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Light Metals
Conference 2014
15 – 17 October 2014
Wednesday 15 October 2014 • Student Day
Session 1
Venue: Tau Room
Chairperson: Ronald Machaka
Venue: Nare Room
Chairperson: Joseph Moema
Venue: Rhino Room
Chairperson: Levy Chauke
Age-Hardening of Rheo-High Pressure
Die Cast Al-Alloy 6066:
Carlien Taute – Non AMI
Austenite Grain Growth Kinetics in a Low
C-Mn Steel and a Ti-Nb-V Microalloyed
Steel: Kofi Annan – AMI
Pt/Au Alloys as Reduction Promoters for
Co/TiO2 Fischer-Tropsch Catalysts:
Avela Kunene – AMI
In-Situ Electron Microscopy Studies on
the Tensile Deformation Mechanisms in
Aluminium 5083 Alloy:
Glenda Motsi – Non AMI
Influence of Cooling Path on the Dynamic
Transformation of Austenite-To-Ferrite in
Low Carbon Manganese Steels: Jerry
Oguh – AMI
Investigating the High Temperature
Oxidation Behavior of TiAl-based alloys
with Nickel and Ruthenium Additions:
Hadio Tsotetsi – AMI
Cold Spray Technology for Light Metals
and Porous Structures:
Agripa Hamweendo – Non AMI
The Influence of Initial Grain Size and
Strain Sequence of Slab Hot Rolling
on the Austenite Evolution of Peritectic
Microalloyed Plate Steels: Dannis
Rorisang Nkarapa Maubane – Non AMI
Temperature Dependence and Martensitic
Transformation of Ti50Pt50 Shape Memory
Alloys: Mordecai Mashamaite – AMI
Fatigue and Fracture Toughness of
Ti-6Al-4V Titanium Alloy Manufactured
by Selective Laser Melting:
Nur Mohamed Dhansay – Non AMI
Development of VC-Ni Eutectic Alloys for
Wear Resistance:
Adefunke Fabuyide – AMI
Preparation of Pt-Promoted Co/SiO2
Catalysts for Co Hydrogenation by Strong
Electrostatic Adsorption (SEA): Martin de
Beer – presented by Eric van Steen
Thermo-gravimetric Analysis and
Debinding Study of Powder Injection
Moulded Titanium Alloy:
Cameron Crombie – Non AMI
Fluorination of rare earth, thorium and
uranium oxides and phosphates from
monazite: A theoretical approach:
Dian Kemp – AMI
Thermal Properties of Amorphous TiPt
Alloy Produced by Mechanical Alloying:
Linda Mahlatji – AMI
The Influence of Plate Gap on the
Fatigue Properties of Friction Stir Welded
AA5182-H111 and a Comparison with
MIG Welding: Dreyer Barnard – AMI
Tantalite Beneficiation through Sequential
Separation of Radioactive Elements, Iron
and Titanium by Magnetic Separation and
Acid Leaching: Motlalepula Nete – AMI
Martensitic Transformation Behaviour
of Ti50Pt50 -xCox Shape Memory Alloys:
Rosinah Mahlangu – AMI
Closed-Loop Temperature Control of
Material Plasticisation during Friction Stir
Welding: Raymond Pothier – AMI
Development of an Affordable GD-OES
Support Matrix for Analysis of NonConducting Zirconium Powders:
Steven Lötter – AMI
Friction Hydro Pillar Riveting – Alternative
Joining Technique for 3.17mm TI-6Al-4V
Sheet: Davies Tsikayi – AMI
Wall Heat Transfer Coefficient in a
Molten Salt Bubble Column: Testing the
Experimental Setup: Jabu Skosana – AMI
Sublimation Kinetics of Zirconium
Tetrafluoride: Jakkie Pretorius – AMI
Influence of Process Heat Input on Static
and Dynamic Properties of Friction Stir
Welded 3mm Ti6Al4V Alloy:
Peter Madindwa Mashinini – AMI
A Study of Solvent Debinding Variables
on Ti6Al4V Green Bodies:
Mandy Seerane – AMI
Molecular Modelling of the Hydrolysis
of Tantalum and Niobium Pentafluoride:
Marietjie Ungerer – AMI
Mechanical Properties and Microstructures
of Nano SiC Reinforced ZE10 Composites
Prepared with Ultrasonic Vibration:
Jiang Feng Song – Non AMI
Session 2
Venue: Tau Room
Chairperson: Sigqibo Camagu
Venue: Nare Room
Chairperson: Johann Nel
Alpha case characterization of hot rolled
titanium: Francois Conradie – Non AMI
The Coordination of Novel, Hard Ligand
Systems to Tantalum(V) and Niobium(V)
Metal Centres: Renier Koen – AMI
Microstructure and Dry Sliding Wear
Property of Laser Clad Ti-6Al-4V
under Different Counterface Materials:
Babatunde Obadele – Non AMI
Redetermination of the niobium(V)
precursor, [NbCl5(NCCH3)]:
Leandra Herbst – AMI
Submicron Grain Size Formation in
Thermohydrogenated and Deformed
Ti-6Al-4V: The Effect of Processing Route
on the Degree of Grain Refinement:
Velile Vilane – Non AMI
The Time Dependent Solvent Extraction
of Ta and Nb: Leon de Beer – AMI
Laser Beam Welding of Semi-Solid
Rheo-cast Aluminium Alloy 2139:
Chris Gilbert – Non AMI
Venue: Rhino Room
Exhibition Set-up
Exhibition Set-up
Exhibition Set-up
Game Drive and Boma dinner – Kwa Potokwe Boma • Dress: Casual with warm jacket
2014/10/09 11:51 AM
THURsday 16 October 2014
Opening and Plenary Sessions
Venue: Tau/Nare Room • Chairperson: Hein Möller
Welcoming Address: Mr Delon Mudaly, CSIR Materials Science and Manufacturing
Plenary: Opportunities for the South African Foundry Industry in the Global Automotive Supply Chain: Mark Krieg
Plenary: Cost Effective Forging of Titanium Alloy parts and their Mechanical Properties: Brian Gabbitas
Plenary: The technology essentials for making affordable titanium parts from currently available inexpensive
titanium powder: Ma Qian
Morning Refreshments and group photograph
Venue: Tau Room
Chairperson: Neels Babst
Venue: Nare Room
Chairperson: Neale Neelameggham
Competiveness of South African Foundries – a Review &
Comparison of Selected Sand, Permanent Mould & Investment
Foundries: Carl Reinhardt
Microstructure and Compression Creep Strength of the Newly
Developed Magnesium Alloy DieMag422: Hajo Dieringa
presented by Karl Kainer
The Effects of Natural Pre-Ageing Time on T6 Peak Hardness of
R-HPDC 6xxx Series Alloys: Pfarelo Daswa
Influence of powder particle size distribution on the properties
of press-and-sintered titanium and Ti-6Al-4V preforms:
Hendrik Bosman presented by Debby Blaine
Corrosion Behaviour of the Anodised A356 Aluminium Alloy
Produced by the Rheo-High Pressure Die Casting Process:
Levy Chauke
Fundamental Differences between Magnesium and Alkali Metal
Electrowinning: Dawie van Vuuren
Venue: Tau Room
Chairperson: Lethu Chikosha
Venue: Nare Room
Chairperson: Debby Blaine
Al-Mg-Si-(Cu) 6xxx Series Alloy Selection for Rheo-High
Pressure Die Casting: Hein Möller
Challenges Experienced in Scaling-Up the CSIR-Ti Process:
Shaan Oosthuizen
High Quality Non-Ferrous Die Castings Dependence on
Die Design – a Review of the Use of Die Filling and Casting
Solidification Simulation Results for Successful, Effective and
Practical Die Designs: Carl Reinhardt
Interaction between Yttria Fully Stabilized Zirconia or YttriaZirconia Blended Face-Coat with Ti6Al4V during Investment
Casting: Kalenda Mutombo presented by Sigqibo Camagu
Venue: Tau/Nare Room • CHAIRMAN: Ashraf Imam
Plenary: South African Mining in 2030 – a view of the future:
Roger Baxter (Chief Operating Officer at the Chamber of Mines of South Africa)
AFTERNOON Refreshments
Gala Dinner (Formal wear) in Tau/Nare Room • Cash Bar
MC: Simon Gear , Environmental scientist, Climatologist and runner
Guest Speaker: JP Landman, self-employed analyst on political-economic trends
FRIday 17 October 2014
Day 2 • Plenary Session
Venue: Tau/Nare Room • Chairperson: Brian Gabbitas
Plenary: The Additive Manufacturing (AM) of Titanium Alloys: Sam Froes presented by Dawie Van Vuuren
Plenary: Magnesium Metal Production with Least CO2 Emission: Neale Neelameggham
Plenary: Processing of Titanium and its Alloys by Microwave Energy: Ashraf Imam
Morning Refreshments
Day 2 • Session 2
Venue: Tau Room
Chairperson: Hilda Chikwanda
Venue: Nare Room
Chairperson: Dawie van Vuuren
Microstructure Evolution in Melt Conditioned Direct Chill
(MC-DC) Casting of Fe–Rich Al-alloy: Hiren Kotadia
Process Models for Press-And-Sinter Titanium: Debby Blaine
Operational Cost Analysis of a Typical South African High
Pressure Die-Casting Business: Filipe Pereira
Characterisation of Titanium Powder Flow, Shear and Bulk
Properties Using the FT4 Powder Rheometer: Silethelwe Chikosha
Chatter Investigation in Titanium Milling: Jean Claude Fwamba
Preparation of Titanium Alloy Rods by Powder Compact
Extrusion: Fei Yang
High Strength Low Modulus Titanium Alloys – Processing and
Properties: Malgorzata Lewandowska
The new CSIR MIM Binder System: Ronald Machaka
13:10 – 13:35
Closing remarks
2014/10/09 11:51 AM