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Southern Methodist University • March 1, 2013
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All real estate advertised herein is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act, which
makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race,
color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin, or intent to make
any such preferences, limitation, or discrimination. We will not knowingly accept
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informed that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis.
The Daily Campus • Housing Guide 2013
Southern Methodist University • March 1, 2013
The Daily Campus • Housing Guide 2013
Rental Packages start at $99/mo for a 1 bedroom apartment*
* Rental packages include Sofa, Chair, End Table, Lamp, Coffee Table, Dining Table & 4 Chairs, Queen Bed, Headboard, Chest, Nightstand
and Bedroom Lamp. Pricing is based on a 12 month lease minimum rental and may vary based upon product availability. Other lease terms
available. Delivery is extra and other fees may apply. A valid college ID is required at time of rental.
Southern Methodist University • March 1, 2013
Mention this ad and receive a $50 Target Gift Card with a 12 month lease!**
**Must sign lease by June 30th for delivery no later than September 1st, 2013.
Call us today or visit
Rental Showroom & Clearance Center
1505 Valwood Parkway, Suite 100
Carrollton, TX 75006
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Rental Showroom & Clearance Center
14215 Inwood Road
Dallas, TX 75244
The Daily Campus • Housing Guide 2013
Fabulous apartment style on a dime
By Chrystalla Georghiou
[email protected]
Let’s face it, living on a college budget
means that you need to be creative when it
comes to decorating your first apartment.
These 10 DIY’s will not only keep your
budget in check, but will make your
apartment look like you had it professionally
furnished and will impress your parents.
Canvas Quotes
By simply painting your favorite quote on
to a blank canvas with black paint you are
creating an interesting art piece that will
surely get people talking about it. Hobby
Lobby and Michael’s offers a wide variety
of blank painter’s canvases anywhere from
$11.99 to $24.99 and paint that costs as low
as $2.99.
Modern Wall Vinyl
Glitz and Glam Letters
Vintage Frames as Art
Wall vinyl is a quick and easy way to take
any bare wall in your apartment and make
it the focal point.
Craft stores offer
wall vinyl in
different themes
such as skylines,
flowers, or even
geometric shapes.
They also come
in various colors,
so no paint is
vinyl is available
stores, but online
retailers have the
most options as
far as design.
Hobby Lobby and Michael’s has different
size wooden letters that can easily be
decorated to fit
anyone’s style.
All you will
need for this
project is a large
wooden letter,
which can be the
initial of your
last name or all
of your initials.
Spray adhesive
glue or mod
podge on the
letter, and adorn
with rhinestones,
glitter or scrap
booking paper. In a matter of minutes you
have personalized wall art.
Frames can be used for more than just
holding pictures. You can use them as chic
vintage art on any wall and even use them
as a headboard. Just pick up a few frames,
paint them your favorite color and place
them on the wall in a unique pattern.
Textbook Revival
Take those old text books and give them
a fresh look. Wrapping paper comes in so
many different styles these days and can be
used for so much more than just wrapping
presents. Buy a stylish wrapping paper
design and cover your books with it. Then
place it on your bookshelf to brighten it up.
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Stylish Tempaper
Classic Crayon Project
Southern Methodist University • March 1, 2013
Chalkboard Frames
Add a little life to your kitchen. Purchase
a cheap frame with the glass and a bottle
of chalkboard paint. Paint the glass on one
side and place back in frame, and then write
your menu or quote of the day.
We’ve all seen that classic crayon art project
floating around on Pinterest, but what you
need to know is that this project is not as
simple as it seems. Select crayons that will
blend well together. As cute a some colors
look side by side, certain shades will combine
to create a muted brown hue. Be sure to glue
the crayons down with hot glue beforehand
for look you are going for. Then add a strip of
duck tape to hold the crayons
in place. Slowly melt
the crayons with
a hair dryer in
sections for
an even
Mirrors are for more than just making sure
you look pretty. They also moonlight as an
decorating tool for an amazingly cheap price.
Craft stores sell mirrors in different shapes
and sizes. Buy six to 12 mirrors and create
a pattern with them, such as a square, waves
or honeycombs. This will surely add a little
style light to your apartment. Mirrors are
one of the best ways to accent a small
space, making it feel large
and open. Two-tone
mirrors add a
modern feel
to your
Photos Courtesy of: Canvas Quotes -; Chalkboard Frames -; Modern Wall Vinyl; Classic Crayon Project -; Mirror, Mirror on the Wall -; Vintage
Frames as Art -
Tempaper is one of the newest decorating
crazes. It is a temporary wall paper that has
an adhesive back that can easily be peeled
off and placed anywhere to add a pop of
color or design to your apartment. The best
place to use Tempaper would be behind
your couch or dining table, this will create
an accent wall that looks professionally
done and be sure to impress your guests.
Tempaper is available online at modcloth.
com or at
“Digital” Art
Nowadays every one has a flat screen TV,
but let’s be honest sometimes that black
frame just does not go with the decor you
have in your apartment and can be an
eyesore in an awkward location. A quick fix
would be to frame your TV with a brightly
colored vintage picture frame and place it
above your fireplace or right in the center of
a wall surrounded by a few other frames of
the same color scheme or in complementary
colors. Your guests will be surprised by the
unique placement and the concept of your
“digital” art.
Start sprucing up your ‘home away from
home.’ After all, no one wants a second
home to look and feel like a prison cell with
dismal lighting. These unique style ideas
can be created on your time without getting
stuck in a financial mess. For more design
inspiration, checkout
The Daily Campus • Housing Guide 2013
Southern Methodist University • March 1, 2013
With thoughtfully designed one, two,
and three bedroom apartment
homes, you will find exactly the right
fit for you at The Milo minutes from
Tile entry ways
Faux hardwood floors*
Wood-burning fireplaces*
Full-size washer/dryer connections
Spacious closets
*in select homes
Controlled access gates
Detached garages available
Swimming Pool
24- Hour Emergency Maintenance
Courtesy Patrol
Curbside Trash Pickup
One of the hallmarks of young adulthood
and college revolves around learning how
to get along with other people who just so
happen to share the exact same living space.
Roommates run the gamut from best friends
forever to abusive nightmares, but all of them
have to follow the same protocols.
In order to avoid spiraling downward
into someone else’s horror story, keep
the following rules – all of which should
probably be common sense by now, but, of
course, aren’t – in mind at all times.
Clean up after yourself
Sometimes you come home, and there is crap
everywhere. And, it’s not your crap. It’s their
crap. Your roommate’s. Usually, it’s just there’s
just one person who is guilty of having a bad
“slobbitude.” Yet, every time you tell your
roommate to pick up after themselves, they
deny, deny, deny. Even if all parties agree that
living in filth is perfectly acceptable, it should be
each roommate’s responsibility to clean up their
own petrified spaghetti and sweaty, decrepit
socks when (if) the time comes. Or at least trade
chore duties equally.
Emergency information
Yes, that sounds ultra paranoid and waaaaay
to “adult responsibility” for the average
college party animal, but seriously, kids. Trade
emergency contact information for a few trusted
family members and friends shortly before
moving in together – just in case.
bad selves. All fun aside, how many guests
would honestly be OK with making up for
fiddling with finances?
Avoid screaming fights
Roommates who genuinely don’t mind seeing
one another naked should consider themselves
exempt from this rule, although they really
should follow some tighter hygienic codes. More
persnickety types should suit up in at least some
shorts and a top.
Butting heads is going to be an inevitability,
whether with your roommate, intimate partner,
friend, family, or study buddy. Don’t let it escalate
into a glass-shattering cacophony of accusations
and insults; stay quiet out of courtesy for other
peoples’ eardrums and feel free to kick out any
non-roommates (or just leave if the fight is with
one) before things get to that point.
Settle finances beforehand
In some instances, an even split just might
not work for some roommates with unequal
incomes; there’s nothing the matter with such
an arrangement, of course, but the prudent
thing to do is work out bills and rent ahead of
time. And, of course, sticking to the agreement
and only altering when absolutely necessary.
Guests don’t touch the A/C
Unless they plan on paying the difference, of
course, in which case let them go on with their
Clothes in common areas
Know everyone’s allergies
Discuss serious allergies before signing
anything, particularly those involving food and
animals, to ensure every roommate feels safe,
healthy, and secure. Anyone who might end up
in the hospital because of proximity to peanuts,
for example, should not live with someone
unwilling to accommodate this restriction.
Borrowing clothes
Really, this rule ought to be considered a
no-brainer, but it keeps happening and keeps
needing to be said. It doesn’t matter how
adorable you look in your roomie’s bright pink
Betsey Johnson miniskirt, snatching it from
her closet without asking is just plain rude.
Not to mention just ASKING to have every
meatball sub and glass of red wine in a onemile radius gravitate towards your quavering
thighs. Karma!
Eat stinky food outside
Never be ashamed to enjoy a generously garlicked
meal – just take your roommates’ olfactory needs
into consideration. They might not appreciate
the lingering smell as much as you.
Take out the trash
No bickering over turns, either. Just take it out,
because for god’s sake it reeks to hell and back
when allowed to sit and ferment like that. Only
takes two seconds, too, so think of the chore as
the most necessary of evils.
Pay bills on time
Duh. Nobody wants to live with a deadbeat who
lets the electricity go out because he and/or she
was too busy thinking about camping Booty
Bay and ganking n00bs.
For more information on getting along with
you roomies, visit
More Living. one Address.
Phoenix Midtown
Apartment Homes
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• Centrallylocated
• Varietyoffloorplans
• Residentcommunitycafe
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• Coveredparking
• Gatedentrance
5555 e. Mockingbird Lane | dallas, TX 75206 |
The Daily Campus • Housing Guide 2013
Call today to find your next place to call home!
Extraordinary Style Near SMU
3116 Rosedale Avenue #204 | $489,000
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Southern Methodist University • March 1, 2013
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