How to use your new Electronic Cigarette.

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How to use your new Electronic Cigarette.
How to use your new EGO Electronic Cigarette and how to fill the e-liquid.
To begin with let’s go over some basic terminology. There are basically three parts to
our electronic cigarettes. In the picture below you see there is the mouth tip, the
clearomizer, and the battery. The clearomizer is called so because it is a clear cartridge
that holds the fluid, and also has an atomizer at the bottom which creates the vapor.
Clearomizer. The clear part is compared to older styles that you cannot see the liquid
and are called cartridges.
The clearomizer is normally described by what version or generation that it is. The
clearomizer is also a type of cartomizer. We only use CE4 clearomizers which is the
best performing and satisfying version there is. This new generation of Clearomizer
holds 1.6ml of fluid. More than past generations.
The CE4 clearomizer is the latest Clearomizer designed to work perfectly with eGo
Series batteries:
1) It is Easy to fill the e-liquid. Just take off the mouth tip, fill the e-liquid along the
sides of the clearomizer (not the center hole), and then screw the mouth tip back onto
the CE4 clearomizer.
2) The scale (lines) on the eGo CE4 transparent clearomizer is so you can see how
much fluid is in the clearomizer. Do not over fill.
5) They have longer wicks for more consistent flow of e-liquid to the coil in any
6) No leaking. Large amounts of vapor.
How to fill the EGO CE4 e-cigarette.
Step 1: Take off the e-liquid bottle lid. Pour into the syringe bottle or use directly from ejuice bottle. This is whatever your preference may be.
Step 2: Unscrew the mouth tip from the CE4 clearomizer. The mouth tip has a small amount of
threads so you will unscrew it a few turns and then pull out.
See pic below.
Step 3: .
Using an e-liquid bottle or syringe bottle, fill the CE4 clearomizer by inserting e-liquid
down the side wall (Do not allow e-liquid to go in the center hole, that is for air flow.
Also, do not fill past top line on the measurement lines).
Step 4: Screw the mouth tip back onto the CE4 clearomizer. See pic below. NOTE- The
first time you are filling a NEW clearomizer you should wait at least a couple of minutes
to let the ejuice thoroughly saturate the wicks. This will help the life of the clearomizer.
You should not press the battery with no ejuice inside as this can start burning on dry
An average clearomizer will last about two weeks but this greatly depends on how often
you vape. One to three weeks is probably average. You will know your clearomizer
needs to be changed when you start to taste a burnt flavor, and/or the color of the juice
starts to turn dark. When you are not enjoying the flavor you can change the
clearomizer to see if that helps.
b. Screw the EGO CE4 Clearomizer on the EGO battery:
Screw on and connect the eGo CE4 clearomizer with the eGo battery. Do not over
tighten the clearomizer to the battery. Only twist until you feel it is securely on the
The EGo ce4 e-cigarette works when you press the eGo LED button. Press and hold
the LED button and inhale at the same time.
c. Charging the EGO battery:
You just screw the eGo battery onto the USB charger, then plug it into the PC or ACUSB Adapter. It takes about 3 – 3 ½ hours to fully charge your Ego battery. When the
red light on the charger turns green that means it is fully charged.
Most of the Ego batteries have the 5 click function. This means you press the button 5
times quickly and fluently. This will turn the battery on or off. You only need to turn your
Ego battery off if you are putting it somewhere that you feel the button will be pressed