Create Your Own Season! ® Paper Mache Marquee Letter

Create Your Own Season!®
Paper Mache Marquee Letter
24" Paper Mache Letter
Globe String Lights
X-Acto Knife
1. Lay the letter onto a flat surface and make
sure it is facing the correct way (not
backwards or upside down).
2. Carefully cut the top of the letter off and remove any paper remains
3. Use a pencil to mark where you want the lights.
4. Unscrew the globes from the string of lights.
5. Use the knife to cut holes large enough for each bulb.
6. Insert each bulb into every hole.
7. Screw the globe back onto each light.
8. Now, it's ready to display!
Creative Tip! Paint the letter
and let it dry completely
before inserting the lights.