How to Have Sex with 2 Women a Day

How to Have
Sex with
2 Women
a Day
Mr. Locario
Edited & Produced by ITAKKS Media
New York 2011 1
Table of Contents
Introduction......................................................................... 3
Chapter 1: Becoming the Man/Being the Man....................8
Chapter 2: Develop Your Own Personal Style................. 17
Chapter 3: How to Approach Women in Any Situation... 24
Chapter 4: How to Use Rejection to Your Advantage.......45
Chapter 5: How to Have Sex with Your Co-worker ........55
Chapter 6: How to Make Online Dating Work for You...65
Chapter 7: How to Have Sex with Two Women a Day....73
About the Author..............................................................81 2
Get ready. What you’re about to experience is unlike anything else
you have ever experienced before. You are going to learn how to
identify and get exactly what you’ve always wanted from dating.
This book is designed to help you
-be the Man-who-can-get-any-woman-he-wants
-attract a lot of women as sex partners
-have multiple options any time you want to have sex
The methods are simple, effective, and easy to follow.
This book can bring you to a point of having sex with two women
a day, and also improve your dating life in general. The methods
will help you develop a better understanding of what you are
looking for, and direct you in exactly how to get there. Maybe you
want to have more sex partners, or maybe you want to be in a
committed relationship. Either way, this book will assist you in
making it happen.
Whatever your goals are, your dating game is about to become
more exciting and fulfilling.
Having Sex with Two Women a Day 3
The title of this book works on multiple levels. It is a metaphor for
having options in your sex life, and for bringing you to a point of
getting the most satisfaction from dating. While one man might
find satisfaction in having sex with many different women, another
man might find satisfaction in getting married. Regardless of what
your end goal becomes, you will need to experience dating many
different women in order to get there.
This book is based on the idea that in order to get what you want in
any part of your life, you first have to identify what you want. This
is especially true when it comes to dating. Exploring your options
will help you to figure out what works best for you. The more you
experience being involved with different women, the better you
will be at identifying what you want from them. Maximizing the
number of women you have sex with will give you more
experience and will lead to a better understanding of your own
dating preferences. You will gain more confidence as you begin to
clarify for yourself what it is that you are looking for. As you do
this, you will also get more satisfaction from the choices you make
with the women you sleep with.
In dating hundreds of women, I found ways to get exactly what I
wanted from dating. When I first started dating though, I didn’t
have the experience, confidence, or self awareness that I have now.
I used to settle with dating women who I wasn’t that attracted to,
were self absorbed, weren’t good in bed, were rude, or made me
wait months for sex. I put up with these women because I thought I
had no other options and that I couldn’t do any better. I believed
that in order to find sexual satisfaction, I had to put up with a lot of
bullshit. 4
As I gained experience though, I began to find ways to increase my
options. I developed my own personal style and attitude about
dating. I worked to overcome being nervous when talking with
women and learned to deal with getting rejected. I gained
confidence in thinking of myself as the Man-who-can-get-anywoman-he-wants. To be successful with women, I discovered that
I just needed to believe I could be. Not only did my dating life
become less awkward and unpleasant, it became something I
enjoyed and felt that I did well. I was approaching women in the
street, at work, in coffee shops, in elevators-- wherever I could.
As I grew more comfortable with the dating game, it became clear
to me what I wanted from it. Once I knew what I wanted, getting
what I wanted was simply the next step. I got to a point where I
could call a number of different women to have sex with at any
time. I always had options of who to have sex with.
Exploring Your Options
YOU: I already know what I like from the few women I’ve dated.
How would dating a lot of women change my approach?
MR. LOCARIO: Until I had dated many different women, I did
not have the perspective to see what I wanted or to know that sex
could be a constant option in my life. Dating many different
women expands your understanding of the choices you have in
dating. This will then give you the option to choose the choice that
is best for you. 5
Let me share with you an example: David is a guy I know who’d
never had many options with who he dated. He didn’t approach
girls much, and so he only ever slept with a few women. The few
girls he got with had a slim, skinny body type. He tried to talk with
thicker girls a few times, but it just never worked out for him. He
got into a committed relationship with a slim girl for a few years,
but he was always curious about dating thicker chicks. He felt like
he might be missing out on something.
At one point, he got a copy of my book, The Magnificent 10:
Crucial Dating Tips for Men and started using the ideas from it in
his own life. He started talking with more women, and finally had
the opportunity to sleep with a thicker girl. David dated many
different types of women, and after a while, he discovered that he
liked thick girls better than slim ones. When David started dating
this thick, curvy woman named Sylvia, he was confident that she
was the type of woman that he would be satisfied with.
A few years later, David was still dating Sylvia. He told me how
glad he was that he had been able to explore his options with
women. He would not have realized this without experiencing sex
with both slim and thick girls. If he hadn’t gotten with some
thicker girls, he would always have wondered about it and
probably would have felt unsatisfied with his sex life.
Once David had experienced dating and having sex with many
different women, he was able to make a better decision for himself.
I’m not saying that thick girls are better than slim girls, but that
having options allows any man to choose what is best for him. In
this 6
case, David found he liked having sex with thicker women, but
that was just specific to him and his preferences.
How to Make it Work
The only way you will be able to know and get what you want
from dating is if you date a lot of women. You will need to date
and have sex with multiple women on a regular basis. This way,
you will be able to make the right choices for yourself in who you
date and what you are getting from it. This allows you to choose to
be with women who you really want to be with, rather than just
settling for what you can get.
YOU: Okay, I’m in! Now, where do I start?
MR. LOCARIO: It all starts with this: The power to be successful
comes from you. Reading through the chapters in this book will
give you the tools to have sex with a lot of women. But to actually
have sex with a lot of women, you have to put these tools to use.
You’re going to have to try it out, and persevere if gets
The only thing that could stop you is... you. If you don’t make the
effort, guess who is going to be jerking off in a room by himself? 7
Chapter 1: Becoming the Man/Being the
Do you ever wonder why some men are always getting with a lot of
women, and other men can’t even get with one? What, you wonder,
makes one guy so much more successful than the other? Why do
some men seem to have all the luck?
It actually has nothing to do with luck. A man can only be
successful with women if he believes he can.
The basic difference between a man who gets with a lot of woman
and a man who doesn’t get with a lot of women is the way that
they think about themselves. The first guy thinks and believes he
can do it, and the second guy doesn’t.
What you think and believe about your own capabilities is the
foundation for how you will approach women. This is what you
have to realize before you can even attempt to get with women.
To be the type of man that can get any women he wants whenever
he wants to, you have to begin thinking and believing you are that
Man. This is the starting point to becoming the Man-who- can-getany-woman-he-wants. In becoming the Man, you will be able to
approach and get any woman you want because that’s what you do.
It’s simple: 8
You are a man who thinks and believes that he can get with a lot of
women. As a result, you will start getting with a lot of women.
YOU: But how am I going to believe that I’m that type of guy
when I know I’m not?
MR. LOCARIO: At this point, you need to begin training the way
you think. The more you focus on thinking a certain way, the more
it becomes reality. When you get dressed in the morning, when
you look in the mirror, when you walk down the street, just say to
yourself, “I am a man who can get any woman he wants.” Say this
either out loud or in your mind over and over again. “I am a man
who can get any woman he wants.”
When you do this, your subconscious mind begins to take in that
information. It will be reflected in your confidence level and in the
way you approach social situations. As it filters into your
subconscious, you will automatically start to do things that will
make you become that man.
Developing Your Inner Game
If you wanted to become a doctor, you would first have to think
about how to become a doctor. You would make a plan-of-action
that would probably include getting an undergraduate degree,
studying four years in medical school, working a two year
residency, and getting a license. To follow through with all the
years of hard work and labor, you would need to believe that
becoming a doctor was a reasonable goal. Once you’d completed
these steps, then you would finally be in a position to become a
doctor. Looking back, you would see that this process was 9
started by you thinking about becoming a doctor, and that by
continuously believing in that thought made it a reality.
Similarly, you will need to think of the steps it takes to become the
Man-who-can-get-any- woman-he-wants, and continue to believe
in yourself. This means that when negative, insecure thoughts pop
into your head, it is vital that you not dwell on them. Focus your
energy on believing you can accomplish this goal.
So while you are having a wonderful day telling yourself, “I am a
man who can get any woman he wants,” a thought might pop in
your head like, “I can’t get any woman I want. I’m a loser.” Do
not, and I mean do not pay attention to that. This thought is
popping in your head because you’ve been conditioned for years to
think this way. You’ve probably thought about it a lot, and it is
only getting in your way.
You have to change your thinking. Keep telling yourself, “I am a
man who can get any woman he wants.” Surprisingly, these
negative, insecure thoughts will show up less frequently and in
time, they will stop completely.
If someone suggests, “You can’t get any woman you want” or
“You’re a loser,” it will sound like a joke to you. This is because
you’ll have re-programmed your mind to think otherwise. You’ll
have successfully overcome the negativity and insecurity. By
thinking and believing you are the Man you want to be, you will
become him. 10
MR. LOCARIO: I’d like to point out to you that you are, in fact, a
man who can get any woman he wants. I know this because of how
many men I have helped discover this about themselves. It has
become clear to me that any man who believes he can do this can
actually do it.
When telling yourself, “I am a man who can get any woman he
wants,” focus on believing what you are saying. If you don’t truly
believe it, then you are actually telling your subconscious, “I can’t
get any woman I want, I’m just lying to myself.”
Even when those random, “No I’m not,” and “No I can’t” thoughts
come up in your mind, you need to remind yourself that they have
no credibility. They are just your insecurities speaking. Remind
yourself to laugh it off because they simply can’t be true.
YOU: Why can’t they be true?
MR. LOCARIO: Because-- you are a man who can get any woman
he wants!
Taking on the Role
Getting many women is about to become something that you do,
but it will only represent a part of who you are in the moment that
you are doing it. What I’m saying is that you’ll focus on being the
Man when you are interacting with women. In that context, you are
the Man-who-can- get-any-woman-he-wants. It is like a role you
play when you are approaching women. It becomes one of the
many aspects of your life that makes up who you are. But while
it’s 11
something you’ll do well, it will only define a part of who you are
in a particular context.
How you present yourself changes depending on where you are
and what you’re doing. What you say and how you act with your
grandmother is probably different from what you say and how you
act in a job interview, or with friends. You recognize that you are
in a different context, and you act accordingly. It is the same for
being the Man.
As you become the Man, you are like an actor playing a role in a
movie. The way you take on this new role is the same as a good
actor preparing himself for a new character. He will focus his
energy and his mind on being this character. When he is acting, he
feels as if this is who he really is. The character’s emotions
become his emotions, and he can look like he is extremely
depressed or elated because that’s actually how he feels. In
learning to get any woman you want, you must become as invested
in becoming the Man as an actor is in becoming his character.
Men often take rejection personally and imagine it means that
there’s something wrong with them. It lowers their self-esteem and
affects their future pursuits with women. I am always getting
questions like,
“How come she doesn’t like me?”
“Why won’t she return my calls?”
“What did I do wrong?” 12
A man who says this is making the mistake of getting his ego
caught up in the dating game. He thinks that when a woman rejects
his game that it is a reflection of who he is as a man. He takes the
rejection personally, and begins to believe that there is something
wrong with him.
Thinking of the Man as a part of your personality rather than what
defines who you are will help you maintain your confidence and
focus. You can approach a woman with the knowledge that if she
rejects you, it is actually just your game she is rejecting. She
doesn’t know you personally, and so she can’t reject you as a
person. This way of thinking will help you remember that who you
are is not defined by your success with women.
MR. LOCARIO: Keep in mind that dating is a game. While
reading this book, you are preparing yourself to be successful in
that game. Becoming the Man is taking on that role. Getting with
any woman you want is part of the game. Remember that being the
Man is something you do-- not who you are as a person.
What’s more, games are meant to be fun. So while you are playing
the dating game, have fun! Don’t take anything too seriously while
you are playing.
YOU: But this is about either having sex or going home alone.
How can I not take it seriously?
MR. LOCARIO: Because it’s just a game. Let’s say, for example,
you were talking with 13
a girl, but then she refuses to give you her number. As she walks
away, would you feel like a loser?
YOU: Yeah, probably.
YOU: Because she rejected me.
MR. LOCARIO: Actually, she didn’t reject you.
YOU: What do you mean?
MR. LOCARIO: She rejected the role you were playing. She can’t
reject you because being the man is not who you are, it’s what you
Consider the game Monopoly-- where players use character pieces
(the dog, the shoe, the boat, etc.) to move around the board. As you
play, you buy property, pay taxes, or earn money. Let’s say you are
playing with some friends. At one point, you ask your friend to sell
a property to you, and offer a substantial payment. But your friend
refuses. As the game moves on, do you feel like a loser?
YOU: Not really. 14
MR. LOCARIO: Why not?
YOU: Because it’s just a game.
MR. LOCARIO: Exactly. And in the same way, you should never
feel like a loser when playing the dating game. So many men get
their egos caught up in rejection. They end up thinking that they
are losers, taking it personally, feeling frustrated, and getting upset.
But by approaching it as a game, you can avoid these obstacles.
There is really no reason to take it personally if a woman rejects
you. You are playing a role, and this is just a part of the game. [See
more about rejection in Chapter 4.]
In Summary
*You already have what it takes to get with all the women you
want. You simply need to take in the information, set your goals,
and follow through.
*You will only be successful with women if you think and believe
you can be.
*You can become the Man-who-can-get-any-woman-he-wants by
telling yourself you are. By telling yourself, “I am a man who can
get any woman I want,” you are training your thought processes,
your confidence, and your approach to be successful. 15
*Being the Man-who-can-get-any-woman-he-wants is a role you
play, not who you are as a person.
*While reading this book, you are preparing yourself for your role
in the dating game.
*Games are meant to be fun. So while you are playing the dating
game, enjoy yourself! 16