Orange County Schools 200 East King Street Hillsborough, North Carolina 27278 _____________

Orange County Schools
200 East King Street
Hillsborough, North Carolina 27278
Date _____________
Dear Parent/Guardian:
The K-12 Accountability Standards Policy #3420 of the Orange County Board of Education requires that parents/guardians
be notified by the midpoint of the third quarter of the possibility that their child might be retained in his/her current grade.
This letter is to advise you of this possibility for your child, ___________________________________________ .
Concerns about your child’s school performance and lack of sufficient progress have been discussed with you and a
Personal Education Plan (PEP) has been developed and is being implemented to provide extra support for your child. Our
efforts to assist your child will continue in the area/s marked below.
Below grade level performance in mathematics
Below grade level performance in literacy
Read To Achieve legislation (please read attached Read To Achieve notification)
At the same time, we need your help as well. We ask you to:
• Make certain that your child is at school each day on time unless he/she is sick. Missed classes due to late arrival or
early checkout seriously affect student learning.
• Encourage your child to do his/her best each day on class work and homework. Create a special place for your child
to complete homework. Limit distractions such as TV while your child is completing homework.
• Read or ask some other person to read to your child every night.
We hope that our joint efforts will help your child to meet grade level expectations and that she/he will be able to
successfully complete their current grade placement.
Please call the school to schedule a conference with one or both of us.
Teacher’s Name/Signature: __________________________________________________________________________
Principal’s Name/Signature: _________________________________________________________________________
School: __________________________________________________________________________________________
School Phone Number: _____________________________________________________________________________
Copy to: Parents, Teacher, and Principal
Elementary Retention Letter