The new Volvo S90 officially released create Nordic luxury

The new Volvo S90 officially released create Nordic luxury
Recently, Volvo in Gothenburg, Sweden released a new S90 models, the car will be
unveiled in January 2016 at the North American Auto Show. After that, the new S90 is also
expected to be introduced to the Chinese-made.
The new Volvo S90 is the successor of the previous S80 model, if trace the history, in the
1990s, Volvo had to made the part of the market 960 models renamed S90, but the car
officially discontinued in 1998, replaced by S80. This launched new S90, it can be said to
be a reincarnation.
Volvo S90 will become the new flagship sedan of Volvo, the car positioned in the medium
and large vehicles, the future will compete with BMW 5 Series and Audi A6 and other
products. Because both with the number "90", we see the new Volvo S90 and XC90
previously released there are still many similarities. Both cars are based on the SPA
platform to build, there are a lot of the same elements in modeling and design, the future
S90 platform also is expected to launch V90 wagon.
Appearance, the Volvo S90 draws Volvo Concept Coupe concept car design, the new car
uses straight waterfall-style grille shape, looks more domineering. Both sides called
"Quake" LED daytime running lights continuation XC90's style, bottom bumper clear
sense of hierarchy, it is quite the grade.
The new car side styling is also very athletic, window line also have chrome, with
multi-spoke wheels design, it shows full of texture. The tail, the car uses dual C-shaped
taillights, looks very beautiful, the tail also use bilateral co-two exhaust.
Interior, the new car inside also continuation XC90's simple, the atmosphere of Nordic
style, wood trim applications is very textured, which is equipped with a large central
control screen, which has Sensus connect intelligent interactive systems. Both side are air
conditioning vent, the bottom is another function control knob, the overall layout of the
central control is quite similar with the new XC90.
In power, the new car continuation the power equipment of the new XC90, and equipped
with Drive-E Series 2.0T four-cylinder engine, T5 version is turbocharged, T6 version is
machine + turbocharged, T8 version is plug-in hybrid version, the specific output currently
official does not announcement, is expected to close with XC90. Transmission system
match with 8-speed automated manual gearbox.
In test, the new Volvo S90 will can still use Volvo VIDA to diagnosis all the system. Volvo
Vida Dice Scanner is a professional diagnosing and programming tool for Volvo vehicles.
The Vida Dice with latest Via All in One software updated to 2014D supports multiple
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