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Dell Preferred Account!
Established 2002
Ultimate Flexibility
By becoming a Dell Preferred Account
With your Dell Preferred Account you have
member, you will always have access to the
the freedom to add software, peripherals or
latest computer technology, built just for you
even a new system to your current account at
and your budget.
any time. Plus, you may
The Benefits
qualify to make no
payments for 90 days.
Ask about
• Check your minimum payment due and next
payment due date.
• Check recent purchase totals.
• Make changes to your billing address.
• Check your available line of credit.
• Check when your last payment was
You can also access your account information
• No down payment, no initiation fee and no
annual fee.
• Make additional purchases at any time.
Play now, pay later!
• No minimum purchase required.
We don't believe in restricting access to your
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• 25-day grace period on all new purchases.
account information. Your Dell Preferred
Applying for your Dell Preferred Account is
• Online account management.
Account information will be available to you
easy! Simply call 877-377-0238 or go online
• Special promotions and discounts on
future purchases.
24 hours a day by logging on to
to From
What do you have to lose?
Easy Account Management
via our automated account line utilizing any
touch-tone phone.
this website you can:
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