P a rost Van

Naturally promotes healthy prostate function.
Supplement Table
Recommended adult dosage: take 1 capsule daily,
or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.
Each daily dose provides, extract equiv. to dry:
Seronoa Repens (Saw Palmetto) fruit
(Standardised to Fatty Acids–259.2mg)
Cucurbita pepo (Pumpkin) seed
Also contains encapsulating aids.
No added yeast, dairy products, lactose, gluten,
artificial colouring, artificial flavours or preservatives.
Recommended Dosage
Take one ProstAvan capsule daily.
Consult your physician, health care
practitioner, and/or pharmacist regarding
any health problem and before using any
supplements or before making changes in
prescribed medications. The information
presented herein is in no way intended
as a substitute for medical counselling.
Always read and follow label directions
and warnings.
The Need
Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men after skin cancer and the second
highest cause of male cancer deaths.1 It is very important that we remain educated
on the importance of maintaining prostate health, especially when over the age of 40.
Competitive Solutions
Not all competitor formulas contain the three ingredients found in ProstAvan, in fact
they may only contain one!
The Melaleuca Solution
ProstAvan, with therapeutic doses of lycopene, saw palmetto berry and pumpkin seed,
promotes prostate and urinary tract health.
The prostate is a small gland that can cause big problems for men. Weighing less than
300g, the prostate is prone to three disorders: prostatitis, cancer, and enlargement.
Prostatitis is rare and though prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers,
enlargement, or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), is the most common prostate
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)
“Benign” means noncancerous and “hyperplasia” means excessive growth of tissue. BPH
is the result of small noncancerous growths inside the prostate. It is not known what
causes these growths, but they may be related to hormone changes that naturally occur
as men age.
BPH, which sometimes affects sexual function, is a troublemaker because the prostate,
as it enlarges, presses against the bladder and the urethra, blocking urine flow.
One daily dose of ProstAvan provides:
• 2.7mg of Lycopene Extract, a powerful antioxidant found in tomatoes that promotes
healthy prostate function,
• 2.88g of Saw Palmetto Fruit extract (standardised to fatty acids of 259.2mg), a potent
phytonutrient that supports a healthy prostate,
• 80mg of Pumpkin Seed Extract, known for its positive effects on prostate health.
With its innovative 3-in-1 formula, and only one capsule a day; ProstAvan helps you take
a natural, targeted approach to your prostate’s health.
ProstAvan: A Natural Alternative for BPH
The choices of medication, surgery, or just living with the symptoms of BPH can be, at
best, unnerving. Fortunately, recent studies suggest there may be a more natural way to
deal with the symptoms of BPH.
AU/NZ 10/12
What Causes BPH?
The exact cause of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
(BPH) is unknown. However, the majority of
scientific evidence points to hormonal changes
that naturally occur in middle-aged and elderly
men. Testosterone levels begin to decrease after
about age 50, while other hormones increase.
These hormonal shifts cause two significant
changes in a man’s prostate:
(1) DHT level increases and
(2) DHT binds to prostate cells.
The level of DHT increases. As testosterone enters
the prostate, it is converted to a hormone called
dihydrotestosterone or DHT. An enzyme
called 5-alpha reductase (5-AR) acts on DHT
causing the change.2 This process of converting
testosterone to DHT occurs in all men, but in
older men, the activity of the 5-AR enzyme
increases and its primary focus is the prostate.
As a result, 5-AR converts more than the usual
amount of testosterone to DHT. While younger
men can break down DHT and excrete it from
their prostates, older men simply cannot break
down DHT as efficiently and, as a consequence,
have more DHT in their prostates.
DHT binds to prostate cells. Scientists have found
that when DHT is at elevated levels, it tends to
bind with prostate cells—causing those cells to
multiply, which results in prostate growth. Given
that the prostate encircles a man’s urethra, its
growth can interfere with urine flow and cause
all the other problems associated with BPH.
Supporting Research
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ProstAvan contains a blend of lycopene, saw palmetto and pumpkin seed—all-natural
ingredients that can support prostate health when combined with a balanced diet and
healthy lifestyle.
ProstAvan contains 2.7 mg of pure lycopene. Lycopene is the compound responsible
for making tomatoes red. It’s believed to be a super-powerful antioxidant, which is the
reason men are encouraged to get more tomato-based foods in their diets.
In 1995, Harvard University researchers conducted detailed studies of 52,000 men over
a six-year period. They found that men with the highest intake of lycopene had a
21% lower risk of prostate cancer than men with lower lycopene intake.3 A 1999
study provided further evidence that increased consumption of tomato products and
lycopene-containing supplements might reduce the occurrence or progression
of prostate cancer.4
Saw palmetto
ProstAvan also contains 2.88 g of saw palmetto. First used in the treatment of BPH late
in the nineteenth century, saw palmetto has been the subject of numerous laboratory
and clinical studies. These experiments demonstrated saw palmetto’s anti-oestrogenic
and anti-androgenic (-testosterone) effects and confirmed that the extract affects many
hormonally dependent pathways for prostate growth. These are considered significant
interventions in the treatment of BPH.
A number of clinical studies have shown the success of saw palmetto in treating BPH. For
example, 110 men took 320 mg of saw palmetto or a placebo for 28 days. Those who used
saw palmetto experienced less pain in urination, less frequent night time awakenings, and
an increase in urinary flow rate. A follow-up study conducted over a 15 to 30 month period
showed continued success.5
Pumpkin seed
In addition to lycopene and saw palmetto, ProstAvan includes 80 mg of pumpkin
seed extract. Pumpkin seed is known to have anti-inflammatory action. Like saw
palmetto, pumpkin seed extract may help reduce prostate gland swelling.7
ProstAvan Is Your Connection to Healthier Prostate Function
Working together, the lycopene, saw palmetto and pumpkin seed in ProstAvan assist a man’s
body in maintaining proper urinary function and sustaining a normal, healthy prostate.
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Lifestyle Changes Doctors Recommend
1. Reduce or eliminate beer or other alcohol from your diet.
2. Keep blood cholesterol below
220 mg/dL.
3. Increase water intake to stimulate urine flow and help prevent urinary retention and
kidney infection.
4. Eat a diet rich in natural whole foods.
Healthy Prostate
5. Exercise regularly.
6. Limit exposure to pesticides and other
environmental contaminants.
Prostate Gland
7. Use a well-designed supplement that supplies
the nutrients important to prostate health.
AU/NZ 10/12