SAMPLE COVER LETTER Celebration Marathon Scholarship

Celebration Marathon Scholarship
The Date
Your Name,
Your Parents Name(s)
Your Street Address Kissimmee, Florida 347??
Your [email protected],
Your best phone number
To the Celebration Marathon Scholarship Committee,
My name is (INSERT NAME ) and I am a senior at ( INSERT ) High School, please allow me to tell
you a bit about myself.. and how fitness has impacted my life.
As you can see from the included transcript – I have a 3.5 GPA and 250 volunteer hours… and
have concentrations in Science.
After high school I plan to attend Valencia College and later transfer to UCF to study Bio
Medical Sciences.
My interest in fitness was sparked in 2009 when I was a high school freshman and volunteering
at a local running race. It was quite hot that day and I saw a girl, who had finished her race,
faint. I ran over to her, but I had no idea what to do. The medical team was nearby and I
watched as the nurses and staff responded effectively and quickly brought her back to
consciousness. At that point I knew that I wanted to be able to be able to do that, and more.
Since that episode, I have become a life guard at our pool, learned CPR, and Basic Life Support
and I am working on my EMT certification. In 2012 I participated in the Education Foundation
Medical Pipeline Program which spurred my interest in medicine even more.
After school, I work at Publix - about 20 hours a week. Its not hard work and I get to meet a lot
of interesting people. I also do volunteer work at Give Kids the World and work at a Gift for
Teaching (the Education Foundation).
I will be trying to make the most of this summer by getting prepared for college and plan to
continue running and hope to do some half marathons and longer races this summer.
I hope you will consider me for your scholarship.
I would like to thank the committee for your time. I would love to stay in touch with the
committee and am open to any and all internships or job shadowing opportunities you might be
able to provide.
Thank You in advance,
Sign your name