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JUNE 2012
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Preventing Prostate Problems
If you don’t know what your prostate is or what it
does, you’re certainly not alone. Most men don’t.
Wayne Myers, Pharm. D.
But you really should. More than 30 million men
suffer from prostate conditions that negatively affect their
quality of life.
• Over 50% of men in their 60s and as many as 90% in their
70s or older have symptoms of an enlarged prostate (BPH).
• Each year over 230,000 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer and about 30,000 die of it.
• Prostatitis is an issue for men of all ages and affects 35% of
men aged 50 and older.
BPH - or benign prostatic hyperplasia - is the medical term
for an enlarged prostate. BPH, a non-cancerous disorder, is the
most common prostate health problem among men. Half of
men between the ages of 50 and 60 will develop it, and by the
age of 80, about 90% will have experienced BPH symptoms.
Symptoms of BPH vary from individual to individual but may
Frequent, often-urgent need to urinate, especially at night.
Need to strain or push to get the urine flowing.
Inability to completely empty the bladder.
Dribbling or leaking after urination.
Weak urine stream.
As the prostate slowly continues to enlarge, symptoms may
gradually worsen, interfering with sleep, physical comfort,
and routine activities. In rare cases, an untreated enlarged
prostate may lead to an inability to urinate; incontinence;
bladder stones; kidney infections; and damage to the bladder,
kidneys, and urethra.
Looking at the statisitics, if men live long enough they will
most likely have to deal with BPH. Many drugs can be used
with various efficacies. Also surgery is an option. There are
several options in the natural product market as well that also
have varying efficacies. The most promising supplements to
treat BPH are Pygeum, beta sitosterol, and pumpkin seed.
Others that have shown some results are saw palmetto, stinging nettle, vitamin E, selenium, and zinc.
Because male urinary symptoms can also be caused by more
serious conditions, such as prostate cancer, it’s important to
see your doctor to determine the cause of your symptoms.
Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men, and the
second leading killer of men behind lung cancer. Prostate can-
cer is generally very slow growing and most men die with
prostate cancer rather than from it. Still, it kills approximately
30,000 men each year. But detected early, it can be cured.
For prostate cancer prevention is the best medicine:
• Get your prostate checked yearly after age 40.
• Eat right. Studies show that people who eat a high fat diet
have a greater risk of developing prostate cancer. On the
other hand, fiber, soy, protein, fruits, and cooked tomatoes
(because of lycopene) have all been shown to reduce risk.
Watch your weight. Obesity may be a contributing factor to
a number of cancers, including prostate.
Exercise regularly.
Don’t smoke, limit alcohol, and avoid caffeine.
Drink lots of water. This can help flush your bladder. Urine
should be almost clear.
Have regular sex. The best way to empty the prostate is to
Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate that may be
caused by an infection. It's the most common prostate problem
for men under 50—so common that about half of all adult
men in will be treated for it in their lifetime.
Prostatitis treatment is dependent on the cause. Many times it
is bacterial and can be treated with an antibiotic.
Prevention does seem to be the best medicine for treating
the prostate. Personally, as a man who is approaching 40, I
will follow the above recommendations; and, as I age, I will
look to a natural product that combines many of the supplements mentioned above. Lycopene and selenium seem very
important for prostate cancer prevention. Pygeum, pumpkin
seed, and stinging nettles seem important for BPH treatment.
We carry two great products that contain many of these helpful supplements: Prostate Health Support from our Wellness
works line and Prostate 5LX from New Chapter. Stop in and
ask for more information.
Health Funnies
When the hospital Board of Directors asked a panel of doctors
to vote on adding a new wing to their hospital…
The allergists voted to scratch it. The dermatologists advised
no rash moves. The neurologists thought the administration had
a lot of nerve. And the obstetricians stated they were all
laboring under a misconception.
A Salad Bar in Your Kitchen
Cindy Weidman, B.A.
Want to eat more veggies this growing season? Stock your refrigerator and cupboards with all of your favorite salad
bar and chef salad ingredients. Allow the ingredients in your kitchen’s home salad bar to change over time for variety. How many different interesting combinations can you create?
A salad is like a collage of colors, textures, and flavors. Start with half a plate of any dark leafy greens like salad
mix, lettuce, or spinach. Top the greens with veggies like cauliflower, green pepper, and tomato. Chopped boiled eggs, bean
salad, chicken chunks, black beans, tuna, or chickpeas might provide your salad’s protein. Nuts and seeds like walnuts and
pumpkin seeds are healthy croutons. Experiment with quick and easy salad dressings at home, like the one below, to avoid the
non-food additives in commercial salad dressings. At a restaurant salad bar, use a mix of cottage cheese, olive oil, and a squeeze
of fresh lemon juice.
One homemade chef salad might be romaine lettuce, leftover chicken chunks, walnuts, green French Dressing Recipe
peppers, cauliflower, homemade Italian dressing, with bean salad and a baked potato on the side. In a quart jar, mix...
Another chef salad could include baby greens, a boiled sliced egg, cheese cubes, broccoli, ¼ c raw vinegar,
sprouts, pumpkin seeds, and garbanzo beans, topped with homemade French dressing, with a 2.5 T water,
baked sweet potato. A third meal might have a bed of spinach with leftover salmon, carrots, pok ½ c cold-pressed olive oil,
choi, black beans, beets, sesame seeds, and a homemade Oriental sesame dressing on top, and a ½ t sea salt,
side of brown rice. Each of these meals is ready in half an hour, possibly accompanied by a soup 1 chopped garlic clove,
¼ c raw local honey,
or hot entrée.
½ t paprika,
It’s fresh-local salad season here in Franklin County! Collect your home salad bar ingredients at
¼ c tomato puree,
roadside stands all through the spring, summer, and fall. Ask about health classes and health
1 t onion powder, and
coaching to learn yummy, affordable ways to eat whole foods every day. Can you eat a comfresh ground pepper to
pletely different delicious salad every day, or even twice a day?
taste. Shake and pour.
Cindy Weidman, health educator, [email protected]
Different Yet the Same
You may have already noticed that some of your regular medications may be looking a little different these days. We want to
assure you that while your pills may look different, the medication you are receiving is the same.
We recently started using a new provider for many of our medications in an attempt to cut down on medications that are unavailable and the need to owe you medications. We believe this
change was necessary to provide you the best possible service.
Thanks for your understanding!
In order to make room
for our new compounding lab, we are getting
out of the greeting card
business. From June
15-30, for every 50%
off greeting card you
purchase we will give
you two free cards.
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Non-Profit of the Month
June’s non-profit, Joy El Ministries, exists to glorify God by
evangelizing, encouraging, and equipping individuals for
active ministry through Camp Joy El, a Christian camp and
retreat center that operates year-round in Greencastle. They
provide summer day camps and overnight camps, weekend
connection events, as well as guest ministries. Since 1974,
their sole focus has been to provide opportunities for people to
experience life-change through personal encounters with God.
For more information visit
Tuesday, June
26th, 7-8pm
Join us to find out how
the hCG diet can help
you kick-start your
weight loss.
Seating is limited,
reserve your spot today!
(717) 217-6790
[email protected]
Charles Hill, R. Ph.
Your Wife is Right… Men CAN have Menopause
Male menopause could be sneaking up on you. That’s right, many men are victims of what is commonly known
as andropause or male menopause. It “sneaks” up on you because, unlike the violent whirlwind associated with
female menopause occurring rapidly over a 3-6 year period, male menopause occurs much more slowly.
Andropause can take decades, beginning in your thirties and gradually declining to pre-pubescent levels in your
sixties or seventies.
Because they occur so slowly, it’s harder for men to detect these changes. It can
best be described as waking up one day without a sense of well-being.
What causes male menopause? Like its female counter-part estrogen, testosterone plays
a vital role in the health and well-being of men. Now I know what many of you are
thinking, “Testosterone, that’s just for sexuality.” But in men it does so much more than
stimulate a healthy libido (though it does that as well). Did you know that there are
receptors in the male brain for testosterone? How about the heart muscle? Did you know
that low testosterone levels have been associated with increased cholesterol levels?
Now the cause of low testosterone levels can be multi-faceted. Unlike in women, where
a decline in estrogen is always associated with age or surgical procedure, in men that
isn’t always the case. While primary hypo-gonadotropin can and does occur in men (the
testes stop producing testosterone due to age or other influencing factors) many men are
affected by what is called metabolic andropause.
Metabolic andropause causes a vicious cycle. First, there is an increase in aromatase enzyme, commonly found in fat cells, which
converts the testosterone you naturally produce to estrogen. This increased estrogen load in men actually causes a drop in
testosterone production and an increase in fat cells, which leads to an increase in aromatase. The additional aromatase then leads
to the conversion of what little testosterone you have left to estrogen. It’s actually a difficult cycle break.
Testosterone injections are probably not the best solution to combat andropause. When you give your body a large dose of
testosterone it is quickly converted to estrogen by the aromatase enzymes. There are ways of overcoming andropause and
reasons for doing so beyond improved sexuality. I encourage you to come to our free seminar Monday, June 11th and see how
to get that lost sense of well-being back and improve you quality of life at the same time.
If you can’t fit our seminar into your schedule, come in a talk to us anyhow. There are many things that can be tried before going
to a prescription solution. We’d be glad to talk to you about your options.
Decreased urine flow
Increased urine frequency
Weight gain in the chest and hips
Ringing in the ears
Mental fatigue
Dizzy spells
Difficulty sleeping...
Elevated triglycerides
Decreased libido
Decreased erections
Burned out feeling
Sugar cravings
Decreased stamina
Please let them know about this seminar. We can help.
Monday, June 11th, 7-8pm
Seating is limited. Reserve your spot today.
Birdhouses created by local artisan John Roy.
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(717) 217-6790
[email protected]
Made for Men
Although you should always get your vitamins
from food, vitamin supplements help replenish
your body's nutrients and help the body retain those nutrients.
Tracie Roles
Because the biochemistry of the human body differs between
male and female, men need different levels of vitamins and minerals than women. Vitamins that are aimed at men's health can
offer significant benefits and help you lead a healthy, full, and
productive life well into your golden years.
We offer two great pharmaceutical grade multi-vitamin and
mineral formulas designed to support the nutritional needs of
men, including occasional stress, energy, metabolism, and prostate and heart health:
Max For Men and Realfood Organics Men’s Daily Nutrition
both from Country Life. Stop in and let us help you decide
which one is right for you.
“Learning is the beginning of wealth. Learning
is the beginning of health. Learning is the
beginning of spirituality. Searching and learning
is where the miracle process all begins.”
- Jim Rohn
June 1-14—20% Off ALL Bird Houses (perfect for
Father’s Day!)
Monday, June 11—FREE SEMINAR: Andropause
(see page 3 for details)
Tuesday, June 26—SWEET SPOT Diabetes Education
Class, 2:00pm, Summit Bldg 2
Tuesday, June 26—FREE SEMINAR: hCG Diet (see
page 2 for details)
Wednesday, June 27—SWEET SPOT Diabetes Education Class, 10:30am, Chambersburg Senior Center
Limited seating. Reserve your spot today:
(717) 217-6790 or [email protected]
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