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Great Cover Letters = More Interviews
A cover letter should always accompany your resume. The purpose of a cover letter is to introduce yourself and your
resume to potential employers. It is the first impression employers have of you.
Therefore, a cover letter should be well written and include additional information not found in your resume. This is
an excellent opportunity to convey your research and knowledge of the organization. Plus, this is where you highlight
skills, strengths, education and experience that match the job requirements. A key goal of your cover letter (and
resume) is to show that you will add value to their organization.
Cover letters are a must. Every resume sent out should be accompanied by a cover letter.
Target your message to a specific position within the organization.
Never send a cover letter that looks like a form letter. Each cover letter should be written for
a specific opportunity.
Specifically address how you meet each requirement for the job.
Use good quality stationary, the same used to print your resume.
Use the same font as in your resume.
Address the letter to a specific individual. Do the research necessary to find the name of the
individual hiring for the position.
Don’t rely on spell check or grammar check.
After you proofread your letter, ask an advisor to review it.
Limit your cover letter to one page.
Don’t use flowery, over-used descriptions of yourself, such as “talented”, “outgoing”,
“people-person”, etc.
Limit the use of personal pronouns, i.e., “I”, “me”, “mine”, ect.
Writing Cover Letters – Paragraphs & Content
Paragraph 1: In the initial paragraph, state the specific position or type of work for which you are applying and
indicate where you learned of the opening (Career Center, ACU CareerLink, friend, networking contact, etc.).
Indicate that your resume is attached.
Paragraph 2: Explain why you are interested in the position and organization. Indicate that you understand their
needs and are the best candidate to meet them. Provide a general summary of your education, experience, and special
qualifications that match the requirements of the position.
Paragraph 3: State your request for an interview. If this is not a local opportunity, indicate when you plan on being
in the city where the position is located. You may want to repeat your phone number and offer to send any additional
information that might be useful (references, etc.) You can mention your resume in this paragraph, if not in the
paragraph 1.
Paragraph 4:
The final paragraph should consist of a short and simple thank-you.
1234 Ambler
Abilene, TX 79601
January xx, 20xx
Susan B. Goode
Account Management
Big Idea Media
123 Advertising Street
Big City, Texas 79248
Dear Ms. Goode:
I would like to express my interest the Account Manager position with Big Idea Media. Bradon Owens, ACU
Career Center’s Employer Relations Manager, brought this opportunity to my attention. With the combination of
my Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and my internship experience with Purple Cow Advertising, I feel I can
immediately develop new client relationships. My attached resume highlights my education and experiences that
are a strong match for your requirements.
Since my introduction to the advertising field, it has been my goal to work for a firm of Big Idea Media’s
reputation. Big Idea Media is well known for having one of the best creative teams and a reputation for
innovation within the industry. I am confident that my drive and relationship management skills are an excellent
fit for this position. While interning with Purple Cow, I managed a $250,000 budget for Adidas Golf’s nontraditional advertising strategies, resulting in a 36% sales growth for their products. As an Assistant Account
Manager, I progressed from having limited client contact to developing an effective business relationship with
Adidas Golf clientele.
During the week of February 6th, I will be in Big City. I will call you next week to arrange a convenient time to
meet and discuss how my qualifications are a great fit for your team.
Thank you for your consideration.
Mary Smith
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