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Pets America E-News Journal - February
2/28/07 3:50 PM
Because Pets are Family, too.
February 22, 2007
Pets America E-News Journal
Wow. The Vino 100 event has really taken off! I don’t know exactly
how many tickets are left, but if you live near Round Rock, Texas and
want to go, call them NOW. The contact information is listed below.
Our Mission
and How to Help
When Terrie Alexander first asked if she could work with Dimas and
Tracy to host a Round Rock, Texas benefit, I said, “Sure,” without
guessing where it would lead. Now, Terrie has pulled Lacey Estus into
the mix, and together they’ve rounded up fantastic door prizes and
silent auction items. There are movie tickets, lessons from
professional dog trainers, hotel spa packages - you get the idea. I
even heard there’s a handmade quilt with Scotties on it in the mix.
The event is NEXT MONDAY. It only costs $15 and you get a free Pets
America wine glass. Come check it out!
Sincerely yours,
Elaine Acker, CEO
Pets America provides educational
programs for pet owners and disaster
relief services for pets. By collaborating
with communities nationwide, Pets
America-trained volunteers help ensure
that pets are included in family
emergency plans, and that family pets
have access to food, water, and shelter
during a natural disaster
or human-caused crisis.
VINO 100 Benefit Wine Tasting
News & Notes: Texas A&M Partnership
Calendar: New Pet First Aid Classes
Q & A: Practice Handling Pets Now
VINO 100 Benefit Wine Tasting
Vino 100 owners Dimas & Tracy Diaz invite
Central Texas pet enthusiasts to combine
their love of wine and pets at a special
benefit wine tasting event for Pets America.
When: Monday, February 26, 5:30 - 8:00 p.m.
Where: Vino 100, 3021 South IH 35, Suite 120 (next door to Target)
Cost: $15 per person (Everyone will receive a Pets America wine glass
to take home!)
Non-alcoholic beverages will also be available.
RSVP & PURCHASE TICKET: 512-255-0526
Vino 100 tries to make buying wine as enjoyable as drinking it, and
has more than 100 great wines for $25 or less, plus hundreds more in
every price range. Come have fun with Pets America and explore the
world of wine!
Visit Vino 100 online
News & Notes: Texas A&M Partnership
Pet First Aid & Disaster Response
Workshops Announced
Pets America will be adding new dates in
the coming weeks. Right now, the
updated Workshops will definitely be
offered through REI in Houston, Dallas,
and Austin. Check out the Calendar in
this Newsletter for scheduled dates
(some dates still tentative).
Register for Pet First Aid Workshop
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Pets America E-News Journal - February
Texas A&M University
Press has become an
official Pets America
partner, and will be
distributing the new Pet
First Aid & Disaster
Response Guide for pet
owners this fall!
2/28/07 3:50 PM
Donate or Volunteer
About Pets America
Texas Veterinary Medical Association
Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation
Tomlinson's Feed & Pets
On Sunday, February 11,
Elaine and Bill hosted a
Valentine’s party for
Central Texas Volunteers
at their Austin home. (in the photo, Lisa Knaggs poses with Mia and
Miller). It was great to spend quality time with Volunteers, and for
everyone to have a chance to get acquainted in a relaxing setting
before “crunch time.” It’s nice to get to know the people you’ll be
counting on when the next disaster rolls through!
Everyone went home with a goodie bag filled with fun stuff for both
people and pets. Please support all the people and businesses that
helped fill the goodie bags and tell them thank you once again when
you’re there! Click on the quick links at right to visit them online.
Bark for Peace Organic Treats (Texas
and Colorado)
Texas Pie Kitchen
Pets America Sponsors
Tomlinson’s Feed & Pets
Bark for Peace
Texas State Animal Resource Team (TXSART)
We also have to thank Diane and Bill Smith for their help with catering
and Jen White with the Texas Pie Kitchen who made beautiful heartshaped pies that tasted absolutely scrumptious. Elaine told Jen she
just got as close as anyone ever will to earning the phrase, “That’s as
good as my Mama’s pie!” Learn more about Texas Pie Kitchen at and be sure to think of them whenever you
need a pie for any party or special occasion.
Calendar: New Pet First Aid Classes
Join our mailing list!
From meetings to training to conferences, this year offers many
opportunities for being involved in disaster preparedness and
response. Here are a few dates you may want to mark on your
FYI – April 2-6 – National Hurricane Conference Hilton Riverside, New
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Pets America E-News Journal - February
2/28/07 3:50 PM
April 21-22 – Emergency shelter training from United Animal Nations
and the ASPCA. Approved Pets America volunteers will be invited to
attend one session free of charge. If you are interested,
contact Elaine for details.
April 21-22 – Pet First Aid Workshop in conjunction with United Animal
Nations and the ASPCA. Time, location, and registration info will be
posted on the website by early March.
FYI – May 8-10, Texas Hurricane Conference; Galveston, Texas
May 9 (Wednesday) – Volunteer Briefing 6:30 – 7:30 p.m., Town Lake
Animal Center. One-hour overview of disaster response and volunteer
positions for prospective volunteers.
May 19 (Saturday) – New Volunteer Orientation 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. Town
Lake Animal Center. This three-hour volunteer orientation and training
is for new Pets America Volunteers who wish to develop animalhandling skills by simultaneously volunteering with Town Lake Animal
Center. This training is strongly encouraged for prospective Emergency
Pet Evacuation Shelter managers and staff.
June 1 – Hurricane Season Begins
June 10 (Sunday) – Volunteer Meeting and Tabletop Exercise 2:00 –
5:00 p.m. (Location TBA)
June 16 (Saturday) - DALLAS Pet First Aid & Disaster Response
Workshop, REI 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.
June (mid-month) - DISASTER DRILL (DATES TBA)
Register for Workshops or Volunteer Now!
Q & A: Practice Handling Pets Now
Q: My pets won't even let me touch
their paws and ears. There's no way
I'll be able to handle them in an
emergency. Any tips?
A : The more time you spend
handling your pets BEFORE an
emergency, the more effective you'll
be when it's time to treat an injury or
illness. When you're relaxing around
the house, make a point to spend a
few minutes each day stroking your
pet's ears and gently touching their feet and muzzle. They'll gradually
get used to being handled, and you'll be better able to care for your
pet if an emergency arises.
email: [email protected]
phone: 512-452-4224 (TVMA Offices)
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Pets America E-News Journal - February
2/28/07 3:50 PM
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