Community Services, PN: 09080, Housing Manager

Position Description
Position title:
Housing Manager
Position number:
Administrative Services Officer 5
Housing and Community Services
Housing ACT
Tenancy Operations
Working with vulnerable people:
Date reviewed:
December 2014
The ACT Government Community Services Directorate has responsibility for a wide range of human
services functions in the ACT, including multicultural affairs, community services, older people, women,
public and community housing services and policy, children, youth and family support services and policy,
disability policy and services, therapy services, Child and Family Centres, homelessness, community
engagement, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs, and community disaster recovery. CSD will be
gradually withdrawing from specialist disability and therapy services. This is expected to be complete by
June 2017.
CSD provides staff with flexible working arrangements, access to a range of varied and interesting roles
and training that is tailored to career goals. Staff working in CSD are expected to demonstrate quality
customer service, problem solving and teamwork skills, be willing to continuously improve, adapt to
change, be outcome focused and accountable for their actions.
Further information relating to CSD can be found at
The Group:
Housing and Community Services is committed to excellence and the highest ethical standards in dealing
with clients and other stakeholders. The principles most highly valued by the organisation are problem
solving, empathy, teamwork, professionalism and leadership. Housing and Community Services provides
public housing and rental assistance to clients and aims to be an innovative and effective social housing
provider, responsive to the needs of its clients.
This requires both:
Planning to identify the needs of clients and to work within government policy to meet those needs;
Service delivery that is “front line”, to implement those plans through the provision of housing
assistance and management of properties.
Community Services Directorate
GPO Box 158 Canberra ACT 2601 T (02) 6207 5111
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Housing and Community Services assists eligible applicants to obtain and maintain secure, affordable
housing. A significant number of clients need more support to assist them to obtain and maintain an
independent lifestyle. These include clients who present with complex social situations such as:
Financial difficulties;
Drug dependence;
Domestic violence;
Mental/physical disabilities; and
Diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.
Housing and Community Services is responsible for maintaining, developing and improving the
Government’s stock of public housing. This includes:
The management of more than 11 000 properties;
The delivery of a capital program in excess of $36m pa that includes the sale, purchase, construction
and redevelopment of housing stock; and
Contract management of facilities.
Housing ACT is responsible for:
Assessing the eligibility for public housing and accommodation and supporting the needs of our
Allocating properties to eligible applicants and community organisations in a way that ensures longterm housing solutions and sustainable tenancies;
Supporting tenancies through effective tenancy management;
Managing public housing assets, including the provision of appropriate and timely maintenance, and
a portfolio that best meets the existing and emerging needs of clients;
Supporting the community housing sector; and
Providing information that is clear, relevant and offers choices to applicants and tenants.
Tenancy Operations is responsible for the management of more than 11,000 public housing tenancies and
for providing advice and support to public housing tenants and stakeholders on diverse and often complex
issues. Tenancy Operations coordinates support services and community participation programs to ensure
long-term housing solutions and sustainable tenancies; manages neighbourhood disputes and identifies
and delivers service improvements.
Tenancy Operations is responsible for monitoring property conditions on behalf of Housing ACT and
advising on asset maintenance issues. The business unit provides a differentiated model of service
delivery aimed at providing an optimal service response to the needs of public housing tenants, and
through the Housing Manager role, provides the organisations primary client service interface with the
community. Tenancy Operations is committed to providing a safe, productive and rewarding place of
Community Services Directorate
GPO Box 158 Canberra ACT 2601 T (02) 6207 5111
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The Position:
The Housing Manager role is responsible for managing a portfolio of public housing tenancies and for
providing advice and support to public housing tenants to assist them to maintain their tenancy.
Key outcomes expected of the Housing Manager include:
Application of legislation, housing policy and business rules;
Provision of quality client service;
Management of tenancies, accounts and neighbourhood issues;
Community liaison and partnerships;
Assessment of client circumstances in respect of housing and support needs;
Assistance to clients to access specialist services from within and outside the organisation;
Input into planning, reporting and delivery of services;
Streamlined maintenance processes;
Improved communication across the organisation;
Improved sustainability of tenancies;
Resolution of customer complaints; and
Positive feedback from clients and community.
The following legislation is relevant to the work of the position (ACT unless otherwise stated):
Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth)
Public Sector Management Act 1994
Public Interest Disclosure Act 2012
Freedom of Information Act 1989
Financial Management Act 1994
Residential Tenancies Act 1997
Housing Assistance Act 2007
Information Privacy Act 2014
Territory Records Act 2002
Discrimination Act 1991
Work Health and Safety Act 2011
Human Rights Act 2004
Public Rental Housing Assistance
Program 2010
Under general direction:
 Take a problem solving approach and make decisions responsive to identified needs;
 Work in partnership with clients and the community;
 Work in a team and independently; and
 Implement and apply legislation, policies and business rules.
 Undertake client service visits;
 Carry out routine property inspections and provide advice on property standards;
 Assess household income and approve rental subsidies;
 Record client contact;
 Assist clients with maintenance issues;
 Utilise business systems to record information in accordance with the business rules;
 Understand client circumstances and assist clients to access services that enhance their tenancies and
independent lifestyles;
 Identify clients who may have complex needs and implement early intervention processes;
 Assist clients to resolve tenancy issues and neighbourhood disputes;
Community Services Directorate
GPO Box 158 Canberra ACT 2601 T (02) 6207 5111
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Manage tenancy breakdown;
Monitor rental accounts and negotiate repayments with clients;
Take appropriate action in cases of breaches of tenancy agreements and legislation;
Monitor case plans and work towards preventing evictions
Maintain and improve social tenancy linkages;
Provide input into planning and delivery of services;
Contribute to the development of individual workplans and take responsibility for own learning
Ensure accuracy of information systems and integrity of data;
Prepare general correspondence and provide information and draft replies for responses to
ministerial correspondence;
Undertake financial journal processing;
Interpret financial data; and
Plan workload to achieve business targets/outputs.
Work in accordance with, and uphold the ACT Government Respect, Equity and Diversity Framework
and the Directorate’s Work Health and Safety System.
Note: For each criterion, please limit your response to 350 words or less
1. Demonstrated ability to provide quality customer service to a diverse range of clients.
2. Demonstrated ability to develop an understanding of relevant legislation policies and procedures and
the ability to apply these effectively in the workplace.
3. Demonstrated effective communication (oral and written) interpersonal and problem solving skills
and the ability to develop effective relationships with clients and with support services.
4. Proven high quality organisational skills, including demonstrated capacity for attention to detail,
experience in meeting tight deadlines and achieving results.
5. Demonstrated ability to work both independently and cooperatively in a team environment including
the ability to utilise team resources effectively.
6. Demonstrated ability to undertake research and analysis and provide sound advice.
7. A demonstrated commitment to work in accordance with, and uphold the ACT Government Respect,
Equity and Diversity Framework and the Directorate’s Work Health and Safety system.
Essential qualifications and experience:
Current driver’s licence.
Experience in using a range of IT business and office applications.
Desirable qualifications and experience, but not essential:
 N/A
Educational, suitability and professional qualification checks may be carried out prior to employment.
Community Services Directorate
GPO Box 158 Canberra ACT 2601 T (02) 6207 5111
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Community Services Directorate
GPO Box 158 Canberra ACT 2601 T (02) 6207 5111
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