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Tenancy Management Services
Even though your property is managed by Partners you are still a tenant of the
Council, and you have a secure tenancy. Your secure tenancy gives you a number
of legal rights. The services connected to these are provided by Partners Tenancy
For further information about any of these services you can refer to your Tenants
Handbook, visit our website at:
or contact your Tenancy Officer by calling:
0800 587 3595
If you are a secure tenant, the law gives certain people the right to succeed to
(take over) your tenancy when you die. These people are:
• Joint Tenants
• Spouse of civil partners
• Partner or another family member
such as a son or daughter
If you need to leave your property to live elsewhere, the law gives you the right
to assign (hand over) your tenancy to someone else in some circumstances.
You can assign the tenancy only to those people who would have the right
to succeed (see the section above on succession). If you have succeeded to
the tenancy (taken it over from someone who died), you don’t have the right
to assign it. Assignment of a tenancy is a complex legal process. If you are
considering it, you should seek independent legal advice.
The person applying to succeed to or be assigned a tenancy must give proof of
their identity, where they live and their relationship with you, when we ask them
to. If the property is too big for the successor, we will ask them to move to a
smaller one. By law, a tenancy can only be succeeded to, or assigned once.
Sole and joint tenancies
If you have a sole tenancy and later want to change to a joint tenancy, you must
contact us. We will agree to change from a sole to a joint tenancy in certain
circumstances. But you don’t have the right to insist on a joint tenancy.
One person in a joint tenancy can end it at any time even if the other person
doesn’t agree.
A lodger is someone living with you
in your property and paying you rent.
You have the right to take in lodgers as
long as we, as the landlord, think this is
If you wish to take in a lodger, you
must ask us for permission. You cannot
sublet the whole of your property.
Moving Home
The Council has produced ‘Your Guide
to Housing’ to explain to Islington
residents the housing options available
to them. The booklet includes detailed
information on schemes such as
private renting, shared ownership and
other housing schemes. You can find
the booklet on the Islington Council’s
website (, or get a
copy from either of our offices or any
of the Council’s area housing offices
(run by Homes for Islington).
Mutual Exchange
You can swap homes (do a ‘mutual
exchange’) with another tenant of a
Council or housing association, but you
must first get permission from both
Right to Buy
You have the right to buy your home
at a discount when you have lived in
the property for at least two or five
years, depending whether your tenancy
started before or after 18 January 2005.
Home Improvements
You have the right to improve your
home as long as we, as your landlord,
think this is reasonable and you must
ask for our permission first.
The Right to Manage
A tenants’ or residents’ organisation
has the right to set up a Tenant
Management Organisation, which
may be able to take on responsibility
for the day-to-day management of
your homes. If you would like more
information about this right, please
contact us.
Keeping a pet
Your conditions of tenancy allow
you to keep up to two cats, one dog
or a small caged animal or fish in an
aquarium, but you mustn’t let any of
your pets annoy anyone else. If you
want to have a dog, it mustn’t be a
listed dangerous breed.