Active Languages Using MFL and Sport Together

Active Languages
Using MFL and Sport Together
The Active Languages Event
Why do it?
Why does it work?
The practical sessions
The project
All Saints Language Olympics
• Sports events to be held throughout the year.
• Primary school olympic festival to be run by
our y8 top set
• Themes to run throughout the year (Olympic
cities/tourism, food & drink/healthy
living/parts of the body, day to day
life/routine/hobbies and leisure/tv/clothing
All Saints Language Olympics
• Y8 top set – divided into 4 groups – each
group representing a former olympic host city.
• Each group to be trained in the language of
sport for either handball, basketball, boules or
rounders. They will then train each other in
their allocated sport.
• Each group to be assigned to one of the
remaining 4 French sets (their olympic team).
All Saints Language Olympics
• Lead groups will peer teach their allocated set,
introducing their ‘host city’ for the first theme.
They will also train their allocated set in each
of the sports preceding a tournament.
• Whenever a tournament takes place (Nov;
Jan; March; May/June – spectators will have
tasks to do such as collecting information from
around the tournament ground or cheering on
in French.
All Saints Language Olympics
• A leader board will be placed in Hallam and in
the Sports Hall – tracking the tournament
results and an awards ceremony could be held
at the end.
• The peer teaching/training sessions and
tournament should take no more than 3
lessons per half term.
• The lead groups will then take this into
primary schools
• Lead group – Language Leaders Award
• Increased uptake in Y9 of MFL
• Increased understanding of need for good
communication and teamwork for all subjects
• Improved engagement in learning
• Improved confidence in languages and sport
• Increased responsibility
• Individual learners
Where do I come in?
• Programme of study for themes to be
provided – by no means prescriptive
• Each theme will have an assessed piece of
writing / speaking at an appropriate level for
your group. (language teachers)
• Joint active/training lessons to be arranged
(but should be conducted by the lead groups
apart from at the very beginning).
• Tournaments to be organised