Commission Sharing Arrangement Simplifying your process of receiving, reconciling and paying commissions

Commission Sharing Arrangement
Simplifying your process of receiving, reconciling
and paying commissions
As an asset manager, you have enough to do without having to manage
State Street Global Markets Offers
the post-trade administrative process of commission sharing arrange-
Experience — A global team of
highly experienced portfolio and risk
management specialists
using CSA while not having to administer the process.
Expertise — Leading market insight
and research
Our Streamlined Process
Size — The world’s largest
“consolidated” crossing platform
with no information leakage
Scale — Unique natural liquidity from
our leading custody, asset management
and transition management businesses
Confidence — A trusted, unconflicted
partner you can count on
ments (CSA). The State Street Global Markets CSA Outsourcing service
streamlines the process for you, allowing you to reap the benefits of
The standard industry practice for managing reconciliations is inefficient and time
consuming, taking valuable resources away from your core business. As you know,
managing the reconciliations, exceptions and payments between multiple CSA
brokers can become quite complicated, and potential confidentiality issues might
arise when CSA brokers see payments made to other research providers. With
State Street acting as your intermediary, we facilitate the efficient communication
between all parties while providing the confidentiality you need. In our unique
outsourcing model, we serve a dual function — managing the reconciliation
process between you and your CSA brokers and managing payments to your
You Receive
research providers.
A team of dedicated professionals
who specialize in CSA
Improved communication between you,
your CSA brokers and research providers
How Our Solution Works
CSA Broker
CSA Broker
Timely and confidential payments to
your service providers
Reduced operational risk associated with
running a commission sharing program
State Street
Global Markets
Trade Execution
CSA Broker
CSA Broker
Reconcilliation and Reporting
Timely Payments
A Recognized Leader
State Street Global Markets is a recognized leader in
commission sharing outsourcing services. Our commitment
to innovation helps us meet the constantly changing needs
of our asset manager and asset owner customers.
State Street Global Markets provides specialized research,
When you partner with Global Markets, you partner with
a leader who:
through original flow-based research, proprietary portfolio and
trading, securities lending and innovative portfolio strategies
to owners and managers of institutional assets. Our goal is
to enhance and preserve portfolio values for our clients
risk management technologies, trading optimization and global
connectivity. State Street’s unique position at the crossroads of
Traded $16 trillion in volume traded across asset
classes in 2011
Completed 983 transitions representing $450 billion
in value in 2011
solutions for our clients.
Provided exposure solutions across 483 mandates
totalling $74.2 billion in assets in 2011 benchmarked
to 170 different indices
Ranked No. 1 overall by Global Investor/isf in the
2011 Transition Management Survey
31, State Street is a leading financial services provider serving
the global markets enables our sales and trading professionals
to tap diverse sources of liquidity and provide cost-effective
With $21.8 trillion in assets under custody and administration,
and $1.9 trillion in assets under management* as of December
some of the world’s most sophisticated institutions. We offer a
flexible suite of services that spans the investment spectrum,
including investment management, research and trading, and
investment servicing. With operations in 29 countries serving
clients in more than 100 geographic markets, our global
reach, expertise, and unique combination of consistency and
innovation help clients manage uncertainty, act on growth
opportunities and enhance the value of their services.
*This AUM includes the assets of the SPDR Gold Trust (approx. $63 billion as
of December 31,, 2011), for which State Street Global Markets, LLC, an affiliate
of State Street Global Advisors, serves as the marketing agent.
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Curt Dukeshire
+1 617 664 2947
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