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The NordicTrack
B.E.S.T. Protection™ Plan Difference
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
We will, at your request, replace the product covered
by this agreement in the event of four or more
separate product failures due to a defect in parts
or workmanship within any continuous twelve (12)
month period that the product is covered. See terms
and conditions and a sales associate for details.
Maximized Coverage
The B.E.S.T.™ Protection Plan gives you up to 5 years of coverage. See the specific plan options for your product.
In-Home Service
Unlike some warranties, NordicTrack’s
B.E.S.T.™ Protection Plan doesn’t require you to box-up and
send equipment back to the manufacturer. We send a
technician to your home to service the equipment.
Authorized Technicians
Our exclusive authorized technicians are simply
the best. They go through a rigorous training
program to ensure they service your equipment
with the highest standards.
Put your mind at ease with the ironclad
coverage, giving you confidence and
security no owner should be without.
Prompt, professional service, free in-home
labor, and full replacement of parts __every
thing you’ve always wanted in a warranty.
• Upon your request, an authorized technician will
conduct an annual performance check of your
equipment. He will:
- repair or replace any broken parts
- inspect and adjust the treadbelt
- lubricate pulleys and movable parts
- test controllability of treadbelt speed
- inspect seat, pedals, handles, grips and support
legs for signs of wear
- check equipment for proper operation through all
ranges of resistance
- check speedometer/odometer for proper function
- check and adjust Silent Magnetic Resistance
• Complete motor service, parts and labor coverage
• Unlimited in-home service visits
• No deductible – means there are no hidden costs or
In-Home Service,
The Most Comprehensive
Fitness Equipment
Phone Operator
Handles Your Call
unparalleled in the fitness industry __we give
you more, and we never let you down.
B.E.S.T. Features:
Exclusive National
Service Hotline:
• NordicTrack’s dedication to quality is
NordicTrack’s B.E.S.T. Protection™ Plan is the
smartest way to keep your fitness equipment working
at its maximum level. Now you get up to 5-years of
full-coverage on all parts and labor.
Preventative Maintenance and Protection Plan
In-Home Service, Preventative Maintenance &
Protection Plan Available
Parts & Labor*
*See the specific plan
options for your product
Extended Treadmill Coverage*
Regular Price
Parts & Labor
Parts & Labor
$1,000 to
$1,500 to
* For home use only. A different extended warranty is available for
machines used commercially. Contact 1-877-677-3838 for
more information.
Extended Elliptical, Bike, Weight
System Coverage*
Parts & Labor
Bike, Elliptical,
Weight System
Regular Price
* For home use only. A different extended warranty is available for
machines used commercially. Contact 1-877-677-3838 for
more information.
Get The Exclusive NordicTrack B.E.S.T. Protection™ Plan With Three Simple Steps
1. Purchase B.E.S.T. Protection™ Plan at the register when you purchase your covered product.
2. KEEP YOUR receipt for both B.E.S.T. Protection™ Plan and the covered treadmill, bike, elliptical or weight system.
You will receive your B.E.S.T. Protection™ Plan by mail in 3-4 weeks.
3. Call the national toll-free service hotline anytime you need service. 1-877-677-3838
To order, email: SignsOnLine
Brochure Release # 671-010024V-01
During the term of this agreement, Universal Technical Services (hereafter
UTS, we) will pay for parts and labor necessary to repair mechanical
and/or electrical breakdown caused by defects in workmanship or materials
in the covered product (described in said agreement), or at our option, may
replace it with another similar product of equivalent value. In Alaska, inhome service is available only within 100 miles of the nearest authorized
repair center. This service plan shall commence at the date of product
purchase and run for the period you selected not to exceed 10 years from
the date of product purchase. To be binding on UTS, this service plan must
be purchased prior to the expiration of 90 days from the purchase date of
the product, and the product must be in good working condition. KEEP
YOUR SALES RECEIPT, it may be required before service will be
authorized. All registration forms must be properly completed and payment
received by UTS for this agreement to be valid. Benefits paid or payable
hereunder shall not exceed the price you paid for the product. This
agreement is not insurance, a warranty, guaranty, or promise relating to the
materials, workmanship or performance of the covered product. Coverage
will include at your request, one (1) preventive maintenance and
performance check within any continuous twelve (12) month period. We
will, at your request, replace the product covered by this agreement in the
event of four or more separate product failures, as determined by us, due to
a defect in parts or workmanship within any continuous twelve (12) month
period that the products are covered.
If this agreement is in effect, call UTS, toll-free at (877) 677-3838. Service
is performed during the normal working hours of the local service agency.
Reasonable time must be allowed for completion of the repair, which
includes diagnosis, shipment of parts by ground carrier and service
scheduling. UTS is not responsible for damages or expenses of any kind
resulting from delays in service or failure to render service due to causes
beyond its control such as delays in delivery or unavailability of parts, or
shipment of wrong or damaged parts from the manufacturer. You will be
responsible for service company charges from your failure to meet a
confirmed appointment.
1) Units not covered by a Manufacturer’s original warranty, except as
approved and endorsed by UTS. 2) Equipment used for commercial
purposes or any use other than a single family or Household, unless
endorsed by UTS for coverage. 3) Unauthorized repairs will not be paid by
UTS and may void this agreement. 4) Delivery, assembly, installation, setup
for original or replacement units. Labor or other costs associated with
removal or replacement of the covered unit. 5) Damage caused by: abuse,
theft, vandalism, fire, flood, wind, lightning, freezing or other natural
disasters of any kind, power reduction, fluctuation or failure from whatever
cause, unusual atmospheric conditions, accident, collision, misuse or use for
other than that for which the product was designed, introduction of foreign
objects into the covered unit, or modifications that are unauthorized or not
recommended by the manufacturer. 6) Exposure to certain weather or other
conditions beyond that recommended by the manufacturer including sun,
wind, moisture, dirt and temperatures. 7) Shipping damage or missing
parts. 8) Damage resulting from the consumer’s failure to follow
recommended installation, operation or maintenance procedures contained
in the manufacturer’s owner’s manual, warranty or other written
instructions. 9) Accessories, supplies, consumable items or external
equipment such as pipes, plumbing, power sources, etc. used or modified for
the purpose of use with or for the covered unit. 10) Merchandise owned or
operated outside the US and Canada.
You may cancel this agreement by giving written notice to UTS within 30
days of the receipt of the agreement or prior to the expiration of the
manufacturer’s full warranty and receive a full refund of the Contract price.
Thereafter, you may cancel at any time for any reason by giving written
notice to UTS and a pro rata refund will be issued based on the contract
time expired. UTS may cancel this agreement for non-payment of
premium, fraudulent use, material misrepresentation, non-compliance to the
terms and conditions hereof, if required to do so by any regulatory
authority, or if parts and service are not reasonably available. (See Georgia
regulation below}. Service may be refused by UTS or its agents for good
cause shown, and the contract may be canceled. (Certain restriction may
apply in North Carolina). In the event your agreement is canceled by UTS
you will receive a pro rata refund based on 100% of unearned premium and
contract time expired. Any refund owed and not paid within 30 days shall
include a 10% penalty per month.
Your rights may vary from state to state. For Connecticut: Resolution of
Disputes: Any complaint you may have with the provider of this service
agreement may be submitted to: State of Connecticut, Insurance
Department, P.O. Box 816, Hartford, CT 06142-0816. Attention:
Consumer Affairs. The written complaint must describe the dispute,
identify the price of the Product and cost of repair, and include a copy of
your contract. For Georgia, Nevada and Washington: In addition to above
cancellation clause. Notice of such cancellation will be in writing and given
at least 30 days prior to cancellation. Cancellation will comply with Section
33-24-44 of the Code of Georgia. For North Carolina: We may not cancel
this contract except as provided in the cancellation section above. Your
contract is not required as a condition to purchase or obtain financing for
the product. For Oklahoma: The manufacturer or wholesale company
marketing the product does not issue this service contract. Such
manufacturer or wholesale company will not honor this contract. For Utah:
The Property and Casualty Guaranty Association does not guarantee
coverage afforded under this contract. For Wisconsin: This extended service
contract is subject to limited regulation by the Office of the Commissioner
of Insurance.
Universal Technical Services and/or the retailer are not responsible or liable
for any damage, loss or liability arising from any personal injury incurred
during the course of, or as a result of any repair or attempted repair of your
fitness equipment by other than an authorized service technician. All
repairs attempted by you on your fitness equipment are undertaken AT
YOUR OWN RISK and UTS shall have no liability for any injury to the
person or property arising from such repairs.
Universal Technical Services and/or the retailer are not responsible or liable
for indirect, special or consequential damages, economic loss, loss of
property or profits, loss of enjoyment or use, or other consequential
damages of whatsoever nature in connection with the services, labor,
and/or materials provided under the contract. Some states do not allow the
exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above
limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.
B.E.S.T. Protection™ Plan
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