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Strawberry Hill House after restoration in October 2010
Property Operations Manager
Recruitment Pack
Letter from the Director
The Trust’s Values and Strategic Aims
Job Description and Person Specification
How to Apply and Recruitment Timetable
Salary & Terms and Conditions of Employment
From Nick Smith
Strawberry Hill House
January 2013
Dear Candidate
Appointment of the Property Operations Manager at Strawberry Hill House
Thank you for requesting a copy of the Recruitment Pack for the position of Property
Operations Manager at Strawberry Hill. These are exciting times for the Trust and we
hope you will want to join us.
The Strawberry Hill Trust was founded in 2002 with a mission to restore Walpole’s
Villa and to open it to a wider public – a responsibility we delivered on in great style
when the first tours of the restored house took place in September 2010.
Since then we’ve welcomed over 65,000 people to Strawberry Hill. Overwhelmingly
they tell us that they’re having a great time here, with 97% rating their visit as
‘excellent’ or ‘good’ and three-quarters saying that they’re very likely to recommend a
visit to their friends and family. For two years running we have been awarded Visitor
Attraction Quality Assurance Scheme accreditation – recognition by VisitBritain of
the high quality of our visitor experience.
The role of the Property Operations Manager is essential to the continued success of
the organisation. The post holder is responsible for the efficient and effective running
of Strawberry Hill, ensuring that our visitors have a very enjoyable time in a safe and
attractive environment.
To succeed in this role you will be committed to customer care and working closely
with staff and volunteers to ensure the house and garden are the best they can be.
You’ll be ready to review and implement our conservation, marketing and visitor
services plans, and to work alongside your colleagues to ensure we have the volunteer
and staff resources required to successful open and look after the house and landscape.
We are keen to talk to candidates who are experienced in managing staff and
volunteers, have great ideas for marketing this unique location, and know what it
means to develop an inspiring visitor attraction.
Working for the Strawberry Hill Trust is quite unique. With twelve members of staff,
one apprentice, and over 160 volunteers this organisation receives no government
subsidy and is independent from larger bodies such as English Heritage or the
National Trust.
You can find further information on Strawberry Hill House and the Strawberry Hill
Trust online at www.strawberryhillhouse.org.uk
I hope that this pack gives you the information you need. If not please feel free to
telephone or e-mail me.
Yours faithfully
Nick Smith
Our Mission, Values, and Strategic Aims
Misson Statement: Our Cause
We tell the story of Horace Walpole and preserve and sustain his elegant and eccentric gothic
castle, Strawberry Hill.
To fulfil our mission, we have five Values:
Accessibility: our education and interpretation schemes should help the public find out more about
Strawberry Hill and Horace Walpole at all levels of engagement and understanding.
Innovation: to connect with contemporary audiences and provide the highest quality of preservation
we must find new and exciting ways to present the house, its owners, and the collection. To be
sustainable we must be innovative in the ways the building is used.
Inclusivity: we will reach out to our community and find out what our users and non-users think
about our work. We include staff and volunteers in our planning and development work so that they
can give feedback and feel confident in their work.
Ambition: Our stewardship and presentation of the building and its history will be to the highest
standard. We will be professional and responsible while providing experiences which are enjoyable
and unique.
Integrity: our work will be accurate, of high quality, and relevant to the vision and lives of Horace
Walpole, his successors in the house, and the high quality of restoration we have achieved.
We put our mission and values into practice through five Strategic Aims:
Build financial sustainability through business activities and fundraising
Visitor income (tickets, tours, and retail) and our lease grant will be sufficient to fund:
o The salaries of operational/visitor-facing staff
o Marketing and promotion
o Routine maintenance/cleaning, utilities and security
o Maintenance of the landscape
Commercial events, functions and film hire income will create our reserve – for long-term
maintenance and a three-month operational fund.
Employment of non-operational staff taking part in non-core, non-commercial activity is
dependent upon:
o Revenue raised through their own activities
o Grants to wages from other trusts and foundations
o Grants to wages from the endowment fund
An endowment, funding two education staff and the replacement of the lease grant after
2024, will be created.
Develop and support our staff, volunteers, and trustees
Continue to develop the staff and volunteer training plans and put them into action
Refresh the board by recruiting two new trustees by the end of 2013, one of whom should
have commercial experience within a small or medium sized business
Set objectives for the organisation and introduce an annual whole-board performance
Support Continuous Professional Development for staff and trustees.
Preserving the building and collecting relevant objects:
Complete the planned restoration of existing show rooms
Complete the second phase of restoration
Create a long-term conservation plan
Plan the next stage of development of the garden
Look into licencing as a source of income
Increase our powers of advocacy and encourage others to become advocates for the Trust
Continue to increase the size of the Friends and create new campaigns
Develop the new ambassadors group within the community
Review the patrons of the Trust and the Friends, define their role, and look for a Royal
Reignite our high-level links with media personalities and journalists
Continue to nurture local media and community links
Ensure relevance in our work by ensuring Horace Walpole and his elegant and eccentric castle
are the focus of our activities
Over the period of this plan, refocus our interpretation to present Horace Walpole, his life and
times, his family, and his legacy
Use Walpole’s example to inspire modern artists and craftsmen and show their work at the
Create inspirational events and exhibitions that are relevant to Horace Walpole, the building,
and its design.
Appeal to a wider range audiences, and appeal more deeply.
Explore the use of technology in all areas of interpretation.
Job Description
Job Title
Property Operations Manager
Responsible to
Director, Trustees
Line Manager
Responsible for
Gardener-in-Charge, Weekend Manager, and other house staff and volunteers
when duty manager on site.
Job Summary
As the key member of staff responsible for the operation of the property, ensure the efficient and
effective running of Strawberry Hill. He/she will work closely with all staff, volunteers and trustees
to ensure both the day-to-day smooth running of the house and garden, ongoing conservation of the
building and landscape, and the long-term future of the Trust.
Also responsible for overall marketing and promotion of Strawberry Hill, work closely with
colleagues to ensure key business targets and objectives are met in line with the Strawberry Hill
Trust’s mission statement and values.
Key Responsibilities
Strategic Responsibilities
Development of the annual Conservation, Marketing, and Visitor Services plans. Take responsibility
for delivery of those plans and measure their success.
Implement effective lines of communication throughout the property, ensuring trustees, staff, guides
and volunteers all have a chance to give feedback and have access to key members of staff.
Design Duty Manager rota and deliver training to ensure consistency of approach. Act as Duty
Manager at agreed times supervising security arrangements and staff and volunteers on the property
in line with health and safety requirements.
Line Management
Provide accessible line management for:
- Gardener in Charge
- Weekend Duty Manager
- Volunteer Coordinators (x2 volunteers)
- Group Bookings Coordinators (x2 volunteers)
Undertake performance contract target setting and regular reviews.
Undertake fortnightly 1:1 meetings to monitor progress and discuss issues.
Schedule and oversee the weekly staff meeting.
Marketing & Promotion
Write and deliver the annual Marketing Strategy and Plan for the property in accordance with strict
budgetary allowances.
Work with each department to ensure adequate marketing coverage in each area and with an holistic
Recruit volunteers / interns and maximise on in-house marketing expertise.
Produce the annual property leaflet in conjunction with graphic designer. Produce regular in-house
leaflets and marketing materials throughout the year as necessary.
Regularly review the Strawberry Hill website, working closely with web designer to ensure an
excellent experience for visitors and an efficient booking / back office system through which to drive
With colleagues, develop an events programme through which to engage the public and raise funds
for the Trust. Ensure ticket sale targets are met through effective marketing and promotion.
Represent Strawberry Hill Trust in the local area by developing relationships with neighbours, their
communities and associations, alongside stakeholders in the wider region. Ensure accurate and
regular communication with these supporter groups.
Oversee Strawberry Hill’s contribution to the LBRuT Tourism Strategy. Regular attendance at
VisitRichmond meetings and events with partners.
Volunteer Management & Welfare
Responsible for the recruitment and retention of volunteers alongside the Volunteer Coordinators.
Ensure adequate volunteer numbers and skill sets in all key teams needed to open the property and
hold events.
With the Volunteer Coordinator and each Department, design and deliver an effective training plan
for volunteers covering inductions, departmental training and ongoing development.
Implement effective lines of internal communication and ensure accurate records of volunteers,
supporters and stakeholders are kept centrally.
Instil a culture of commitment, enthusiasm, and confidence, where effective teamwork,
communication, and learning are the norm.
Ensure a positive volunteering experience across all departments, reacting quickly and effectively to
any problems and/or complaints.
Implement an annual volunteer social programme consisting of meetings, feedback sessions and
Oversee the annual Volunteer Survey and complete and action plan to tackle any areas for
improvement in a timely manner.
Visitor Experience
Deliver an excellent visitor experience throughout the season which encourages recommendations
and repeat visits.
Through good quality interpretation, help staff and volunteers deliver an engaging visitor experience
taking in the history of Strawberry Hill and its owners, the unique collection, and the restoration and
conservation of the house and grounds.
Review annually the Visitor Services Plan and distribute to all staff and volunteers to facilitate a
consistent level of service to visitors throughout the property.
Maintenance & Conservation
Ensure that the Trust’s high standards of customer care, conservation, and presentation are met,
taking appropriate action to rectify any problems.
Manage contract cleaners to ensure high standards of presentation are met in all public facility areas
of the property.
Design and issue a conservation cleaning schedule and recruit, train and supervise the Conservation
Cleaners (staff and volunteers) to ensure high standards of presentation are met in the historic rooms.
Oversee ongoing maintenance of the house and garden, adhering to the Maintenance Schedule for
inspection of key services annually.
Arrange for any necessary repairs to be undertaken – get quotes, coordinate and schedule work and
adhere to budget.
Responsible for the scheduling and management of any restoration work undertaken onsite, liaising
with architects, project managers and project committee members.
Ensure relevant risk assessments are undertaken.
Ensure that the building is operated in such a way that objects and rooms are secure from damage
and theft.
Office Management
Effectively manage the day-to-day running of a busy office environment of staff and volunteers.
Responsible for the management of IT contract supplier, scheduling of regular servicing and repairs.
Recruit, train and manage a team of volunteers to aid in administration.
Ensure that correspondence including telephone calls, e-mails and letters are responded to or passed
to the relevant staff and handled in a timely fashion.
Monitor the performance of booking systems for education visitors, guided tours, and special events,
reacting quickly and effectively to any issues arising.
Ensure adequate stocks of office equipment and supplies for all departments.
Health & Safety
Produce and maintain the property Emergency Plan.
Ensure that policies and procedures on security and fire protection are adhered to at all times.
Ensure adequate training for staff and volunteers in all matters pertaining to health & safety.
Comply with health and safety legislation and the Trust’s health and safety policies.
Other Duties
Be a positive ambassador for the Strawberry Hill Trust at all times.
Make a significant contribution to Strawberry Hill’s ethos of teamwork and shared success.
Undertake any other duties as may be reasonably required by the Director or Trustees.
Person Specification
Has received substantial on-the-job training in management or customer care.
A higher level qualification in management or heritage.
Has worked in a heritage or customer service focussed environment for at least two years.
Has managed a team of staff or volunteers numbering at least ten including line management
Has experience in writing and delivering strategic plans.
Has experience of designing and delivering marketing campaigns.
Has experience of working with volunteers or has volunteered themselves.
A working knowledge of history, conservation practices, and interpretation.
Personal Qualities
Able to effectively manage the day-to-day activities of staff and volunteers.
An excellent communicator.
Able to work on initiative for the benefit of the Trust.
Feels confident in inspiring visitors through events and interpretation.
Can work effectively in a busy public environment, with a readiness to act decisively within their
role description.
Organised and methodical.
A willingness to share their skills with others but also learn from colleagues.
Acts with honesty and integrity and is a positive representative for the Trust.
CV and Personal Statement
All applications should be sent electronically as a .doc (Microsoft Word 97-2003), .docx (Word
2010), or .pdf document. They should consist of a CV and a personal statement.
The CV should include
Your contact details (address, work, home and mobile phone numbers as appropriate) Please
indicate which number to contact you on if you are shortlisted for interview.
Career history
Your experience,
Your qualifications.
The names and contact details of two referees. As least one of whom should be you current or
most recent employer. Please let us know whether we can take up references prior to
Do not include information about gender, age or ethnicity or other information included on
our Recruitment Monitoring Form
The personal statement should set out how you meet the person specification. Please be clear and
comprehensive in your personal statement as this will be a key shortlisting document
The CV and personal statement should be in MS Word format or equivalent and should not contain
Recruitment Monitoring Form
The Recruitment Monitoring Form is attached separately. Please complete and return the
Recruitment Monitoring Form as a separate document from the CV and personal statement but
attached to the same email. The Recruitment Monitoring Form will be detached from your
application before it is sent to the panel.
Sending us Your Application
Please send your CV, personal statement and Recruitment Monitoring Form by email to the Director:
[email protected]
If you need to contact him by phone about your application please do telephone on 020 8744 1241.
Recruitment Procedure
Formal interviews and tours of Strawberry Hill for selected candidates will be conducted on Monday
18 February
Please note these dates for your diary.
Closing date: Monday 11 February
Shortlisting: We will contact you if you have been shortlisted on Thursday 14 February to allocate
times for the formal interviews. Please ensure you’ve given suitable contact details on your CV.
Tour of Strawberry Hill and Interview: Monday 18 February
We hope that candidates would be able to take up their appointment in late March 2013
Set out below is a summary of the main terms and conditions of employment
Salary £28,000 per annum
Payment of Salary Monthly by credit transfer
Hours of Work Full time (37.5 hours per week)
Annual Leave 25 days, plus 8 bank holidays
Probation Period 3 Months
Notice Period After the successful completion of the probation period, 3 months from either side
Pension Scheme Stakeholder Scheme.
Sick Pay Scheme There is a Company Sick Pay Scheme