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Final Semester Of BCA, BScIT, MCA, MScIT and MBA Project Preparation And Submission Guideline
Project Preparation and Submission Criteria
 Maximum two students are allowed in a single project subject.
 Out of your prescribed syllabus, you can select any language or platform for your project.
 A4 size white page must be use in printing for project document
(Synopsis & Project Report).
 All margins must be set 1.25 inches.
 Line spacing must be 1.5.
 All topics must have a label page.
 All pages must contain page number in bottom-right footer area of page.
 Project must be binded either in book form or spiral binding form
 Only the given project guide will be accepted
Guides for MBA Project:- Prof. Randhir Kumar, Prof. Kishore Bhattacharya, Prof.
Ranjani Kumari, & Prof.Sarvesh Pandey
Guides for BCA Project:- Prof..Praveen Kr, Prof. Kunal Kishore & Prof. Sushanshu Shekhar.
 Guides for BScIT & MCA Project:- Prof.Ashutosh Kr , Prof. Rajesh Kr, Prof. F.Khan
Project Will Submitted In Two Phase
 Project Synopsis Submission
Last date- 29.10.2012
 Final Project Report & Project CD SubmissionFor Correction – 30th Nov.-5TH Dec. 2012
Synopsis of Project
It is a summary of project on which the project proposal of the student is validated.
The Contents of Synopsis are: Front Page.
 Certificate of Project (It contain Student’s roll, Name & Address as well as
Guide Name, Qualification & Address).
 Contents (It contain all the topics name & its page number).
 Title of Project (It contain only the title of the project).
 Object of Project (It contain the objective of the project in concise manner).
 Tools to be used in Project (Here Specify about the all software tools which is
used in the project).
 Complete Structure of Program.
 Future Scope of Project.
Front Page Of Synopsis Must Contain
 Student Enrollment Number (University Roll Number)
 Student Name
 Course
 Semester
 Project Title (Must be self defined according to Project)
 Study Centre Name
 Study Centre Code
Complete Structure of Program
 Requirement Analysis (Requirement for a software system set out what the
system should do and define constraints on its operation and implementation).
 Module Description ( List the name of all modules and their short
 DFD, Data Dictionary and Database Structure (Table Description).
 Process Logic (Describe the working of System in concise manner).
 Implementation Procedure (Describe implementation technique including
site preparation and user’s training).
 Testing Plan ( Describe the method of testing will be used in project).
Final Project Report
 Title Page (Title of Project).
 Certificate (It must contain student’s
details & guide details).
 Declaration
 Acknowledgement
 Abstract
 Contents
 Introduction
 Objectives
 Problem Statement
 Requirement Analysis, SRS (Logical
DFD, Data Dictionary, Decision
Tables & Trees).
 Analysis and Design
 Coding
 Testing Procedures
 Testing Reports
 Documentation
 Future Application
 Conclusion
 Bibliography
About Project Report
 Final Project Report must have three hard copy (One for student it is optional).
 Two soft copy burnt on CD.
About CD
 University Roll Number
 Name of the student
 Course & Semester
 Project Title
 Centre Name & Learning Centre Code
Note:- All Student’s Details must be written on CD using permanent marker.
The Content inside CD
 A Notepad File named “Student Details” (It contain all five information about
student and Project such as Project Title, Student Name, University Roll Number,
Course & Semester, and Centre Code & Centre Name).
 Another Notepad File named “ReadMe” (It contain all the procedure to run the
project & user name and password if required).
 A Folder named Project (It contain three sub folders
a.) Source Code (Complete Program Files)
b.) Setup and exe File
c.) Documentation File).
Note:- Both CD must be in separate transparent cover.
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