The Development of the Method

The Development of
the Method
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The Oncothermia method was developed by
Prof. Dr. András Szász and has been practiced
successfully for more than 20 years. Prof. Dr.
Szász researches and teaches in the field of
biophysics at the St. Istvan University in
Hungary. Due to a carcinosis in his family he
started to look into the topic of cancer
therapies and developed the Oncothermia
He represents the method on international
events and regulalry publishes professional
articles in the field of hyperthermia.
We are happy to provide your doctor with further
information about the Oncothermia method.
Individual treatment of
Prof. Dr. Szász is the founder and
scientific advisor of the Oncotherm
Oncotherm GmbH
prostate diseases
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The heating of tumor cells with the help of
Hyperthermia has been used since the
ancient world and has been analyzed by the
science for about 100 years. Oncothermia
uses thermal therapy in combination with
an electric field. This synergy enables the
method to achieve even better and more
gentle results.
Tumor tissue is very heat-sensitive. The cell
metabolism is disturbed due to the heating
and the destruction of the tumor cells is
The EHY-1000 series has been specially
developed for prostate treatment. Both,
malignant and benign tumours (BPH) can
be treated.
With the help of a catheter with integrated
electrode and the counter electrode the
system generates an electric field. This
electric field supports the precise focusing
and generates the heat in the treatment
Benign and malign tumours
When used for the treatment of malignant tumors,
the EHY-1020 targets the tumor cells selectively
and accurately. Oncothermia enables you to
selectively destroy the tumor tissue without
harming the healthy tissue.
This selection is of particular significance for the
treatment of prostate carcinomas in which the
malignant tissue is usually mainly found in the
peripheral zone of the prostate.
The malignant prostate tumor treatment generates
an electric field between the catheter electrode and
counter electrode as with classic Oncothermia. In
cases of hyperplasia, a larger tissue field is involved,
the boundaries cannot be exactly determined.
The Oncothermia-treatment of prostate
diseases does not have any side effects like
build-up of heat, muscular burns, erectile
dysfunction or incontinence.
Therefore in these cases a catheter is combined with
an electrode band for the treatment, so heat and
electric field are distributed over a large area. The
electric field the is built up in a circular shape from
the catheter electrode outwards.
The prostate device
The EHY-1020 IL during the treatment