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Term 4 Week 5
6 November 2013
Principal’s Message
Diary Dates
Week 5
Thursday 7/11
Friday 8/11
3/6W Golden Ridge
Yr 5 Cromer High School
Week 6
Week 7
Thursday 21/11
Friday 22/11
Cool Water Day
Yr 4 Cromer High School
Week 8
Week 9
Tuesday 3/12
Wednesday 4/12
Thursday 5/12
Family Picnic
Year 6 High School
10.15 Combined Scripture
11.00 Helpers Morning Tea
1.45 Balgowlah Boys High
School Band visit
I write to advise you of my retirement at the end
of the year. After a wonderful career of 39 years I
feel it is time for me to help out with home duties!
As I finish my time at Dee Why Public School,
almost 6 years, I feel quite a sense of
achievement. It has been an honour to work with
such a dedicated group of teachers and such
wonderful children and families. I know that such
an empowered educational community will
continue to flourish.
Our School Education Director, Mr Dean White,
met with our parent group to discuss the process
of appointing a new principal. The position will go
to merit selection and will be advertised shortly.
I will remain principal until the commencement of
the new school year. This will allow me to work
with the new principal to ensure a smooth
transition for the school.
Thank you for all the lovely well wishes I have
received from the children, parents and staff.
Selective High School Applications 2015
Week 10
Tuesday 10/12
Wednesday 11/12
Friday 13/12
Presentation Assembly
Year 6 Farewell
Talent Quest
Week 11
Tuesday 17/12
Wednesday 18/12
K-2 Powerhouse Museum
Yrs 3/4 Sydney Aquarium
and Wax Works
Students last day of school
School Resumes:
Years 1-6 Wednesday 29 January 2014
Kinders Monday 3 February 2014
‘Blast into Brilliance’
Our school website
A reminder to all Year 5 students that selective
high school applications must be completed by
Monday 18 November. No late applications can
be accepted. Please ensure that you have
informed me if you are applying by returning the
intention to apply slip.
KidsMatter has produced a ‘Starting School’ set
of resources as part of their contribution to
Children’s Week.
You can access the ‘Starting School’ resources at
Leaving the school in 2014
If you know that your child will not be returning to
Dee Why Public School next year could you
please inform the school office. I appreciate your
cooperation and assistance in planning for 2014.
Robert Coles
Term 4 Week 5
6 November 2013
Cool Water Day – Mufti Day
Thursday 21 November
On Thursday 21 November the students will be
participating in a mufti day fundraiser.
We are raising money for those less fortunate
families who have been affected by the recent
devastating fires.
Students are asked to wear shades of blue and to
bring a gold coin donation on the day.
Thank you for your assistance.
Marea Webster
Changes to
Warringah Council is rolling out yellow lines in No
Stopping zones to help reduce signage clutter on
our streets.
The Roads and Maritime Services now allows the
use of yellow lines to designate No Stopping
zones. This means that the erection of No
Stopping signs can be reduced.
“We hope these changes will make our streets
look better and reduce maintenance costs. We
ask motorists to be aware of the changes to No
Stopping zones so they avoid fines,” said
Warringah Mayor, Michael Regan.
Under the Australian Road Rules a driver must
not stop on a length of road that has a No
Stopping sign or a continuous yellow edge line.
New areas will be rolled out on a case by case
basis after consideration of the Warringah Traffic
Children With Type 1 Diabetes
Are You Challenged by Your Child’s Diabetes?
Research into parenting children
with type 1 diabetes.
The University of Queensland is conducting
research into parenting children with type 1
diabetes. Parenting a child with diabetes
presents many challenges (everything from
the regular blood glucose monitoring and
insulin intake, to more general parenting
tasks). The aim of this study is to understand
the factors that make the management of
childhood diabetes particularly difficult, and to
use this information to develop strategies that
might assist parents in managing their child’s
If you are a parent of a 2 to 10-year-old child
with type 1 diabetes, we would love to hear
from you!
By sharing your experiences (confidentially),
you will be making a valuable contribution to
the development of much-needed childhood
diabetes management strategies for parents.
To complete the online survey, please log
on to:
For further information about the project or to
request a survey to be posted to you, please
email Aditi Lohan
([email protected])
or call (07 3365 7689) at the Parenting and
Family Support Centre in the School of
Psychology at the University of Queensland, St
Lucia QLD 4072 (Fax: 07 3365 6724).
Thank you for
Aditi Lohan, Alina Morawska, and
Amy Mitchell
UQ Parenting and Family Support
Student of the Week
Maryanne Teaupa
James Halligan
Luca Botezatu
Rosetta Kinahoi
Tenzin Yega Rangdol
Zeus Kahla
Tenzin Zomkyi Tenkyong
Tenzin Norzin Tsering
Tabatha Timmis
Tenzin Kunsang Tsering
Teerapong Somsaard
Rebecca Starr
Sinead Maloy
Brandon Brown
Tony Lu
Pawan Mohan
Hepisipa Vaka
Sean Robinson
Adrian Lee
Mannat Bhalla
Jordan Wolfgramm
Bianca Lantin
Zeus Kahla
Tenzin Choenyi Lekdup
Gaurav Bhalla
Rosie Levaci
Term 4 Week 5
6 November 2013