Budget Committee Minutes SSB 230 Conference Room

Budget Committee Minutes SSB 230 Conference Room
Los Angeles Southwest College
Ferris Trimble, Yasmin Delahoussaye, Maisha Jones, Tangelia
Alfred, La Vonne Hamilton, Phillip Briggs, Sandra Lee, Kimberly
McBride, Phillip Briggs, Stephanie Brasley, Oscar Cobian
Absent from
Alistaire Callender, Lynn Bebelle, Christzann Ozan, Felicia Duenas,
Neil Mantena, Lamont Jackson (ASO),
Dr. Bradford
Tuesday, February 18, 2014
2:10 PM – 3:05 PM
La Vonne Hamilton
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Agenda Topics (See Attached Agenda)
1. Call to Order (Co-Chairs Ferris Trimble; Academic
Senate Designee)
2. Approval of Agenda
3. Approval of Minutes From Budget Committee Task Force
4. Review of Prioritization of Budget Requests
5. Budget Update (Second Quarter and January Projection)
6. Other Discussion Items
7. Adjournment
Topic #4: Review of Prioritization of Budget Requests
A recap was given of the Task Force’s January 14, 2014
rankings. It was verified that Request #55 and Request
#56’s ranking be updated per the Task Force’s January 2014
The committee reviewed the Prioritization List. It was
pointed out by VP Ferris that the items which are rankable
are the items which can be funded through Program 10100.
Other requests which were included are fundable through
various program funds and should not be included in the
ranking. The following changes were made to make the List
more readable:
 Requests for items to be funded by Program 10100
were moved to the top of the list and ranked
 Requests for items which were not funded by Program
10100 were moved below the Program 10100 funded
items. A clarification was made that there were
requests from program 10100 funds that were
foundational and would not be included in the in the
1. Co-Chair
2. Agenda
3. Minutes
F. Trimble
LASC Budget
Allocation Request
by Unit for 2014-15
Program 10100 ranking.
Requests relating to the FON were moved to the end
of the document
Included definitions to the “Program 10100” column
The total amount requested through Program 10100 is
VP Cobian requested a list of where various funding
resources come from.
It was suggested that the Program Review documents be
updated to include that funding requests should be for
Program 10100 money only. The Committee realized that
training is needed for the Program Review process to ensure
that initiators understand funding and which funding sources
are available for their departments. Dean Briggs stated the
he would do the workshops.
Topic #5: Budget Update (Second Quarter and January
F. Trimble
LASC Budget
LASC met with District on (date). LASCs deficit is down to
$740,441. We are still awaiting reimbursements from LAUSD
(MCHS) $52,000.00, D.O. $10,000.00, Bond Program (CPM)
various amounts. All budget data will be in at the end of
Important information:
 March 31, 2014 – deadline for SFPs to get budget
spent in.
 February 28, 2014 – all accounts to be swept
 Update from the District will be in March
 BOT to ensure that LASC will get items needed for
Accreditation. To receive funding from the District, the
college will need to provide justification and rationale
which are linked to the recommendation items are
need for.
 The VPAA will work a plan to ensure hourly costs do
not go over their allotments (each department will be
given and $ amount for which they will have access
to). Academic Affairs will be given standard hours for
each term that can be used for scheduling.
 The Program Review process will start earlier this
year. Three modules will complete in spring (to
include SLOs) and the rest in fall.
Topic #6: Other Discussion Items
1. ECDBC: March 4, 2014 Self-Assessment
 LASC met enrollment targets; we may get
augmentation funds
 LASC presented targets for the next three years
 Next BOT meeting is March 4, 2014. LASC needs
to show trends in deficits. If we can get the 3.5M
down by 2% ($400K), we can make a better case
for augmentation.
 With 2,330 FTES, LASC will get $430K from the
2. Update from VP Cobian:
a. All Add Permits need to be processed.
b. Exclusions rosters are due the week of
February 24th.
c. Also the District want faculty at colleges to
verify all “F” and “W” grades.
d. Athletics question/verification: Will teams get a
percentage of profits (still the assumption
used)? VP Cobian to provide a proposal for this
at the next meeting.
3. Update from Dean Alfred: Ms. Collins is working on a
Dance proposal and needs college facilities to be
identified for the project. VP Trimble stated that the
requests should go to the Facilities Use Committee.
Adjourned: 3:05pm
Next Meeting: March 4, 2014
11am – 12:30 pm