Instant Legal Demand Letter  

 Instant Legal Demand Letter Discuss your debt recovery concerns with an experienced debt collection lawyer from Mendelsons Lawyers, Prushka’s fully integrated law firm. A legal letter will immediately be sent to your debtor, with a copy sent to you. Legal Demand Letters are offered
in conjunction with Mendelsons Lawyers.
Product details If you feel that Legal Letter to your debtor is likely
to result in payment, then this is the product for
you. After speaking directly with a lawyer (an expert in
debt recovery) a customised letter will be
prepared for you on Mendelsons Lawyers
letterhead. This letter will exert pressure on your
debtor because the Mendelsons name has been
associated with serious debt recovery since 1977.
Benefits for your business
No hassles, no forms
appointments necessary.
You can discuss your debt directly with an
experienced debt collection lawyer.
No commission payable if the letter results
in your debt being paid.
No obligation to continue using us. The
choice is yours!
Proven recovery rate exceeding 50%.
The Instant Legal Demand Letter is an ideal
first step, allowing for more pressure to be
applied if the debt remains unpaid.
And all this for only $191.50 including GST!
Contact the Client Services Team on
A to
1800 641 617
[email protected]
Offices across Australia
Pursuant to Rule 29 of the Professional Conduct and Practice Rules 2005 (Victoria) Mendelsons Lawyers Pty ltd ACN 125 099 701 discloses that it is
associated with and shares common ownership with Prushka.
Prushka Fast Debt Recovery Pty Ltd
[ ABN 55-005-962-854 ]
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