and it is helpful to breakdown
the meaning of the value into behaviors that we want to encourage in our
children. This makes it easy for us to teach our child, and easy for the child
to understand what is our expectation. It also gives us the opportunity to
talk about stuff other than the usual school activities.
- Marie, parent
©Copyright of TOUCH Character Development 2013
“I like to use the materials because it’s fun and interesting. I enjoy
spending time with my father doing the activities.”
- Daniel Ng, Primary 4
“I enjoyed the activities like the puzzles and the sharing. I learnt
about being more attentive and asking more questions if I don’t
- Daniel Koh, Primary 5, North View Primary School
“I learnt not to do my own activities but to pay attention to the person
I am talking to.”
- Darius Phua, Primary 6, Pasir Ris Primary School
“The word search puzzle was fun! I learnt the importance of being
- Samuel Wee, Primary 6, Nanyang Primary School
“I found the drawing activity the most fun. I have learnt how to be
- Matthew Wee, Primary 2, Nanyang Primary School
©Copyright of TOUCH Character Development 2013
“This workshop has reinforced my belief that as a parent, we need
to be involved in Character Development. From the toolkit training
session I have also learnt many activities to enhance character
development. The facilitator was engaging and shared many
personal experiences.” - Jasmine Liew
“I have learnt some precious pointers in parenting through this
workshop, and I intend to make an effort to be intentional in character
development for my children.” - May Shuen Lim
“I have learnt the importance of both teaching and modeling. Our
children’s future is worth investing in and fighting for.” - Parent
“This workshop has raised the self awareness of parents’ personal
values, and I have learnt that the teaching of character values must be
intentional and consistent and that we must walk the talk.” -Lynn Lau
“I am reminded that children see, children do and of the importance of
being a good example to them. I also learnt that there is a need to be
patient, and I intend to use the toolkit as soon as possible.”
- Kamidah Pavidor
“I have learnt from this workshop that it is good to have conversation
about values with young children. “ - Adeline Tan
“I have learnt that passion, patience, and praise are necessary for
character training.” - Tan Ser Fong
“I have learnt that everything, including character development, starts at
home and that it starts with a good marriage. “ - Parent
©Copyright of TOUCH Character Development 2013
“I have learnt from the toolkit workshop that these “lessons” can
be a family bonding time and that these sessions can be fun,
interesting, and creative. I also learnt that there is a need to
be patient and be more generous with our praises.” - Wendy Chan
“I have learnt that we need to be intentional in parenting and to be a
role model for our children. I have also learnt from the toolkit training
how to make learning the “5 I wills” interesting to them. This is a
wonderful toolkit and is a great help to parents in teaching character
development.” - Wendy Wong
“I have learnt that we as parents can make a difference to our children’s
character development, and the toolkit training taught me what key
character values to focus on, and how to teach these character values.”
- Un Oi Lin
“I intend to use the Toolkit immediately by using the materials as a
guide to share with my son and the children in the Student Care Centre
that I am working in.” - Low-Eu Sin Peng, Karine
“The toolkit breaks down the teaching of character values into bite size
lessons.” - Debbie Leung
“The toolkit is user friendly, and I intend to use it as soon as possible in
our community work and family projects.” - Parent
“The toolkit is a structured way to cultivate values in children.” – Parent
“The toolkit training session has taught us the What, Why, and How of
character values.” – Parent
©Copyright of TOUCH Character Development 2013
“I have learnt that the best gift I can give my children is to love my
spouse, and I intend to use the Parents’ Toolkit together with my
spouse during moments of relaxation with my children.”
- Benny Ho
“This has been an engaging, interactive, and fruitful two-hour
workshop, and I will be using the toolkit immediately as a guide to
input values to my sons by following the flow and structure as
outlined in the material.”
- Low Hwee Min, Charles
“I intend to apply and follow closely the guides and instructions in the
- Alvin Loh
“Using the toolkit is a very good start on a character building journey.”
- Steven
“From the workshop, I have learnt that we, as parents, should do selfreflection to see that we have these values, and that a person should
be developed holistically and that includes character development.”
- Leonard Lum
“I learnt from the workshop that children learn by watching their
parents, so parents need to be good role models. We need to be a
hero both outside and at home.”
- Lee Kwok Cheong
©Copyright of TOUCH Character Development 2013
“This is a very structured approach towards character building, and I am
reminded that character is both caught and taught. I intend to share what I
have learnt with parents and teachers.”
- Mdm Gan Ser Min, Vice Principal, Red Swastika School
“This is an ideal approach towards character development. The toolkit
provides ways to deliver bite-size character lessons to young children.”
- HOD, Student Development
“The pedagogy behind the toolkit is sound. I have learnt that parent-teacher
engagement can be purposefully done.” – Lead Teacher
“I have learnt that this toolkit can be used by both parents and teachers. I
am also reminded of the role parents play in character development and also
the importance of clarity in transmitting values.”
– Cindy Loh, School Counsellor, Westwood Primary School
“The toolkit is structured and has activities to support the teaching of values
and increase the learning propensity of the children. I will suggest and
recommend this toolkit to parents. Character development is a shared effort
between parents and teachers.”
– Ooi Huishan, School Counsellor, Cantonment Primary School
“I found the presentation clear with concise materials, sharing, and useful
videos.” - School Counsellor
“This is a very systematic way of teaching values.” - School Counsellor
©Copyright of TOUCH Character Development 2013
“I have learnt that synergy between parents and teachers is important in
building character in our children. I intend to share it with parents whom I
work closely with and with teachers so that they can incorporate it during
their lessons.”
- Mrs Priscilla Lau, School Counsellor, Nan Hua Primary School
“We can engage parents to complement teachers’ effort in imparting
character values in our children. I find the activities approach taken very
- CCE Coordinator
“I have learnt the importance of parent/teacher partnership in developing
character in our children.“
- Sheena d/o Mohan Lal, Allied Educator, West View Primary School
“I have learnt that we need to practise the 3Ps: Passion, Patience, and Praise,
to help children build character and how parents and teachers can work in
- Ms Lee, Teacher / VIA Coordinator, Tanjong Katong Primary School
“The toolkit is a valuable option for both schools and parents.”
– Teacher
“It is important to start moulding the character of our children as early as
possible. I will apply what I have learnt on my own children and introduce
the toolkit to school leaders, parents, and friends. If possible, besides
parents, teachers can also be trained to use the toolkit to teach.”
- Mr Yong Han Kang, Teacher, Balestier Hill Primary School
©Copyright of TOUCH Character Development 2013
“I have learnt about the use of the Star Action Chart and Praise Award notes
to recognise progress and affirm good behaviour. We would like our teachers
to be trained as facilitators to help roll out the toolkit in our school. Well
done, TOUCH!.”
- Mrs Maznahbi Peter, School Counsellor, Balestier Hill Primary School
“I have learnt that although parents play an active role in building character
in their children, parents and teachers should collaborate and work together
in character development.”
- Teacher
“Through the toolkit briefing, I have learnt the relevance of building good
character through practical means using the parents’ toolkit. I am pleased to
know that training sessions are available for both parents and teachers.”
- School Counsellor
“I have learnt the importance of parent/teacher partnership in developing
character in our children. “
– Sheena d/o Mohan Lal, West View Primary School
“Both parents and teachers need to share values with the children
intentionally. I intend to use the activities and application of each value in
the toolkit.”
- Teacher
©Copyright of TOUCH Character Development 2013
“I have learnt about the importance of having synergy between parents and
teachers in developing character in our children. This is a good toolkit and I
can use this in counselling sessions, and it is also possible to use the toolkit in
[email protected] events.”
- Samuel Soh, School Counsellor, Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School
“I have learnt that character can be nurtured through explicit teaching, and
this toolkit can be used to supplement the CCE FTGP lessons.”
“This can be used to supplement the CCE FTGP lessons. I would use it to
complement the school’s current workplan.”
“I intend to use the toolkit with the ‘at risk children’ in my school. We can
also adopt some of the activities for V.A.”
- Mrs Nge Yuen Ee, SEL/FTGP Coordinator, Townsville Primary School
“The activities in the toolkit can be incorporated into the FTGP lessons.”
- Ms Lee, Teacher / VIA Coordinator, Tanjong Katong Primary School
“I intend to share this with the Parent Support Group (PSG) members.”
- Mdm Tan Meow Huang, Teacher, Yew Tee Primary School
©Copyright of TOUCH Character Development 2013
“This toolkit is a practical resource, and I would encourage parents to buy
this toolkit.”
- School Chaplain Assistant
“The toolkit has been designed in a very interesting manner. It can benefit
parents, especially those who find it difficult to communicate and have
difficulty in delivering those values they really want to see in their children.
I would introduce the toolkit to parents and encourage them to use it.”
- Mdm Bushra Tanuir, School Coordinator
Boon Lay Garden Primary School
“You can use the toolkit in enhancing your relationship with your children
and building character in them. “
– Pang Chong Lei, Allied Educator, West View Primary school
“I have learnt that parents and teachers must have the same expectations.”
- School Counsellor
“I enjoyed listening to what was presented because I sensed the passion.
- Teh May Ching Karen, Teacher, St. Anthony’s Primary School
©Copyright of TOUCH Character Development 2013