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Literacy Volunteers
of South Sarasota County
Literacy Offices in Venice and North Port Libraries
300 Nokomis Ave. S., Venice, FL 34285
(941) 488-8994, [email protected]
13800 S. Tamiami Trail, North Port, FL 34287
(941) 861-1320, [email protected]
Serving the people of
Englewood, Laurel,
Nokomis, North Port,
Osprey and Venice
Featured Tutor and Student
If you ask some immigrants, new to America, what career
they want to pursue, you will hear replies like, “I want to be
an X-ray technician” or “I want to own a restaurant.”
Not so with North Port resident Larysa Aheyeva. She says
straightforwardly, “I am a doctor.” She refers both to her
career in her native Belarus as an OBGYN and to her
future career in the U.S. as a physician and, hopefully, an
An exceptionally fluent Level 4 student, Larysa came to the
U.S. in May 2013. She says, “I had been dreaming about
the U.S. and about bringing my daughter (now 16) to a
place with more opportunity, a better chance to study for a
future career.” In 2012, Larysa took a chance and played
the lottery for a green card -- and won. She says that of
about 10 million Belarus residents, only 1,000 might win
Kathy Adamczyk and Larysa Aheyeva
the green card lottery.
Larysa had studied English in Belarus, but she took an additional crash course leaving the country. Once
here, she enrolled in the English for Academic Purposes program at SCF. She also got her driver’s license
within one month by “translating the manual into my native language and studying like crazy.”
LVSSC tutor Kathy Adamczyk began to work with Larysa two months later, in July 2013. A pharmacist by
trade, Kathy chose Larysa because of her medical background -- and the match turned out to be perfect.
“We’re working on gerunds, infinitives and participles right now,” says Kathy, but she adds “every week,
Larysa brings me a challenging list of English questions and issues” that keeps her researching for the next
week’s lesson.
In Jan. 2014, Larysa began studying with the Kaplan U.S. Medical License Exam (USMLE) series, which will
prepare her to take medical exams in the U.S. It’s a mind-boggling series, even for those who speak English
as their native language. There are three steps to the series, but Step 1 is the largest with 10 subjects in 7
separate books. Larysa says that some of the medical content is the same as in Belarus, but not all, so she
must always be vigilant about differences.
Larysa studies all day, every day. At night, she works a retail job at TJ Maxx, which she enjoys because she
can interact with Americans in English. She is about halfway through the USMLE (U.S. Medical Licensing
Examination) series and hopes to complete it in May 2015. But she says it may take longer because, “I need
to be precise, deliberate, exact and thorough with everything. Those are the qualities a good doctor needs to
exhibit.” After she passes her medical exams, her final step will be to complete a medical residency.
President’s Corner
During the summer, we received the very good news that United
Way will continue to provide funding to help support our work. In
fact, their allocation is up $1,000 from last year’s amount. This
helps to support our North Port office, which we started staffing a
year ago. (See the fiscal year financial statement on page 7 for
a look at this past year’s income and expenses.)
In August, board member Sandy McIntyre submitted our annual
statistical report to ProLiteracy, the national literacy organization.
The numbers are compiled from the reports filed by volunteers
who send us the number of hours they worked. We also use
these figures in talks to groups, grant applications, media
releases and for board planning.
Here are some numbers from our fiscal year ending June 30:
184 volunteers worked 13,258 hours
172 were active tutors or small class instructors
280 students met in small classes and one-to-one pairs with their tutors
This year’s students came from 46 different countries!
80 new tutors received their initial training
In addition to tutoring, Volunteer activities include editing the newsletter, maintaining our Facebook
page, writing grants, maintaining the resource libraries, collecting and recording data, raising
funds, and being a board member. If you would like to volunteer for any of these tasks, our
membership committee, or a fundraising event, please call our Venice office at 941-488-8994.
Even if you can’t volunteer right now, you still help us by being a member. Renewal letters were
just mailed in October. Please join! Your membership makes a big difference!
Thank you for supporting the work of the Literacy Volunteers of South Sarasota County!
Nancy Pike
Thanks to grants from the Community Foundation
at Venice Golf and Country Club and the
Plantation Community Foundation, LVSSC was
able to replace our copier at North Port Library
and extend the maintenance contracts on both the
North Port and the Venice copy machines for an
additional three years.
Nancy Zarowin is the newest member of the LVSSC
Board of Directors. A teacher of music and literature
in private high schools for 37 years, she was also
Academic Dean of her last school before her retirement in 1999. Since 2000, she has been a Literacy
Volunteer tutor in Norwalk, Connecticut, and, for the
past three years, with LVSSC in Venice.
Welcome to Nancy!
Classique Salon, Chris Beachy
Full Service Salon (seasonal), Pt. Charlotte
(941) 624-6719
[email protected]
Golconda, LLC, Manny Joaquim
Management Consulting, Sarasota
(941) 951-1301
[email protected]
Corzetto Enterprises, Paul & LaVerne Corzetto
Lawn & garden, house check & cleaning, pool cleaning, pressure wash & windows
Paul 941-423-1272 LaVerne 941-423-4452 Sarasota Co. [email protected]
Matthews Insurance, All State – Steve Matthews
Sharon Matthews, 24-hour Customer Service, North Port
[email protected]
Business Members’ cards are posted on Gold stars indicate
donating more than the $50 Business Membership contribution.
Connie Alderfer, LVSSC tutor and instructor in North Port, recruited these four Business
Members. More Business Members are needed. We need more Recruiters! Call Sandy
McIntyre, [email protected] or 941-412-0107, for instructions and materials if you are
willing to recruit a few Business Members for Literacy Volunteers.
Increasing adult literacy benefits the business community.
Contributors, Thank You for your Financial Support from July 2013 - June 2014!
$5,000 or more
Arline Smyth Quinn Charitable Foundation
United Way of South Sarasota County
Community Foundation at the Venice Golf & CC
Fund of Gulf Coast Community Foundation
Heron Creek Community Foundation Fund
of Gulf Coast Community Foundation
Edward Miranda
Plantation Community Foundation
Madeline H. Smith
Women of the Moose
Betty Black
Robin Blair
Kathleen F. Cellura Foundation
George & Lorraine Cooper
Priscilla Miranda Memorial Fund
Women's Sertoma Club of Venice
Constance Alderfer
Elizabeth Bruckman
Anna Crimi
Chris and Paula Gray
King's Gate Club Round Table
Andrei Kisliuk
Sandra & Charles McIntyre
Nancy & David Pike
Jerry & Joanne Robertson
Polly Skinner
Under $100
Irma L. Arroyo
Alfred & Janet Azzoni
Eleanor D. Barth
Under $100 (cont'd)
Nancy C. Behning
Esther Bird
Olive H. Calvert
Carolyn Conte
Ruth Ann Dearybury
Bernadine Ensor
Stephen D. Fox
Barbara & Denis Gahry
Anne M. Hollenbeck
Joann Hunt
Manuel Joaquim
Frank & Margaret Kaprive
Judith A. Lindauer
Jeanne Madden
James & Mary McCamphill
Shelia McClintock-Fraser
Marie McKinley
Marion Mercer
Nancy A. Moore
Lenee Owens
Audrey Patterson
Meredith & Alan Pike
Mary Ann Quardt
Magdalena H. Schwall
Jennifer Sites
Madeleine Smith
Valorie Stackpole
Pat Swindler
Nelda Thompson
Janita Wisch
Jean West-Walker
Ruth Williams
Sharon Williams
Nancy & David Winans
Judy Wolf
Rick & Leslie Yard
We would also like to thank all of our Members, everyone who donated to the United Way
Walk-a-Thons in Venice and North Port and the team from Kings Gate Club, as well as the
Community Foundation of Sarasota County and their partners for their involvement in the
2014 Giving Challenge.
Newsletters are published the first of November, February and May. Material for the publication
should go to Editor Esther Bird by the third Friday of the preceding month.
November 21, 2014; 1-5 pm:
Laurel Health and Information Fair and Farmers Market at
Laurel Community Center. LVSSC will have a booth.
February 14, 2015:
Dearborn Street Book Festival in Englewood. LVSSC will
have a booth.
February 21, 2015:
Venice United Way Walk-a-Thon. Join our team!
March 21, 2015:
North Port United Way Walk-a-Thon. Join our team!
March 24, 2015:
LVSSC Annual Card Party fundraiser at Jacaranda Trace.
March 28, 2015:
Venice Book Fair downtown Centennial Park. LVSSC will
have a booth.
April 28, 2015:
LVSSC Annual Meeting at Venice Library.
If you would like to help with any of these events, please call our Venice office at 941-488-8994.
November 1 and 8:
New Tutor Training, both days at Jacaranda Library.
November 12, 1 – 4 pm:
Tutors Talking to Tutors, North Port Library.
January 13 and 20, 2014
New Tutor Training, both days at USF Campus in North Port
To participate in any of these, call the Venice office at 941-488-8994.
Dear LitWits
Each month we will publish an answer to a question from a tutor, instructor, or member submitted to
[email protected] (Make your e-mail Subj: Dear LitWits). LitWits will delve into local brains and
widespread research to answer your questions about the Literacy Volunteers organization or
questions about tutoring or instructing adult learners. Have a question? Send it to the LitWits.
Question: When I meet with my students, I find it challenging to keep them focused on my
lesson plan. Their preference is to talk about personal issues, and I am not sure how best to
restrict the personal chatter and focus on the lesson I have planned. — SF
Answer: You can consider it a huge compliment that your student is comfortable with you
and wants to chat. The conversation is important in their learning too and should be allowed
within limits. I would suggest you allocate 10 minutes at the beginning of the session and at
the end for chatting and the remainder for lesson plans. If student begins talking during the
lesson plan, listen for a few minutes and then say something like, “that’s great and interesting, however, let’s get back to the lesson plan now . After we finish the lesson, we can chat
again.” — the LitWits
Readers—What are your thoughts and suggestions? Send any suggestions you have to
[email protected] (Subj: LitWits).
Is your student having difficulty learning to read English, having frequent headaches, or being
bothered by fluorescent lights? These may be symptoms of Irlen Syndrome. Irlen Syndrome
is a perceptual problem (not a visual problem). This condition causes distortions in printed
materials and physical symptoms. Irlen symptoms are relieved with colored overlays or tinted
glasses. 46% of individuals with reading problems have Irlen Syndrome to some degree.
Sandy McIntyre, LVSSC volunteer, is a Certified Irlen Screener. She conducts free screenings of LVSSC students. The appropriate color overlay can filter out the distortions on reading
material. Irlen personalized spectral filters (tinted glasses or contacts) provide greater benefit
improving everything seen, not just reading material.
Below is the Short Self-Test from the Irlen web site: For more information, go
to the web site to watch “Reading Problems” videos and read “The Science” articles. There is
also an extensive Long Self-Test. Try different background colors on by clicking on the small colored glasses at the top.
If your student is experiencing the problems listed in the Short Self-Test or physical symptoms
of Irlen Syndrome, contact Sandy McIntyre, 941-412-0107, [email protected]
Short Self-Test for Irlen Syndrome
Irlen Color Overlays
Irlen Spectral Filters
Do you skip words or lines when reading? Yes No
Do you reread lines? Yes No
Do you lose your place? Yes No
Are you easily distracted when reading? Yes No
Do you need to take breaks often? Yes No
Do you find it harder to read the longer you read? Yes No
Do you get headaches when you read? Yes No
Do your eyes get red and watery? Yes No
Does reading make you tired? Yes No
Do you blink or squint? Yes No
Do you prefer to read in dim light? Yes No
Do you read close to the page? Yes No
Do you use your finger or other markers? Yes No
Do you get restless, active, or fidgety when reading? Yes No
If you answered Yes to three or more questions, then you
might have a perception problem called Irlen Syndrome,
which can interfere with your reading efficiency.
Summary Statement of Financial Activities
For the Year Ended June 30, 2014
Unrestricted Revenue & Expense
United Way of South Sarasota County
Unrestricted Grants
Memorial Fund
Fundraisers (net of expenses)
Total revenue
Use of the facilities of the Sarasota County Libraries in Venice & North Port
& the skilled services provided by our wonderful volunteers
Salary/Payroll Taxes
Training & Training Materials
Office Supplies & Expense
Dues & Fees
Directors Insurance
Total expenses
Change in Unrestricted Net Assets
Donor Restricted Grants
Received in the current year
Use of restricted funds
Change in Restricted Net Assets
Restricted Net Assets - beginning of the year
Restricted Net Assets - end of the year
Betty Black, Treasurer
Literacy Volunteers
of South Sarasota County
300 Nokomis Ave. S.
Venice, FL 34285
Literacy Volunteers of South Sarasota County
An Affiliate of ProLiteracy America
Venice Public Library, 300 Nokomis Ave. S.
Venice, FL 34285 Phone: 941-488-8994
[email protected]
Yes, we will mail printed copies to
members who do not have an e-mail
address or who request paper copies.
North Port Library, 13800 S. Tamiami Trail
North Port, FL 34287 Phone: 941-861-1320
[email protected]
Vice Pres.
Nancy Pike
Sandy McIntyre
Janita Wisch
Betty Black
George Adamczyk
Esther Bird
Claudia Daniels
Sheila McClintock-Fraser
Polly Skinner
Nancy Zarowin
Florida Department of Agriculture
and Consumer Services
Registration No. CH8274
Literacy Coordinators
Leslie Yard, Venice
Karen Bridegam, North Port
Database, Reports, Records
Sandy McIntyre
Tutor Trainer
Esther Bird
Newsletter Editor
Esther Bird