Australian Industrial Equipment Overview

Australian Industrial Equipment
What’s hot?
CS Australia continues to
identify niche opportunities with
regards to materials handling
machinery and equipment.
Occupational health and safety
is a significant priority of
Australian industry. As a result,
distributors have also
expressed an interest in
automation and robotics for
manufacturing and warehousing
What’s not?
CS Australia has had less
success with machine tools as
this is seen as a very mature
How does it compare
with the Asia-Pacific
With a population of 23 million
and a relatively small
manufacturing base, demand
for industrial equipment and
supplies is small in comparison
to other markets in the AP
General industrial equipment feeds into Australia’s manufacturing
industry which accounts for about 10% of Australia’s GDP. The key
manufacturing segments are food and beverages, machinery and
equipment manufacturing, metal product manufacturing and
petrochemical and chemical manufacturing and printing and
There are two key supply/distribution channels: professional
engineering supply and retail hardware. The biggest distributor of
general industrial goods is Blackwoods owned by Wesfarmers. The
largest hardware retailer is Bunnings (also owned by Wesfarmers).
Other significant players are Mitre 10 (the largest independent buying
group) and Woolworths.
One Single Major Shift in the Local Market over the
Last 6 Months
Toyota has announced that it will cease assembling vehicles in
Australia by 2017. The move follows similar announcements made
by Ford and General Motors. By 2017 Australia will not have a car
manufacturing industry.
Why Should You Explore Doing Business in Australia?
 It’s English speaking
 IP protection is strictly enforced
 Our Free Trade Agreement with Australia allows U.S. products
to enter duty free
 U.S. exports to Australia have jumped by more than 50%
since the FTA was signed in 2005
 Australia is the 3rd largest market for U.S. mining equipment,
5th largest for food processing equipment, 6th largest for
automotive parts, and 9th largest for medical devices.
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