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Laboratory Solutions
Future-proof quality solutions
Labflex A/S
Labflex A/S is Scandinavia’s leading
company in innovative and customeradapted furniture solutions for laboratories
in the industrial sector, technical schools
and universities, as well as in the research
and hospital sector.
More than 50 years of experience
For more than 50 years, Labflex has set the
standard for both design and functionality in
the laboratory. Labflex represents a credible and
quality-conscious partner when it comes to the
laboratory furniture solutions, both locally and
internationally. Flexibility and user innovation
is the trademark of all Labflex solutions. Labflex
wishes to be a partner that sets new standards
for functional and customer optimized solutions
and where safety and working environment are
in focus.
Future-proof laboratories
A Labflex furniture solution is characterized by the
company’s broad spectrum of competencies. The
Labflex team has a broad professional and practical experience and comprises architects, engineers
and building constructors and lab technicians.
Setting up a laboratory in a correct and optimal
manner requires insight into standards, regulations
and trends. Such specific key competencies and
relevant know-how provides the customer with
the best sparring and a future-proof laboratory
Added value with turn-key solution
Labflex delivers an adapted and complete
turn-key solution to the laboratory. Labflex offers
everything from advice on how to decorate,
projects and concept development, a broad and
well-documented product program, project
management, installation, repair and financing,
etc. The turn-key solution provides the customer
with a cohesive and functional laboratory solution
of high quality with a minimum of administration.
Product program with relevance
All Labflex products are made of high quality
materials with focus on functionality, design,
ergonomics, environment and a long lifespan.
Labflex offers furniture for laboratories solutions
from a broad product range that contains both
standard and specially designed products. The
product range contains everything from technical
ventilation products such as fume cupboards of all
categories and LAF-benches for working stations
and solutions for storage, e.g. chemical cupboards and regular cupboards. Labflex’s products
demonstrate flexibility and innovation, which is
one of many reasons that so many local and global
customers choose Labflex.
National and international customers
Labflex services both large and small national
and international companies primarily within
the pharmaceutical, biotechnical and processing
industries, but also within research, education and
hospitals. Labflex’s strength lies in the adaptation
to the needs of our customers. For many years,
Labflex has acquired experience in following and
servicing its customers no matter where in the
world the laboratory is located.
Easy access to consultancy
Labflex’s experienced sales consultants and
product specialists have offices in Denmark, the UK
and Norway and also cooperates with international sellers who make sure that international users
always have easy access to Labflex’s consultancy,
product solutions and services.
A team of laboratory experts
The Labflex organization consists of a dedicated
group of laboratory experts with a great amount
of knowledge and experience. The organization is
driven by real enthusiasm and the will to develop
the correct solution for our customers. The Labflex
team sees it as their goal to convey knowledge
and inspiration in order for the customer to get the
best, functional and safe laboratory.
Danish produced quality
Labflex’s laboratory solutions are produced and
assembled at the company’s own factories in
Denmark. The regional placement of the factories
ensures that the customer is provided with a
consistent and high quality and a high level of
security of supply, reorder guarantee and service.
Labflex’s production can easily and simply be
adjusted to new materials and varying batch sizes.
The flexibility adds value to the customer.
»Labflex is Danish with
great international
With more than 50 years of experience Labflex has built relevant know-how
and prestigious customer projects
Just a selection:
Akzo Nobel
Arla Foods
Astra Zeneca
Bavarian Nordic
Baxter Healthcare
Cambridge University
Chr. Hansen
Coca Cola
Danmarks Fødevareforskning
Dansk Teknologisk Institut
DNA Technology
Edinburgh University
Enkam Pharmaceuticals
Fertin Pharma
H. Lundbeck
H.C Ørsted Instituttet
Haldor Topsøe
Harboe’s bryggeri
Harvard University
Holbæk Sygehus
Imperial College
Johnson Controls
Jordbrugsfakultetet Foulum
Københavns Byggestyring
Københavns Universitet
LEO Pharma
Lifecycle Pharma
Miljøcenter Vestjylland
Mærsk Olie og Gas
NCC Construction
Novo Nordisk
Odense Universitet
Oxford University
Panum Instituttet
Queen Mary University
Region Hovedstaden
Region Midtjylland
Region Nordjylland
Region Sjælland
Region Syddanmark
Rockwool International
Roskilde Univesitetscenter
Santaris Pharma
Scan Modul Byrum
Siemens Wind Power
Statens Serum Institut
Syddanske Forskerparker
Unilever Research
Universitets- og Bygningsstyrelsen
Yara Industrial
Aalborg Universitet
Aarhus Universitet
Upon request, contact the reference projects and customers disseminated.
The Labflex Group is Scandinavia’s largest manufacturer of inventive solutions for laboratories in both the industrial and educational sectors. The group’s knowledge comprises two competency centers:
laboratories and education. All Labflex furniture is produced in Denmark. Labflex Group, i.e. Labflex A/S, Labflex Ltd., Labflex Norge and ST Skoleinventar A/S, is a Danish-owned family company.
For further information, please visit us at www.labflex.com or www.st-skoleinventar.dk, or call us at telephone number: (+45) 87 47 27 00.
Main Office
Labflex A/S
Sletvej 38-40
DK-8310 Tranbjerg
Tel (+45) 87 47 27 00
Fax (+45) 87 47 27 01