Reacti-Therm bundles that will blow you away ™

Reacti-Therm™ bundles
• Sample incubation
• Small-scale reactions
• Sample evaporation
• Derivatisation reactions for
HPLC and GC analysis
• Protein hydrolysis
• Vacuum hydrolysis for
amino acid analysis
Choose from one of four bundle offers:
Reacti-Block Options (9 holes):
9-Port Evaporator (including 1 block) with:
++ Reacti-Block Z-1
12mm diameter holes
1. Reacti-Therm™ heating module����������������������������������������� $2,400
2. Reacti-Therm™ heating/stirring module ��������������������������� $2,800
++ Reacti-Block T-1
17mm diameter holes
27-Port Evaporator (including 3 blocks) with:
++ Reacti-Block B-1
21mm diameter holes
3. Reacti-Therm™ III heating module������������������������������������� $3,400
4. Reacti-Therm™ III heating/stirring module������������������������ $3,900
To receive this promotional pricing the customer must specify which bundle and which Reacti-Block options at time
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The Thermo Scientific™ Reacti-Therm™ system delivers uniform dry heat (ambient plus 10˚C to 200˚C) in four models
– single block and triple block sizes with either heat only or heat and stir capability. Combined with the Reacti-Vap
Evaporators, most applications requiring heating, stirring or evaporation of small samples will benefit from the
convenience and efficiency of the Reacti-Therm™ system.
Offer valid until December 31st 2014. All prices exclude GST. Errors and omissions exempted.
that will blow you away