Stat™ 5.7.2 Release Notes October 2014

Stat™ 5.7.2
Release Notes
October 2014
These release notes provide information about the Stat™ release.
About Stat 5.7.2
New features
Resolved issues
Known issues
System requirements
Product licensing
Getting started with Stat 5.7.2
About Dell
About Stat 5.7.2
Stat is a change lifecycle solution optimized for PeopleSoft Enterprise & Oracle E-Business Suite applications.
Stat makes organizations more responsive to change and increases visibility into, and control over, the change
management process. Stat dramatically reduces the time required to deploy patches and critical changes
throughout the various instances of a packaged application, resulting in lower total cost of ownership.
Stat 5.7.2 is a patch, with enhanced features and functionality. See New features and Enhancements.
New features
New features in Stat 5.7.2:
Support for PeopleTools 8.54.
A Stat global parameter has been added to allow a site to order mass migrations first by archive set and
then by object migration order. (the method used prior to 5.7.0). This will only affect Oracle e-Business
object mass migrations.
The following is a list of enhancements implemented in Stat 5.7.2.
Stat 5.7.2
Release Notes
Table 1. General enhancements
Issue ID
Updated logic and instructions for Physical Locking of PeopleSoft proprietary objects PeopleTools 8.54
Drag/Drop migration is not allowed in a CSR if the user only has Read Only rights to that CSR.
When running an aggregate compare with the Compare/Merge Wizard the user can now compare 834
2 environments, but select the list of objects to be compared from a specific archive set.
Pre or Post migration steps can be specified for Schema Objects on all three change management 835
modules (Generic Apps, Oracle Apps, PeopleSoft).
Resolved issues
The following is a list of issues addressed in this release.
Table 2. General resolved issues
Resolved issue
Issue ID
Resolves a memory leak caused by upgraded third party tool for SFTP.
Resolves issue of active/inactive display on Source file Location Report.
Resolves issue of Recovery Wizard not allowing migration to a target environment if it was not on 775
the migration path. This issue was introduced in 5.7.0.
Alt Phone # is available on the CSR Properties page of the Stat Web Client.
Resolves user rights issue so that a user who only has “take ownership” rights to a CSR cannot
edit other fields of that CSR until they are the assigned owner.
Resolves a Strings Table migration issue with pre 8.40 versions of PeopleTools. This was
previously delivered as a hotfix to 5.6.4, 5.7.0 and 5.7.1.
A new Migration History with Approvals has been added to display migrated initiated after the
upgrade to 5.7.x. The older report that displays pre-5.7.x migration data has been moved to the
category of Migrations-Pre 5.7.0 data.
Resolves an issue where a user with read-only rights to another user's CSR could not see the
Change Management tabs to even view them. This was previously delivered as a hotfix to 5.6.4,
5.7.0 and 5.7.1.
If user has “read only” rights to other users' CSR, then the CSR will go into Read Only status on
the screen when they assign the CSR to another user. (Web client fix).
Resolves the ability to change the default port for ftp/sftp to another site defined port.
Previously released as a hotfix to 5.7.0 and 5.7.1.
Resolves an issue of viewing Migration Approvals when the Migration History window is opened
from a CSR and the user toggles between Approvals and their related comments.
Resolves a display issue on the Stat Web Client where single quote marks were part of the Task
that occurred when a user was not a member of every service domain where Migration Approvals
were generated. Fixes a filter on the All Open Approvals tab of the Migration Approvals window.
Resolves the missing scroll bar on User Options>Stat Options>User Default Directories.
Resolves the application error that would occur if a user had more that one list group set up for
the Support Console and the groups did not have equal numbers of members. This issue was
introduced when the 17 tab limit was removed from the Support Console.
Fixes that non-mouse controls to let a user tab through the File Servers maintenance in a logical 837
Stat 5.7.2
Release Notes
Table 2. General resolved issues
Resolved issue
Issue ID
Fixes the Password popup when doing Test Connect on LDAP maintenance; allows for more than
10 characters.
Sets the LDAP Connection field on User Maintenance to Read-only. LDAP information is loaded
into this table from the LDAP Connection Maintenance window.
Resolves an application error that occurred if the user attempted to turn off Tool Tips on the Stat 841
Support Console; or had the tips turned off before upgrading to Stat 5.7.0.
Resolves issue with updating Closed Date when auto status transfer occurs to an End status on a 843
Prevents a CSR from Auto-Advancing to a completed status if no Resolution has been entered.
Resolves the issue of multiple pre migration steps defined for the same object type not
displaying at run time.
Adds three buttons to the Stat Web Client Description and Resolution editor for managing links.
Add Link, Remove Link and View Link. To add a link, type a link name, highlight it and click the
Add link button. To view or remove a link, highlight the link name and click the appropriate
action. Note that different browsers have different processes for handling links to files on
network drives. You may have to copy/paste the link to open a link based on the browser.
Resolves an issue with adding new databases to migration paths already on CSR when multiple
Service Domains have the same CSR ID and Migration Path codes.
Resolves an issue with opening tasks from the CSR tasks page on the web client whether or not
the Default Task Query has been modified.
Resolves an issue creating a CSR via Stat Web Services when the Central Agent is in debug and
the CSR Resolution is null.
Table 3. PeopleSoft resolved issues
Resolved issue
Issue ID
Resolves issue with selecting different PeopleSoft Document type objects when adding objects to 809
the CSR. (JSON, HTML, XML, Schema). This was previously delivered as a hotfix to 5.6.4, 5.7.0
and 5.7.1.
Fixes the documentation of PeopleSoft project flags used during a migration. Migration flags
from the PeopleSoft project are now displayed on the migration console if the PeopleSoft Project
from Archive Set option is used during the migration. These flags cannot be modified in Stat as
they are read in from the archived PeopleSoft project.
Resolves the application error that occurred when Message Catalog Entry was selected in running 866
the Undocumented Object Wizard.
Table 4. Oracle E-Business Suite resolved issues
Resolved issue
Issue ID
Removes the Edition selection from the Migration screen for 11.5.9 E-Business Suite.
Stat 5.7.2
Release Notes
Known issues
The following is a list of issues, including those attributed to third-party products, known to exist at the time of
Table 5. General known issues
Known issue
Issue ID
If the Global Task Query is modified, users may not be able to view Tasks on a CSR and Auto-Tasks N/A
may not be created. Do not modify the Global Tasks Query to include additional filters other
than what it is delivered with. Users can save their own copy of the Global Task Filter under a
different name and add filters to that copy.
Stat Web: File attachments on a CSR prior to 5.2 using the Stat Web Client can only be deleted in 0138266
the Stat Web Client. Attachments added in either client in 5.2 can be deleted in either client
Stat Web: If running Stat Web on Linux and generating reports, you may need to download the
Arial.ttf file to view data correctly.
The Google Chrome browser does not allow file access from local drives by default due to
security concerns. As a result, the Help documents from the Stat Windows Client cannot be
opened if Google Chrome is set as a default Web browser. In order to open the Stat
documentation using Chrome:
1. Start Chrome with parameter --allow-file-access-from-files.
2. Right click on the shortcut to Chrome.
3. Modify the Target path. Add --allow-file-access-from-files to the end of the line after the
closing quote. C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application --allow-file-access-from-files.
4. Select a book from Help > Online Books while the Chrome browser is open.
AIX support: when starting the Stat Central Agent on an AIX machine, the following error may
occur if the JDK is version 1.7:
ERROR [STDERR] Class does not expose a
management interface: java.lang.Object
The agent will complete the start up and will function normally. this error can be ignored
Stat Web: If the Customer Maintenance table has a large number of records (>15k), the response 500
time when creating new CSRs in the Stat Web client may be increased.
A workflow has approvals set up for transfer from Status A to Status B. In addition, it has
approvals set up for status transfer back to Status A from Status B. Both are marked as autotransfer. The B to A rule is set up in such a way that no users are available when the approval
rule is generated. Example: the approval list is made up of 4 users. All are required, but all
either are restricted from the application or have been inactivated by the time the approval list
is generated. In this case, when the A to B rule is met, the auto transfer to status B occurs and in
the next evaluation cycle the agent automatically transfers the status back to A.
Workaround would be to have another transfer rule required for the secondary transfer when
setting up the rules. That is, if the transfer from B to A is not the primary path, then add a
required task so that the approvals are not automatically generated.
Processing inbound rich text email with embedded images.
When Microsoft Outlooks sends a rich text email that contains an embedded image to Stat, it is
sent as a winmail.dat file. The winmail.dat file is stored as an attachment. A third party tool will
be necessary to open and read the winmail.dat file as Outlook will not open it.
It is recommended that any images be sent as attachments when the email format is rich text.
Resolution for CVE-2014-0112. ParametersInterceptor in Apache Struts before does not 874
properly restrict access to the getClass method, which allows remote attackers to “manipulate”
the ClassLoader and execute arbitrary code via a crafted request.
Resolves an issue with Archive Set object list display on the Compare/Merge Wizard when the
user has object type restrictions.
Stat 5.7.2
Release Notes
Table 5. General known issues
Known issue
Issue ID
Modifications to Sftp protocol to ensure that CR characters are not stripped when a file is copied 878
to a working directory that is on Windows.
Resolves issue with Web client test connect when Central Agent is in DEBUG mode.
Table 6. PeopleSoft known issues
Known issue
Issue ID
For PeopleSoft running on DB2, object definitions that contain an ellipsis character (...) cannot
be archived or migrated.
The Applied checkbox on the Dependency tab gets populated by clicking Calculate. The
Calculate process analyses the PeopleSoft database's message log table. When a maintenance
project is copied to a PS database, the update ids get inserted into this table. Prior to PS 8.45,
the population of this table only works when importing a project from a file.
Table 7. Oracle E-Business Suite known issues
Known issue
Issue ID
When Stat processes an impact analysis request on a patch, it checks if an object was added to
an interim or final archive set to determine if it is a custom object. If all interim and final
archive sets that reference an object are deleted, the impact report will not identify the
impacted object as customized.
With RAC configurations for Oracle E-Business Suite databases, it may be necessary to disable
Stat validation of the database name reported by AutoPatch. This validation can be disabled by
setting the ._disable_autopatch_dbvalidation parameter to Y in the stat.conf configuration file
for each Stat Agent for Oracle Apps.
Table 8. Third-party known issues
Known Issue
Issue ID
For PeopleSoft users, when using an Application Designer project to copy a Business Process that 0126176
already exists in the target database, the Business Process property comments are not getting
copied over to the target database. This issue is resolved in PeopleTools 8.46.
For PeopleSoft users, large HTML objects may be copied correctly during a project migration but 00228785
are not flagged as Done by Application Designer. Therefore, when Stat validates the project
execution it reports the objects as not copied. The migrator should review the project in the
staging database and validate whether or not the HTML objects were copied correctly to the
target database. If they were copied correctly, the migrator can set the Done flags on the
project in the staging db and then click on the Project Executed box on the migration wizard. A
case has been logged with Oracle-PeopleSoft to determine why the Done flags are not being set.
As of the release date of 5.5.0 that case was in a Pending Resolution status
Stat 5.7.2
Release Notes
Table 8. Third-party known issues
Known Issue
Issue ID
For PeopleSoft users, the dropdown list of object types that can be opened in App Designer is not 00230147
consistent in PeopleTools 8.48 and 8.49. Some objects may not open correctly and it will vary
depending on whether or not App Designer is left open on the workstation or closed each time. A
case has been logged with PeopleSoft.
For PeopleSoft users, Pcode and SQL objects each have a new table in Ptools 8.52. This table
stores a hash value and stores the Pcode in plain text.
Stat is able to archive and stage this table, but PeopleSoft is not copying the table to the target
If the user does a compare in Stat between environments, it will come back indicating that the
object does not match, because the values in the target were not updated.
Oracle has acknowledged that this is a bug.
Oracle case SR3-4900710171.
Their latest response is: “Development has gotten back to me and confirmed that this is a known
issue with the PSPCMTXT table on project copies. The issue is to be fixed in the 8.52.05 patch as
it is not classified a severe issue.
The PSPCMTXT and PSSQLHASH both serve the same purpose, except one is for PeopleCode
objects and the other SQL objects. The HASH tables are for internal use only - they are
supposedly only manipulated during design or copyproject. They hash the SQL and PeopleCode so
that we can detect differences between databases. It enables quick compares of objects to
determine whether they are the same or different without having to parse the object text to
determine it. As a workaround now, you can schedule automated runs of the UPGPTHASH AE
program which runs the internal HashSQL() and HashPeopleCode() functions to populate the
PSPCMTXT and PSSQLHASH, or try to compile the PeopleCode as suggested earlier, or re-save the
objects in Application Designer as you found out. The 8.52.05 patch also fixes any constraint
errors seen in the two tables. If you do encounter any constraint errors with the tables, feel free
to truncate them before running UPGPTHASH once more.”
Stat 5.7.2
Release Notes
System requirements
Before installing Stat 5.7.2, ensure that your system meets the following minimum hardware and software
Stat Environment
Table 9. Supported Databases
9i version 9.0.1 and higher (see note), 10g version and higher,
11g, and 12c (Unicode and non-Unicode support for all Oracle DBMS).
Oracle client must be 32-bit.
NOTE: Oracle E-Business is only supported on an Oracle Stat database.
Also, 9i databases are no longer supported by Oracle. Some features may
not function as expected.
MS SQL Server:
2005, 2008, 2012, 2014 (Unicode and non-Unicode: ISO Character Set with
Unicode collation. Database defined with BINARY collation)
NOTE: If you are running Stat on Microsoft SQL Server and your
PeopleTools environment is 8.48 or higher, Stat must be on at least MSS
2005, regardless of the PeopleTools platform. Also, If PeopleSoft is
configured for Unicode operation, the Stat database must be as well.
Minimum disk space
Development database: 4 GB available disk
Production database: 20 GB available disk (size can grow dramatically)
Table 10. Stat Client
Operating System
Windows XP Professional (current SP recommended), Windows Vista,
Windows 7, and Windows 8 - 32bit or 64-bit
NOTE: The Stat client is a 32-bit application. It can run on a 64bit
workstation or Windows server. In some cases the compatibility mode may
need to be set to XP
Database Connectivity
Database connectivity must be 32-bit, even on a 64-bit device.
Oracle: 9, 10, 11, and 12 (client must be compatible with RDBMS version
and must be 32-bit)
MS SQL Server: SQL Server 2000 client, 2005 client, 2008 client, 2012
Web Browser
Microsoft Internet Explorer (Windows) Versions 9, 10, 11
Mozilla Firefox 18.0 and higher
Apple Safari 6.0 and higher
Opera 11.5 and higher
Chrome 23 and higher (see known issue 0236176)
Minimum Requirements
CPU: 1.6 GHz or greater
Disk: 500 Mb for local install (recommended) or <1 Mb w/network install
with 500 Mb on the network
Stat 5.7.2
Release Notes
Table 11. Stat Central Agent
Operating System and JDK/SDK
Standalone configuration (recommended):
Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Red Hat Enterprise Linux
release 5 and 6, Solaris 8, Solaris 9, Solaris 10, HPUX 11.11 and 11.23 or
64bit AIX v5.2, 5.3, 6.1, or 7.1 (all English-based)
NOTE: The Stat Central Agent can run on Windows 64bit machines
JDK/SDK Versions (32-bit): 1.6.0_x (1.6.0_5 minimum); 1.7.0_x
Windows, Solaris, and RedHat Linux require Oracle(Sun) JDK/SDK (32-bit)
HPUX 11.11, 11.23 requires HP JDK/SDK (32-bit)
64bit AIX v5.2, 5.3, 6.1 and 7.1 requires IBM JDK/SDK (32-bit)
Standalone configuration not recommended on same machine as SQL
Server Stat Database
Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g configuration (optional):
WebLogic Application Server 10.3.3-10.3.6
Minimum Requirements
CPU: 2.5 GHz (Dual Core processor) Core i3 (or equivalent)
Disk: 500 MB
Supported protocols: Outbound email-SMTP, Secure SMTP; Inbound emailIMAP4, Secure IMAP4, POP3 and Secure POP3
PeopleSoft Environment
Table 12. Component requirements
PeopleTools Applications
Supports all applications that are certified by PeopleSoft to run on the
following PeopleTools versions: v7.0 (all versions), v7.5 (all versions), v8.0v8.22, and v8.4-v8.53.
PeopleSoft Applications
Supports all PeopleSoft Applications built on PeopleTools.
PeopleSoft Databases
Supports the following database platforms in conjunction with PeopleTools
Supported Platforms
Oracle (8i, 9i, 10g, 11g, and 12c)
MS SQL Server (2000, 2005, 2008, 2012, and 2014)
DB2 UDB (7.1, 8.1, 9.1, 9.5, 9.7 on Aix, OS/390, z/OS; 10 on z/OS)
Oracle E-Business Suite Environment
Table 13. Component requirements
Stat supports all products, including custom products, in the Oracle's EBusiness Suite Release 11i (11.5.10 and higher), 12, 12.1.x, 12.2.x. Some
Stat features will depend on the AD product release.
Technology Stack
All components of the technology stack for the Oracle E-Business Suite
should be in compliance with Oracle's certification requirements
Stat 5.7.2
Release Notes
Table 13. Component requirements
Stat Oracle Agent - Hardware
All versions of Sun SOLARIS, HP-UX, AIX, Linux and Windows certified with
Oracle E-Business Suite. Stat will be certified with most UNIX and Intel
based platforms supported by Oracle. Contact Dell Support for updated
platform certification.
JDK/SDK Versions (32-bit): 1.6.x (minimum 1.6.0_5); 1.7.0_x
Windows, Solaris, and RedHat Linux require Oracle(Sun) JDK/SDK (32-bit)
HPUX 11.11, 11.23, 11.31 requires HP JDK/SDK (32-bit)
64bit AIX v5.2, 5.3, 6.1, and 7.1 requires IBM JDK/SDK (32-bit)
Developer Object Compare
Oracle developer object comparison is an optional feature with its own
requirements. To enable object compare support for Oracle developer
objects, a compatible version of Oracle Developer and the Forms Applet
Jar Files component of the Oracle Forms product must be installed.
Additional requirements are needed for the following:
To enable object compare support for Oracle developer objects in
patches, the Oracle JVM and the file stat_db.jar must be installed.
To enable object compare support for form library files that have
attached libraries, the FORMS60_PATH environment variable must
be set to reference a staging directory (FORMS PATH for FORMS 10).
FTP, SSH Servers
Table 14. Component requirements
Must be NT, Unix, MVS or Netware compatible; SSH2 must use standard
format listing; OpenSSH (UNIX and Windows), SSH Communications Corp.
(UNIX and Windows), bitwise WinSSHD, and wodSSHServer are supported.
VanDyke VShell 2.1 is NOT supported.
The configuration of your SSH server determines which ciphers are used
when connecting to the Stat Central Agent. The Stat Central Agent
currently supports the following cipher and MAC configurations:
Triple DES
Message Authentication Code (MAC):
Stat 5.7.2
Release Notes
Non-certified platforms
In addition to the certified platforms listed above, some components in a Stat environment can run on noncertified platforms. These platforms have not been formally tested, but Stat has been shown to run successfully
on them through other means, either through informal use, the nature of the technology in question, or
experience working with other Stat customers. Dell Support may not be able to recommend optimal
configuration settings or resource levels on a non-certified platform, but Dell Support will work with the
customer to investigate problems. This may require that Dell Support engage with platform experts from the
customer side for additional assistance if the platform is not available internally.
Table 15. Non-certified platforms
Support for the Stat Client
Support for the Stat Server. For more information on Dell’s support for
virtualization, see
SUSE Linux
Support for the Stat Server
Oracle RAC
Support for the Stat Database
Upgrade and compatibility
The Stat 5.7.2 upgrade is compatible with the 5.7.0 version of Stat. See the Upgrade Notes document included
with this release. It is not necessary to uninstall previous versions of Stat (5.5.0-5.6.4) to install 5.7.0 and
upgrade to 5.7.2.
Product licensing
Commercial and trial Stat 5.7.2 licenses are obtained from Support Link at The procedure for activating licenses is the same for
both commercial and trial licenses.
To activate a Stat license
Open Stat and go to Maintenance | General | System Maintenance.
Click on the License Tab.
Paste the License Key and Site Message into the appropriate fields.
Click Verify.
The properties of the license will be displayed if the key/message are valid.
Getting started with Stat 5.7.2
Upgrade and installation instructions
For information on upgrading Stat 5.7.0 to version 5.7.2, see the Patch Application Instructions document
included with this release.
Stat 5.7.2
Release Notes
Additional resources
Additional information is available from the following:
Online product documentation
Stat Community (
The Stat Central Agent must be run in a U.S. English configuration. The Stat Client may be run in any single-byte
Western European locale or language configuration supported by Windows. Support for other non-ASCII
character encodings and/or non-English configurations may work appropriately, but these configurations have
not been tested and this product should be used with caution in these environments. Components may be run in
any time zone. For specific support information, contact Dell Support.
The Stat Client has been tested with the following OS configurations in addition to U.S. English:
Windows XP, Vista, 7: French, Dutch
The Stat Central Agent has the following known capabilities or limitations:
The Stat Central Agent must run on an operating system configured to run in “C”, POSIX, or U.S. English locale.
Non-English configurations are known to return data formats (numbers, dates, etc.) which the server does not
properly process.
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Stat 5.7.2
Release Notes
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Stat 5.7.2
Release Notes
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Stat 5.7.2
Release Notes