October 23, 2013 PRAYER MATTERS – of sick ones   

THE BRETHREN ASSEMBLY KUWAIT PRAYER MATTERS – of sick ones October 23, 2013 Praise God for the recovery granted to many of the below mentioned, but still to remember: A. In Kuwait: 1. Sis. Leelamma Abraham, diagnosed positive, undergoing checkups for treatment. 2. Sis. Sherine Rajiv Philip and Sis. Nancy Sanju Thomas (in weak stage). 3. Sis. Jessy Aby Kurian, Sis. Betty Renny Mathews. 4. Bro. Sajeev P. Mammen undergoing treatment & for his restoration to fellowship. 5. Bro. Thomas Abraham (Raju), Bro. George Thomas (Bejoy), Child Daniya Ben James. B. Parents who are in old age/weak/sick: 1. Fathers of Bro. Dennis/Derry, Bro. Shibu, Bro. Sherry, Bro. Sabu, Sis. Susy and of Bro. Ajish Xavier (for his salvation also). 2. Mothers of (Bro. Sunny, Bro. Babu, Bro. Johny & Bro. Rony), Sis. Leelamma, Bro. Abey Kurian and Bro. Sabu. 3. Grand mother of Bro. Anil Tom. C. Those who are known to us: 1. Sis. Molly Jacob Thomas (suffered a stroke), Sis. Marykutty Easow Varghese‐Thiruvalla. 2. Sis. Glory V. Godly and Bro. Thomas Jacob ‐ Ernakulam. 3. Sis. Hannah John (s/o Sis. Manju) ‐ Doha: suffering from very rare skin disease, now recurred again after an year. 4. Bro. George Philip ‐ Ireland, now seriously ill and underwent another surgery. 5. Bro. Saji ‐ Dehradun, Bro. Thomas George ‐ Bangalore. 6. Sis. Ponnamma George Joy, Mylapra: continuing radiation in Bangalore. 7. Sis. Sicily Varghese, Pullad ‐ w/o late Bro. T.O. Varghese having heart problems. 8. Sis. Lovely, Kottayam ‐ s/o of Sis. Jessy: underwent a surgery for spinal issues. 9. Child Jaidon ‐ Hyderabad underwent a major surgery for muscles in leg. 10. Child Maya (2 yrs), Liverpool ‐ granddaughter of Sis. Vinu’s Aunt ‐ rare cancer. 11. Sis. Pearl Jacob (17 yrs), Canada ‐ diagnosed with Leukemia and under treatment. 12. Sis. Cicily Koshy ‐ w/o Bro. K.P. Koshy: suffering from kidney and heart problems. 13. Sis. Anu Bevin, child Nidhi Sheffi ‐ both in Sharjah. D. Evangelists and their family members in different areas: 1. Evg. Joshy Kuriakose & Sis. Maya Joshy ‐ Karukachal: both suffering by severe health problems, Sis. Maya will be undergoing a surgery in this week for intestinal bleeding. 2. Sis. Molly Paul (w/o Evg. Madan Paul) ‐ Ludhiana: suffering from breast cancer, later spread to lungs and distant nodes, underwent 2nd surgery on Oct 7th. 3. Sis. Grace Paul (w/o Evg. Pramod Paul) ‐ Chattisgarh: suffering from cancer, now affected in liver and kidney. 4. Sis. Anitha (w/o Evg. Unnikrishnan) ‐ Areeparambu, Kottayam: suffering from acute body pain and arthretis problems. 5.
Evg. P.V. Xavier, Kurianmannoor: having high diabetics and liver problems. Evg. Bapi Dafadar, West Bengal ‐ suffering from serious Kidney ailments and TB. Bro. M. A. Chacko (80 yrs), F/o Evg Abraham Jacob ‐ Puthuppally: underwent a prostate gland surgery. He is also suffering from other health issues and will be having more surgeries for them. Sis. Asha w/o Evg. Abadh Bihari Lal ‐ Munger, Bihar: undergoing treatment in CMC‐
Vellore for kidney related disease and also suffering from high diabetes. Evg. K. M. Paul ‐ Semiliguda, Orissa: diagnosed with malignant tumor in the lungs, undergoing treatment at CMC‐Vellore. New born babe of Sis. Blessy ‐ d/o Evg. Paul Ramakrishnan: born with disabilities on her leg and a continual, expensive treatment is required. Evg. Sunny T. Daniel‐Jaipur, Orissa: suffered from throat cancer & now again affected. Evg. M.M. Zachariah ‐ Kottayam: diagnosed with prostate cancer, undergoing radiation treatment in RCC. Sis. Susamma George ‐ m/o Evg. Aby K. George, Mallassery: diagnosed with colon cancer, undergoing treatment in CMC‐Vellore. Bro. Samuel V. George ‐ Thiruvalla, f‐in‐law/o Evg. Charly Mathew: suffered a stroke, left side got paralyzed. Child Kripa Mary John (3 yrs) ‐ d/o Evg. Johny Thomas, Meenadom: diagnosed with cancer in her left eye and undergoing treatment in Tamil Nadu. Evg. K.P. George ‐ Mylapra: is in paralyzed state and now semi‐conscious stage, his wife Sis. Chinnamma is also bedridden with serious lung problems. Sis. Poonam Amin ‐ missionary to Irpanar, Chattisgarh: suffering from TB. Evg. Harison Roat ‐ Bilaspur, Chattisgarh: critically ill and presently on ventilator. E.
Others: Two disabled children of widow Sis. Anu Raj ‐ Puthuppally. Bro. Sabu Varghese ‐ Pallipad: suffering from very rare genetic auto‐immune disorder, undergoing treatment in CMC, Vellore. 3. Bro. Joby James, Kanamala, Erumely had a sudden stroke, under treatment in TMM. 4. Bro. Grobar Paulose (31 yrs), Kothamangalam is suffering from lung related issues and breathing difficulty. 5. Sis. Shannon Eye (33 yrs), mother of a 10 month old infant has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. 6. Sis. Annie Sam ‐ w/o Bro. Sam S. Philip, USA: has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer at advanced stage, underwent surgery and now having aggressive chemotherapy. 7. Sis. Kunjamma Mathew ‐ Thelliyoor: request of prayer for her disabled child. 8. Child Reuben (6 mths) ‐ s/o Bro. Roy, Bangalore: is seriously ill and under treatment. 9. Bro. Byju K. Paulose ‐ Payyannoor: suffered brain demurrage and critically ill. 10. Sis. Aleyamma Samuel ‐ Sharjah: is seriously ill and hospitalized.