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A publication for members of WIVC
Produced by Andzia Leao
Spring 2013 Edition
President’s letter
The Inn at SilverCreek, Colorado
You will be delighted to know that you now can receive complimentary Wi-Fi in every unit at The
Inn! No need to spend your time in the lobby, although there is a new information television for your
convenience. A necessary assessment was added in December 2012, to reinvigorate the indoor hot
tub area — a direct response to guests and owners feedback, and also in an effort to increase the
overall rating of The Inn.
The Inn now has partnered with the
Harriett E. Kay
Granby Chamber of Commerce to host
an Easter Egg Hunt. The hunt will be
held on Saturday, March 30 from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m..
Prizes will be awarded for different age categories. Hot
apple cider and hot chocolate will be provided.
Weeks for sale
WIVC still has some one-bedroom weeks available at the minimal member price for you or your family. It is nice to have two units at the same time, so that you can invite your friends and family to join you on your
vacation and not be in the same unit! Well, that goes for my family anyway.
As usual, all is well, and do enjoy your membership. We do our best to make it possible!
Resort Improvements
Alta Vista and Conchas
Chinas: refurbished the furniture
and freshened up the units
Casa de la Playa: replaced
the wall décor in some units and
installed blackout drapes
Coral Mar: replaced obsolete
window air conditioners with
Trane mini-split systems in Building One
La Paloma: replaced the floor
tiles in three units, and refurbished the bathrooms
Mar Azul: refurbished the living
room furniture and freshened up
the units
Villacana: renovated the bathroom in Elena 29
Chairman’s report
We, again, are happy to report that the club operated at a cash profit (approximately $150,000. before depreciation), for the last
fiscal year which ended September 30, 2012: We reduced employee costs in Mexico, made cost-savings from the disposition of some
unneeded property and benefitted from favorable exchange rates. In addition, more revenue was provided by an aggressive WIVC
program to resell cancelled memberships to existing members. The resale of memberships generated major amounts to replace old
assets as well as adding new dues payments. In fact, annual dues payments actually increased for the first time in years!
Also, please note that the cost-savings mentioned allowed us to operate below budget for the year and to increase reserves
somewhat — while still making needed replacements and improvements at the resorts. Review this financial information in the enKenneith F. Lacy,
closed pamphlet..
As we have mentioned before, realistic circumstances for our types of traditional clubs require us to plan on dues revenue to trend
lower in future years. This puts pressure on management to continually find ways to reduce expenditures while maintaining the property and services at
a high level. Always, we are receptive to new ways to increase our membership and actually hope to begin selling to the public. Any comments or suggestions? Please send them to the office in Palm Springs. Also, join us in Palm Springs on April 27, for the annual meeting.
Rosales & Associates
Happily, the club has retained the services of
Rosales & Associates, a bilingual law firm from the
state of Baja California, to represent the club’s many
varied interests in Mexico. Eduardo Rosales, a former law professor, graduated from the University of
Baja California, Tijuana, Mex., in 1998. He clerked at
the Tijuana District Attorney’s Office and served as a
legal advisor at the University of Baja California,
Lic. Eduardo Rosales
where he provided pro bono legal assistance to lowGomez
income families. At South Western College in San
Diego, Calif., in 2005 and 2006, he studied English, and earned a bilingual
paralegal certificate and obtained a California Real Estate License.
Rosales & Associates represent the interests of both Mexican and foreign
nationals. The firm specializes in real-estate law, civil law, real-estate litigation and land acquisitions. Their motto is “Know your rights, protect your assets.” Well said and welcome aboard.
WIVC appoints a new certified
public accountant for its
Mexican resorts
The club has retained Evangelina Contreras,
CPA, to provide accounting services for its
Mexican resorts. A dual citizen of the USA
and Mexico, Contreras earned her accounting
degree in 1985 from the Baja California
Autonomus University. Contreras comes
Contreras, CPA highly recommended and brings with her an
impressive résumé; she has been a member
of the Mexican Institute of Public Accountants since 1986 and, in
2001 she was elected president of the local chapter of Mexico’s
Certified Public Accountants. In addition to being a finance and tax
consultant, she is an accomplished public speaker, a teacher and a
published writer.
We welcome Contreras enthusiastically.
What’s happening?
Maya Museum opens in Cancun — Gotta go
Cancun Maya Museum
After six years of construction and a $15 million investment, the
Maya Museum opened this past November in Cancun — just in time for
the (oops) end of the world! According to some interpretations of the
Mayan calendar, the world was to come to a screeching halt on December 21, but it didn’t, and the sun did rise on December 22. Local tourism
officials characterized the timing of the museum's opening as "an incredibly exciting season that marks the end of the Mayan calendar and
the beginning of a new era."
The museum features 350 archeological artifacts that took 30
years to curate, including some magnificent relics that have never
been displayed, and others that were discovered in recent excavations.
The exhibit includes 14,000-year-old skeletal remains found in underwater caves at famed Tulum. The museum complex covers a whopping
55,000-square-foot expanse in the Hotel Zone, elevated 3,000+ feet
above sea level for weather protection. Admission to both the museum
and the popular San Miguelito site is about $5 for adults; children under
the age of 12, and seniors (60+) get in free.
Puerto Vallarta reopens Los Muertos Pier
After three years and $2.4 million, the new Los Muertos Pier
was officially reopened on January 4. There’s 2,182 square feet
with a pedestrian friendly zone, a waterfront promenade, scenic
lighting and a landing dock that can berth up to six medium-size
boats, mostly for beach excursions around Banderas Bay. This
smaller pier connects with the larger ports located in the Marina
area — the Maritime Terminal, where international cruise ships
call, and Marina Vallarta, where many private boats berth . . . the
new pier being another jewel in the seven-year transformation of
PV’s crown.
The Rosarito-Ensenada Bike Ride
Some three years ago, longtime WIVC member, Enrique
Santos, and his friends, entered the 50-Mile-Fun-Bike ride and
got hooked. Whatever for? “Because it’s fun and challenging”
says Santos. This scenic-award-winning race starts in Rosarito
Beach and takes you along the panoramic Pacific coastline on
the free road. The route turns east heading inland for a few
miles through rural countryside before going south to the hill —
La Cuesta del Tigre. This hill separates the strong from the
weak. It’s officially listed as only two miles long, but seems like
25 miles, some say. When you get to the top, expect to experience the most exhilarating ride of a lifetime — an eight-mile
drop downhill! Then ride the final eight flat miles along the
ocean to the finish line just outside of Ensenada. If you’re in tiptop shape like Santos, you can finish in about three hours, otherwise it may take a bit longer.
At the finish line there’s all kinds of fun, plus a bike-friendly
shuttle back to Rosarito Beach. The next race will be held on
May 4, and another in September. What a wonderful excuse to
bike, or view the excitement or just visit Baja California. And
WHAT BETTER place to stay then at WIVC’s La Paloma? Answer that one.
Los Muertos Pier at night
Second from left Enrique Santos and friends
Flavor of the Month: Cancun
By Robert Menifee, a Palm Springs-based travel writer
As you may not know, it is against sensible WIVC rules for
your esteemed travel writer to pick favorites; nevertheless, I am
pulling a fastie here, because I love Cancun. And, there is much
to tell:
For those of you who have vacationed there, you know the
drill: top-notch suites, views of the famed peninsula beach across
the bay (pooh on Hurricane Wilma . . . within days they just
trucked in new white sand), youngin’s on jet skis headed for the
lagoons, championship golf within walking distance, a luxurious
pool, a diminutive beach dotted with palapas, a bay-side newly
refurbished hang-out restaurant with the best sunsets, fish-tacos
and Margaritas in town, a friendly resort staff at-the-ready . . .
well, I go on too long, because all our resorts are running on full:
i.e., to make our guests happy.
Well, recently I have given up all that luxury living, for a day
or so, for adventures, thanks to our on-site travel expert Linda at
Coox Ximba Tours. To wit, the 8 a.m. (3 p.m. if you are a late
sleeper) to Xcaret, an ecological park only a one-hour ride away.
Ask about the Xcaret basic or plus package deals: one buffet
meal (con cerverca), you choose; snorkeling tour, snuba (a popular activity that combines snorkeling with diving) or temazcal
(igloo-like sweat lodges from pre-Hispanic origin); and thrills in an
underground river, a coral reef aquarium, snuggles with marine
turtles and manatees, spookiness in a bat cave, a livelier butterfly
pavilion, a deer shelter, jaguar and spider monkey island, a
glance at an island mushroom farm, oodles of orchids, or view the
whole shebang from the viewing tower. NOT to forget the flying
man, a pre-Hispanic ball game, the equestrian show, plus varied
archaeological and religious sites.
I eschewed the renowned evening show (a mistake) because
I had a chilled Margarita awaiting me back at Coral Mar’s revamped restaurant . . . a necessity, of course, but hey, life at
chez WIVC is good and I needed an honest excuse to return.
Underwater Rivers at Xcaret
Xcaret Ecological Park
Gourmet goings-on at Cancun
The charming Linda Gonzalez Stampfli and her ebullient husband
Stanly are the new restaurant and bar managers at Coral Mar. (For you
regulars, Linda, who started with us in 1989, is the genius who (with son
Raul) handles the travel agency and will continue doing so.) What does all
this mean? Well, fresh white walls and newly painted beams and with all
the wiring hidden, the place looks larger and neater. (The splendid view
over the bay stays the same.)
We have new menus, including Mexican food, American food, pastas
and seafood — already some say the quality of the food has improved,
what with real sirloin in our hamburgers, beef hot dogs and "steak" fries
instead of French fries. One of Linda's "students" is a bona fide chef who
considers his new job his "baby." Besides the notorious Taco Loco party,
Linda and Stanly Stampfli
there'll be another theme party on Fridays, romantic dinners for two on the
beach, and they may change the restaurant name to "Lindamar." Dinner hours may change to 7 to 10 p.m., plus breakfast and
lunch, of course. Daily happy hours are noon to 2 p.m. and 5 to 7 p.m.
There you have it: new menu, new atmosphere, new staff (aided by Linda's three sons) in the most convenient resort spot
with reasonable prices and excellent food! Oh, yes, in case you are planning some wedding festivities, Linda has a company that
makes wedding cakes. Now that's a palapa with pizzazz.
San Diego Country Estates, Ramona , California
05/05/13 —- 05/12/13
07/21/13 —- 07/28/13
Two-bedroom unit
One-bedroom unit
Wyndham Emerald Beach Resort, Panama City, Florida
07/27/13 —- 08/03/13
Two-bedroom unit
Tahiti Vacation Club, Las Vegas, Nevada
03/29/13 —- 04/05/13
Two-bedroom unit
Tahoe Summit Village, Lake Tahoe, Nevada
08/17/13 —- 08/24/13
08/24/13 —- 08/31/13
Two-bedroom unit
Two-bedroom unit
Magic Tree Resort, Kissimmee, Florida
Various dates available throughout 2013 for one-bedroom units
Direct Exchange Fee: Continental US/Canada $115; Hawaii and other locations $140
A surcharge may apply.
Retired and about to retire
After 25 years of loyally serving WIVC
members, Beverly J. Harris retired in September. Beverly always has believed in staying fit:
Without fail, three days a week, in the early
morning, you will find Beverly working out at the
Spa Fitness Center. What she loves most about
being retired is that now she does not have to
rush through her morning workouts just to get to
the office pronto. When asked what she does in
her spare time, she said, “Actually, I don’t know,
but I’m busy all the time. I don’t even have time
to make dinner for my sweetheart.”
At the end of May, our official French Connection, Robert Audet will retire. Robert, who
has been with the club for 24 years, and serves
as the reservations manager, feels this is a
good time to move along. After all, his wife,
French Canadian Michelle, already has retired
as a court clerk, so time is on their hands. The
day after he leaves WIVC, this active pair is
boarding an RV and traveling from California
across the United States, then up to Montreal
— where Robert grew up. Since HIS favorite
pastimes are cooking and wine tasting, he
wants to spend more time trying out exotic recipes and the fine wines he expects to acquire
during his travels.
“Bon voyage to all of you!” says Robert.
Beverly J. Harris and Robert Audet
Alta Vista
We have been members for
more than 30 years — great.
We love coming back. We like
the new colors in the suite.
Brookfield, Wisconsin
Casa de la Playa
The staff was friendly and helpful. This was our third consecutive year to stay here. Everything is centrally located and
has beach front. All rooms offer
ocean view and spectacular
San Fernando, California
Conchas Chinas
We greatly enjoyed the peace
and quiet of this resort. No
vendors and no timeshare people pressuring you to attend
timeshare presentations. We
are so happy with this charming place with its Mexican decor. Staff is great, helped us
with everything we needed.
Sherwood Park, Alberta
Coral Mar
We are so happy to see that
Linda took over the Palapa
Restaurant. The whole atmosphere has changed. My daughter said her hamburger and
french fries were the best she's
ever had in Mexico and we
have been coming for 30 years.
THE WHOLE CREW is friendly
and helpful. We always feel
comfortable and safe.
Spooner, Wisconsin
Mar Azul
Aurelio Morales
goes above and
beyond what an
employee should
be doing. Staff at
the front desk is
fantastic. Another
really exceptional
employee who
stands out among Kris Busch and Carole Sorensen win the pool at the
Annual Super Bowl Party held at the Coral Mar
all of the employees at Mar Azul is
Eliud. You have a wonderful, The Inn at SilverCreek
well-informed and fine-tuned Perfectly located. It was nice to
staff. Very knowledgeable help- have Wi-Fi access in the lobby.
ful and friendly.
The front-desk staff was very
Salem, Oregon
nice. We really enjoyed our
stay. We will go again. There
La Paloma
are many activities for the enThis was one of the nicest and tire family. With two teenagers
most pleasant resorts we have this was handy — basketball,
ever stayed. ALL the employ- tennis, game room, racquet
ees were friendly, courteous ball, weight room — we used
and helpful. Going above and them all.
beyond for our comfort and Deux Montagnes, Quebec
enjoyment. The young ladies at
the front desk were wonderful. Villacana
The groundskeeper and secu- Beautiful town homes and pool
rity were all friendly and helpful. with Mediterranean views and
Everyone with a smile. I really access. Terrific people, food
enjoyed “Israel” at the restau- and culture. Definitely a wonrant. He always remembered derful vacation.
us and I was not just “a cus- Albuquerque, New Mexico
tomer.” The resort is beautiful
and definitely well maintained.
Watsonville, California
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