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Congratulations on Your Admission!
Students should plan to arrive for the Spring 2014 Semester no later than January 16, 2014
Undergraduate placement tests, if required: January 17, 2014
Mandatory International Student Orientation: January 21-24, 2014
STEP 1: Create your SF State Password
To access all services at SF State, you must know your SF State ID number and password. Your SF State ID
number was assigned to you after you submitted your application for admission. Notification of your SF State
ID was sent to you by email and is on your notice of admission. To create your SF State Password the first
time, go to
STEP 2: Accept Admission Offer (AAO)
If you plan to attend SF State in Spring 2014, you should complete your on-line Accept Admission Offer (AAO)
beginning November 1, 2013. Students admitted after November 1, 2013 should complete the AAO within
two weeks after admission date. Go to
STEP 3: Set Up an SF State Email Account/Access SF State Gateway Portal
When you submit your Accept Admission Offer (AAO) you must also create your SF State email account. SF
State will use this address to send you important email reminders. Once your email address is set up, please
log onto to check your SF State portal and email.
STEP 4: Sign Up for Placement Tests: English (EPT), Mathematics (ELM) and Composition for Multilingual Students
Placement Test (CMSPT)
If your notice of admission indicates that you need the EPT and/or ELM, you must take the test (s). These
tests are mandated by the State of California. The final test date for spring admits is Friday, January 17, 2014.
You must register for these tests on or before January 10, 2014 through the following website:
The CMS Placement Test (CMSPT) is required for non-native English speakers to enter the Composition for
Multilingual Students Program (CMS) which is adjusted culturally for international students whose native
language is not English. This English composition program fulfills graduation requirements. The CMSPT will
be given the afternoon of Tuesday, January 21, 2014. To register for the CMSPT:
Last updated: 12-Nov-13
STEP 5: Clear Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) and Hepatitis B Immunizations Hold
California State law requires that all university students be immunized against measles, mumps, and rubella
(students who are 18 years of age or younger are also required to be immunized against hepatitis B) before
they are able to register for classes. Submit a photocopy of your own immunization record (must be in
English or attach an English translation with the record) or complete the SF State’s “Measles, Mumps,
Rubella and Hepatitis B Certification Form”
Mail, email attachment ([email protected]) or fax your immunization proof to the SF State Registrar’s
Office (fax number: +1-415-338-0588).
STEP 6: Clear Health Insurance Hold
SF State requires all F-1 international students to have adequate health insurance. You are required to either
purchase the SF State international student health insurance plan or, if you already have your own health
insurance plan which meets our minimum requirements, send proof of insurance to Student Health Services.
(See option 2)
Option 1: Purchase CSU Health Insurance at
Option 2: Submit proof of your current medical health coverage and insurance policy (must be in English) to
Student Health Services for approval to waive CSU Health Insurance. This process could take up to 10 days.
Email: [email protected]
STEP 7: Clear Financial Hold - Pay Your Tuition & Fees in Full
You must pay your tuition and fees in full before you can register for classes. There will be a hold on your
course registration until the University Bursar’s office receives sufficient payment. See university fees and
tuition information (Look for “Out-of-State/International” link), payment deadline, payment methods and
instructions at:
Sample Fees and Tuition chart
Undergraduate (Minimum units: 12 Maximum units: 19)
Number of units
Undergraduate Tuition Fee
12 units
13 units
14 units
15 units
Non-Resident Tuition
($372 per unit)
Graduate (Minimum units: 8 Maximum units: 16)
Number of units
Graduate Tuition Fee
8 units
9 units
10 units
11 units
Non-Resident Tuition
($372 per unit)
Total Payment
Total Payment
Last updated: 12-Nov-13
MBA & MSBA (Minimum units: 8 Maximum units: 16)
Number of units
Registration Fee
Non-Resident Tuition
($626 per unit)
8 units
9 units
10 units
11 units
** Please note that registration fees and tuition are subject to change.
Total Payment
STEP 8: Register for Classes As Soon As Possible
You do not have to meet in person with an academic advisor before registering for classes. Choose your classes to
the best of your ability on your own during your SF State registration date. Classes at SF State fill up quickly, so it is
wise to register early. You can add and drop classes after you arrive and/or after you attend an academic advising
orientation/session. Before you can register for classes, you must first complete your Accept Admission Offer (AAO),
clear all your registration holds and pay tuition/fees. You will register for classes on SF State Gateway, the SF State
web portal, where you see registration holds, registration date & time, class schedule, and register for classes:
STEP 9: Submit Final Transcripts
Send all official transcripts to Undergraduate or Graduate International Admission Office.
Freshmen: You must graduate from high school and meet all admission requirements. Your final official high
school transcript must arrive in Undergraduate International Admissions as soon as possible
Transfers: Your admission depends on completion of all lower or upper-division admission requirements.
Your final official transcripts must arrive in Undergraduate International Admissions as soon as possible.
Graduate: Your final official transcripts must arrive in Graduate Admissions as soon as possible.
STEP 10: Attend all Orientations
SF State holds several different orientations hosted by different offices and academic departments. Each
orientation has a different purpose, such as academic advising, F-1 visa regulations and an introduction to
the campus. The Office of International Programs (OIP) will host a “Mandatory International Student
Orientation” which for the Spring 2014 Semester has been scheduled from Tuesday, January 21-23, 2014.
We expect you to attend OIP orientation as well as any other orientations that you are asked to attend. A
detailed “Mandatory International Student Orientation” schedule and other important information for new
international students is available from our web site at:
Other Important Items to Know
On-campus housing tends to fill up quickly. Spring semester has limited on-campus housing. The SF State
Housing Office has a separate application which is different from the university admission application. The
on-campus housing application is at:
Last updated: 12-Nov-13
The Class Schedule lists all classes offered at SF State for each semester and is available online at
The General University Catalog provides a description of each class as well as your department requirements
and is available online at:
I. “Initial Attendance” I-20 (Students living in their home countries)
You will find your SF State I-20 which says “initial attendance” in section 3. You will need it to apply for an F-1
student visa at the U.S. embassy/consulate in your home country before entering the U.S. in F-1 student
status. A very useful link to the U.S. embassy/consulate in your home country can be found at: . For more information about how to apply for a student visa and SEVIS
requirements, please see:
II. “Transfer Pending” I-20
(Students who have studied at an institution in the U.S. within the last 5 months)
F-1 International students are only considered "transfer students" for immigration purposes if you are
currently in valid F-1 status and no more than 5 months has passed from your last date of attendance OR
your last day of OPT (whichever is later).
The deadline for F-1 students to request a transfer is 60 days after the program completion or OPT end date,
whichever is later. To receive your new SF State “transfer pending” I-20, notify the International Student
Advisor at your current U.S. school that you have been admitted to SF State and would like your SEVIS record
transferred to SF State. Be sure that your release date is before or within 15 days of the beginning of your
first SF State semester. You will be out of status if you fail to receive a transfer I-20 from OIP within 15
days of the beginning of classes. See I-20 transfer procedures at
Your I-20 will then be mailed to the U.S. address you indicated on your SF State admissions application. It will
be sent by regular post unless you request express mail. Contact the OIP at [email protected] if you would like to
pick up the I-20 in person or have the I-20 mailed to a different address.
III. Change of Status I-20
If you are currently in the U.S. on another type of visa (F-2 Dependent, B-2 Visitor, H-1B Worker, etc.), please
speak with an International Student Advisor at OIP. The advisor will be happy to discuss your situation as
well as explore the options that may be available to you to adjust your status to an F-1 student.
Current U.S. Immigration Service regulations DO NOT allow F-2 dependents to enroll in classes (except under
very limited circumstances). Also, individuals in B-2 visitor/tourist status CANNOT ENROLL in classes until
AFTER the Immigration Service has approved of their request to change to F-1 student status.
For questions, contact the: Office
of International Programs San
Francisco State University
The Village at Centennial Square, Building C, San Francisco, CA 94132
Website: Email: [email protected] Phone: +1-415-338-1293 Fax: +1-415-338-6234
Last updated: 12-Nov-13