The Boerne Star staff, our advertisers

The Boerne Star staff, our advertisers
and first grade teachers of Boerne ISD
and Geneva School of Boerne are pleased
to present this collection of holiday
letters written by their students.
We hope you enjoy reading the fondest wishes of the young students. Unfortunately, our eyes are not as sharp and all-seeing as Santa’s,
so we may have misinterpreted what some of the children wrote. However, we tried to be as faithful to their work as possible. None
the less, we are confident that Santa will be able to see into their hearts and minds and know the perfect gift for each student.
Merry Christmas to all with wishes that everyone can
view this holiday season through the eyes of a child.
Children's letters to Santa reflect Christmas joy
Dear Santa,
How are the reindeer? I will
leaf some treats for you. My
sister left some stockings for
our pets. I’d like an itouch and
Dear Santa,
itoons gift card. Hope you have
I bet that the elves worked a great trip.
hord to make only presents for
Love, Caroline
us so I’m going to make a present for you! I hope you like it.
Dear Santa,
May I Please hav Barbie legos,
Christmas is a good time that
a Barbie and Ken, a calendar, you Santa come to visit. I have
lego friends and jewelry?
ben very good. May I please
Love, Kara
hav an ipod, Lego chima set,
a watch, and make-your-own
Dear Santa,
Hotwheels car.
How ar you? How is Rudolph?
Love, Max
How is Mrs. Claus? I will put
carrpts for your Rudolph.
Dear Santa,
I want a Skylander Swap
How is the reindeer? Are they
force, marshmallow guns, spy being gud? I bin god all yuer.
set, the magic8ball, and a Can I have Legos, Bike, comcooking set.
puter, movie Projector, and a
Love, Corben
Love, Grayson
Dear Santa,
I’am going to leve you cookies
Dear Santa,
ata Christmas Eve. How is Mrs
We can’t wait until you come!
Claus doing? Please can I have My elf is doing good. May I
a Rainbow Loom Kit, battery please have an American girl
for the golfcart, DiSpicable me campus snack cart, earrings,
2 “the movie”, batroborg robot a Rainbow Loom, Julie’s pet
and Techi Knights?
bunny, and clothes?
Love, Blake
Love, Taylor
Dear Santa,
Santa how is Mis. Claus and
the elves and reindeer? Thanks
for the Presens you Olways get
me. Can you giv me a stampedes, stuffed animals, zebra,
Pillow and a Princess Toy?
Love, Ana
Dear Santa,
How are you doing? My Elf
cookie Glitterballs is doing
grate. I bet the elves are tired
of working. This is what I want
for Christmas. Can I please
have an Electric Scooter, a gift
card to target, doll clothes, pictures, and books?
Love, Addison
Dear Santa,
I like you Santa Claus. You’re
the best santa in the wrld bcus
he isnis. Can You Please bring
me an Arctic cat Hotwheels,
Electric Motorcycle, Lego Batmon, game for xbox and a
Remote Control car?
Love, Coleman
Dear Santa,
How are you and Mrs. Claus
dowing? How are the reindeer?
Can I please have an American
Girl Salon Set, Rainbow Loom,
American Doll “just like me”,
Twister Dance Bave game, and
a Holiday Barbie?
Love, Lilly
Dear Santa,
how are you? Are the reindeer Good? Can I hav a Sewing
Machine, mine craft for computer, puppy, camera, and a gir
Elf on a Shelf?
Love, Charotte.
Dear Santa,
My elfs have ben very notey.
Santa get reddy for the big
day. I hope you have a happy
Christmas. This year can you
get me a grey/red nike shoes
size 1, red/Blak underarmour
Dear Santa,
bat, tmnturtle Lego set, lego
How is Mrs. Claus doing? Can dump truck for a child in need
you bring Rudolph to my house and an under armour jacket?
with Danser and Prancer? I Love, Preston
have been a good girl. I love you
Santa Claus. My elf is a good
Dear Santa,
boy. May I please have the
how is Mrs. Claus and how
calendar at shon, the holiday are you to? How is the reinBarbie, ballet clothes, magic set deer? How is the elves and how
and a live potbelly pig.
is roophdoff? Please can I have
Love, Presley
a My little Pony, Dall House,
and American Girl Doll Sage
Dear Santa,
and a Barbie?
I think you are dooing good,
Love, Madison
I think your elves are dooing
good. Your reindeer are dooing
Dear Santa,
good to. Could I have a remote
How are you doing? Are your
control car, classic robot, and elves doing good? How is Mrs.
an Elf on a Shelf?
Claus doing? Is the North Pole
Love, Dillon
cold or frozen? Please can I
have a Rainbow Loom kit,
Bayblades, Electric Scooter, soon. Love, Sophia
Skylander Swap Force, and
Minecraft figures?
Dear Santa,
Love, Walker
What is you workshop like?
I’v been good this year. What’s
Dear Santa,
your favorite kind of cookie?
I hope that you are feeling I really want to meet your
well this year. Are you being elves and reindeers my brother
good this year? Can I see you really want a ninja turtles for
for real? Please can I have the Christmas me and my brother
teenage mutant ninja turtles love you santa.
lair, LEGO CHIMA crocodile casLove, Santa Alani
tle, LEGO Long ranger ranch,
and Sky Landers swap forse?
Dear Santa,
Love, Calvin
Hi Santa I hope you have a
good Christmas this yaer pleas
Dear Santa,
can I have a loom and tedebear.
How are you and Mrs. Claus How are the randere santa.
doing? How are the reindeer. Love, Grace
I’m leaving cookies and milk
out for you. Please may I have
Dear Santa,
Ninjago Legos, Paint and Paper
I love you Santa. Haw all
of the reindeer doing? A Boy
and candy?
and a girl I want American
Love, Tristan
girl doll.
Love, Reese
Dear Santa,
I will leave cookies and milk
Dear Santa,
for you Santa. Are your elves
Santa how our the elfs doing?
and reindeer doing good? Is you
sleigh ready to go? I would like And the reindeer? I want a
a Nintendo DS, legos, Ameri- guitar. I’m not fighting with
can doll clothes, pink boots and my sisters.
Love, Clayton
Snow white the movie. You are
Dear Mommy,
Love, Abby
I love you mom. I like the trip.
Thank you for buying me a
Dear Santa,
I hope you have had a good game. I Love mine game.
Addisyn Romero
Christmas so far. Are the elves
being good? What about the
Dear Santa,
reindeer? Please read this careWhat cinde of cookies would
fully. For Christmas I want
skylander swap force, hothead, you want? Can you give me
Airbud, a Nfl Dallas cowboy everything I want? I hope you
football, table hocky and to see have a amazing Christmas.
you for real life. You are nice. Christmas is fun. I am thankful that we celebrate chrismas.
Love, Austin
Love, Riley Meyer
Dear Santa,
What reindeer are boys and
Dear Santa,
Could you please bring me Which ones are girls? I have
a salge American Girl doll, a been good. So can you please
saige movie and the saige pink give me everything I what. You
dress? Dear Santa I have Ben are the best giye ever.
Love, Preston
not trying to not fite. See you
Dear Santa,
Santa I wud a big pand and
legs and 1000$ and 20$ and
100$. Santa I hav bin very
Love, Brant
Dear Santa,
How are you to day? How old
are your I’m 6? How are the
elvs doing? I want a American
Love, Bailey
Dear Santa,
Which of your reindeer is a
boy or a girl? How old are you?
Probably you might be bringing
me some thing.
Love, Nola
Dear Santa,
Haw are you dooing to day?
I like you. How are you dooing
at wrc? I hop you have a good
slep. Can I ples have a Rainbow
Loom. I hope I get what I want.
Love, Josh
Dear Santa,
How r you and Mrs. Claus?
You having a great tim are
the elves busy? I ben triyeing
mi best.
Love, Wade
Dear Santa,
Have a good yer. Have a fun
yer. Can you ples grab me a
prisit. I wot a violin and a
horse and I wot a Racket a
gituar and dot figit the table
and chairs. Bot get to cold! I
love you.
Love, Sophie
Dear Santa,
You are the best man ever
Merry Christmas! Have your
elves been doing good work?
What kind of cookies would you
like chocolate chip or Christmas
cookies My teacher said I was
really good. Could I have a
Love, Caroline