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January 2015
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Happy New Year, VSPS members. The 2015 Watch Year will start on
February 21 at the Change of Watch at the Venice Yacht Club. Your
New Commander Elect Susan Parrish and Executive Committee
Members are already working on ways to promote VSPS and inform the
citizens of Osprey, Nokomis, Venice, Englewood and North Port that we
are an organization that is committed to provide everyone with boating
skills though Safe Boating Classes.
I would like to thank Lt/C Susan Parrish AP for her efforts in planning the
Venice Holiday Parade and Venice Christmas Boat Parades. Marine
Max provided a boat, driver and trailer for the Holiday (land) Parade.
Thank you Marine Max. Thank you, Ken and Ann Shanley for the loan of
your boat, Charis for the Venice Christmas Boat Parade. Also, thanks to
the members that helped with decorating both boats. Lt. Bob and Lt/C
Carol Kunath again opened their home for our members to watch and
enjoy the water parade.
The VSPS Annual membership Meeting is on January 15 2015 at
Pelican Pointe Country Club. All members as well as the new Watch
Year Bridge and Executive Committee members are encouraged to
On January 31 2015 there will be a Member Appreciation Wine and
Cheese Party at the Bellagio Club House from 1700 to 1930. I am
looking forward to having everyone come so we can say thank you for
your contribution to your squadron.
Please see the flyers that have the reservation information for both the
Wine and Cheese Party and Annual Meeting.
On Saturday February 21 , 2015 our Change of Watch will be at the
Venice Yacht Club. This is the formal affair where the New Bridge and
Executive Committee Members are sworn in for the current year. This is
the big event of the year, so don’t miss it.
The Education Department is offering new courses starting in February,
and we have a free seminar on 31 January. It’s time for you to take a
look at your grade and see if you ready and eligible to take one of these.
See the next page, make the call and sign up!
So far VSPS has accomplished meeting the goals that you’re Bridge
and Executive Committee Members set for the Watch Year 2014. In the
next issue of the Inlet I will report on these goals.
Happy New Year,
Cdr. Julie McGarr, S
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New Courses
Free Seminar
Beacon 22
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Exec. Officer
VSPS Bridge
Help Wanted!
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Annual Meeting 5
Cruise Plan
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VSPS Photos 7-10
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Next Member
Meeting (Annual)
15 January 1700
Pelican Point
Details TBA
Coming Events:
P/D/C Don Parrish SN has resigned from his position as
Education Officer. Members interested in serving should contact Cdr.
Julie McGarr or ASEO Gordon Bloom SN [email protected]
New Upcoming Classes Scheduled
Make Seamanship the first step into building boating confidence and
competence for safe and fun on-the-water adventures. Seamanship
presents material applicable to both power and sail, covering such topics
as the construction and functioning of a boat, the skipper’s
responsibilities, preparing the boat for use, handling and maneuvering a
vessel under various conditions in close quarters and on the open water,
rules of the road, anchoring, emergencies, and marlinspike/basic knots.
The class will run for 8 weeks starting Tuesday 3 February 2014 from
1900 to 2100. Course fee including text is $85, Non-Members $100.
2 Jan 1130 Member Lunch Pops
7 Jan Excom 1100 Marine Max
15 Jan VSPS Annual Meeting 1700
Pelican Point
16 Jan 1130 Member Lunch Pops
18-25 Jan – Annual Conference
31 Jan 0930 Seminar @ Marine Max
On Board Weather Forecasting
31 Jan 1600 Member Appreciation
Piloting is the first course in the sequence of USPS courses on
navigation, covering the basics of coastal and inland navigation. This
course focuses on navigation as it is done on recreational boats today
and embraces GPS as a primary navigation tool while covering enough
of traditional techniques so the student will be able to find his/her way
even if their GPS fails. The course includes many in-class exercises,
developing the student’s skills through hands-on practice and learning.
The class will run for 10 weeks starting Thursday 5 March 2014 from
1900 to 2100. Course fee including text is $95 for Members, nonmembers $115.
Location for both classes is the Waymire Center, 1450 Lucaya Avenue,
Venice, FL (from E. Venice Avenue go north on Pinebrook about 3/8
mile and turn right on Lucaya).
We need count on attendees well in advance of the class start
dates to order course materials, so please sign up by February
5th. You can enroll after that date but there may be delays in
receiving your materials.
Registration Required :
Call Lt/C Susan Parrish, AP
Free Seminar
On-Board Weather
When: 31 January 0930-1200
Where: Marine Max Venice
Cost: FREE
Reservation Required!
Lt/C Susan Parrish AP
[email protected]
Or: [email protected]
Beacon 22
Click link to get District 22’s newsletter, the “Beacon”
Page 2, Venice Inlet - Venice Sail and Power Squadron
IN THE RED. No, not on the Treasurers books. The Squadron was in the RED color for
Christmas for the Annual Venice Holiday Land Parade and the Venice Holiday Water
Parade. What an exciting time we all had decorating the pontoon float/boat provided to
us by MarineMax, The boat was decorated with the theme “SPRING INTO ACTION –
TAKE A BOATING COURSE. On our parade entry there were bouquets of flowers,
greenery, lights and of course lady bugs made by yours truly. Before marching down
the streets of Venice, we all gathered at the staging area and had a picnic with lots of
food. This year was very SPECIAL for all of us participating in the Land Parade, there
was the excitement of young children. Chip and Lisa Chipley had their three girls – Gigi,
Lili and Vivi and they all were butterflies. Lts. Bob and Janet Keown had their two
grandchildren with them, they too were dressed in the theme. Some of our squadron
members were dressed in costume as well. Many thanks go out to the hard working elfs
that were so dedicated to decorating the parade float - F/Lt Ed Hunnicutt, P, Lts. Bob
and Janet Keown, Pat Marcello, P/D/C Don Parrish, SN, Cdr Julie McGarr, S. Without
these dedicated squadron members it would not have been possible to make it happen.
Thanks to each and every one of you.
Take a bow Sid Durham, Pat Marcello, Don Parrish for your very hard work in putting
together the decorations on Ken and Ann Shanleys’ boat, Charis, it was stunning when
finished. Several years back, Don Parrish had designed and made the Three Wise Men.
They were brought out of storage and beautifully used once again. Lights were strung
on bow and stern and it was a sight to see. Our grateful thanks go to Ken and Ann for
volunteering their 42 ft. Trawler. All too often we forget some hard workers on the side
lines and that is Leroy Strey, P and P/Lt/C Joyce Strey, P, our long time Associate
Members who so willingly take photos of all happenings in our Squadron, thank you
Leroy and Joyce. The Shanley’s grandchildren were on board. What a joy it was to hear
children voices singing Christmas carols.
If you have not had a chance to volunteer for the Land Parade or the Water Parade,
please look at your schedule for 2015 and fit it in, you will find it rewarding and FUN. It’s
called TEAM WORK –TOGETHER – and it works wonders LET’S JUST SAY - YES –
Thank you to Lt Bob Kunath, SN and Lt/C Carol Kunath, P for opening their lovely home
to all squadron members who wanted to stay and watch the Water Parade ashore.
Heard there were lots, and lots of desserts.
Wow, what a neat presentation Bob Kunath put on at MarineMax for the Boat Handling
Seminar. Seven (7) Squadron Members were present for this seminar, fourteen (14)
participants from the public came to learn all about boat handling. If you have not taken
advantage of this FREE seminar, take the time to do so when Bob Kunath presents this
informative, educational seminar. GREAT JOB, BOB.
Just a short notation on the Christmas Party. Thank you to those who helped make it
possible. Sigrid Haseloff for helping decorate the tables, Don Parrish for so kindly
carrying in decorations, P/C Tim McGarr, P and Cdr Julie McGarr, S for performing a
skit to the tune of “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree”, they were dressed as
performers from Grease – the 50’s, they went around thru the crowd and partnered with
willing members to dance to the music. Cheers – to both Tim and Julie for their
In all other departments of the Executive Department, all is well.
Don’t forget the Annual Meeting in January and our Annual Change of Watch in
February. See details in this issue.
I leave you with this: Very simple saying
VSPS Bridge Officers
Cdr. Julie McGarr S
[email protected]
941-468-4851 Cell
Squadron Education Officer:
Position Open
Asst. SEO
Gordon Bloom SN
[email protected]
Executive Officer:
Lt/C Susan Parrish, AP
[email protected]
Administration Officer:
Lt/C Wilfredo Lopez, P
[email protected]
Lt/C Carol Kunath, P
[email protected]
Lt/C Audrey Rice, P
[email protected]
Venice Inlet Staff
Lt Bob Kunath, SN
[email protected]
Lt Leroy Strey, P
[email protected]
Lt/C Wilfredo Lopez, P
[email protected]
Lt/C Susan Parrish, AP
Help Needed…. Advertising Manager Want to help out your
Squadron? Use your marketing/sales skills to solicit ads
for the Inlet. Contact Cdr. Julie or XO Susan for details.
Page 3, Venice Inlet - Venice Sail and Power Squadron
It is a New Year and new opportunity to accomplish more in
boating safety activities for our community. Our leaders have
been working on a new strategy plan for 2015-16. Our
Commander will announce a brief in our January membership
meeting which is the Kick-off month for recruiting new members
to our Squadron. We have two very important activities to initiate
the membership drive for 2015-16.
1. Our Annual Membership Meeting is to elect our new leaders in
the bridge. (See Flyer attached).
When: January 15 2015
Where: Pelican Pointe Country Club, Venice
Time : 5:30 PM
Note : Bring a friend and prospective members.
2. Our Members Appreciation Day is our way to thank all
members for loyalty and dedication to former squadron activities.
(A Flyer will be send by separate e-mail).
When: January 31, 2015
Where: Bellagio Club House in Venice
Time : 4:00 PM
Note : Bring prospective members.
In the coming month of February we have the Change of Watch;
When: February 15, 2015
Where: Venice Yacht Club, Venice
Time : 5:30 PM
Note : Bring prospective members.
January Events for your calendar
0 7- Executive Committee Meeting
Marine Max, Venice Time: 1100
At Pelican Pointe Country Club, 499 Derbyshire Dr. Venice FL
Time: 1700 (a flyer with all the detail will be e-mailed to all)
31- Membership Appreciation Day
At the Bellagio Club House, 100 Calle Del Paradiso, Venice FL 34285
Time: 1700 (a flyer with all the detail will be e-mailed to all)
Date TBA - C R U I S E & R E N D E Z V O U S
Old Salty Dog Restaurant at Marine Max Marina, 1485 South Miami Trail,
Venice Time: 1130
Lt/C Wilfredo Lopez, P
Cool Web Sites:
USPS Member Discounts
Get discounts on stuff!
USPS Home Page
USPS District 22
USPS D/ 22 Beacon newsletter
Weather – All NOAA Stuff, marine
forecasts, radar, etc.
Real Time Buoy Data
Free Electronic Charts
Free Chart Software-use free charts
Waterwayguide Cruising Resource
USPS Ensign and Compass
Salty Southeast Cruisers Net
Reminders – Call NOW!
Annual Meeting 15 Jan
Member Appreciation 31
Jan Bellagio
Weather Seminar 31 Jan
Seamanship Class
Piloting Class
Page 4, Venice Inlet - Venice Sail and Power Squadron
Report Card Time – How are we Doing?
I’ve been editing The Inlet for almost a year, getting ready to start a
new year. Whaddya think? What do you like or not like about the
changes we made a year ago? What else would you like to see?
Please send me an email with your review!
Lunch at Pop’s , Leroy Strey, photographer.
[email protected]
Venice Sail and Power Squadron
You are invited to our Annual Membership
Our annual will be held on January 15 at the
prestigious Pelican Pointe Gulf & Country Club, in
Venice. We will have elections for the 2015-16
bridge. Our Commander, Julie McGarr will announce
a brief of the 2015 strategy for the VSPS. Your
participation is important.
January Birthdays
Dennis Bosch
Harold Dittmar
Sharon Greene
Sigrid Haseloff
Linda Hunnicutt
Janet Keown
Carol Kunath
Julie McGarr
Herbert Stotler
Happy Birthday!
Time: 1730 (5:30 PM) The dinner will have a selection
of two entrees, Salmon or Chicken Piccata. Please
call Wilfredo or Lupe Lopez at 941-445-4100 before
January 13 with your choice of entree. Salad, warm
rolls, dessert (Tiramisu) and coffee or tea is
included. All for the modest price of $24 per person.
Place: Pelican Pointe Golf & country Club, 499
Derbyshire Dr, Venice Florida
Waterway Guides – New 2015
Editions 20% OFF for VSPS
2015 Chesapeake Bay, Atlantic ICW, Southern,
Bahamas, are now available at the WWG online store. 2015 versions on sale for Christmas
shopping. Northern and Great Lakes soon. Log
on to use coupon
code for all on-line purchases to 12/31.
Page 5, Venice Inlet - Venice Sail and Power Squadron
[email protected]
Download full brochure at:
Notice to Postal Mail recipients of the Venice Inlet
We need Venice Inlet boosters for the 2014-2015 Watch Year!
Did you know that it costs VSPS more than $2 ($20-30 per year) to print and mail each copy of the
Venice Inlet? If you have Internet access, get the Inlet on line and save your Squadron the cost of
printing and mailing (it’s better that way anyway). Please call or email the Editor (see page 3) to
update your email address and stop mailing the Venice Inlet to you. You can view or download the
current issue from any computer, tablet, or smart-phone (even at a library or public computer) at:
If you or any member would like to contribute to help offset the cost of producing and distributing the
Venice Inlet to those with no Internet access, please let us hear from you.
Make check payable to Venice Sail & Power Squadron
(Minimum $10.00) and mail to Audrey Rice
1175 Caples St., Englewood, FL34223
Thanks to Boosters for 2014-2015 Tom and Mary Wills, Tim and Julie McGarr, Joe and Nancy
Hughes, Skip and Jane Downey, George Flume
Page 6, Venice Inlet - Venice Sail and Power Squadron
Venice Holiday Parade
Venice Sail
& Power
Page 7, Venice Inlet - Venice Sail and Power Squadron
PFD Loaner Program Up and Running
By Lt Fred Keeney, S
Loaner Program Chair
The Squadron's PFD Loaner Program is up and running. Hosted at the Marine
Max, Venice Dock Master Building, the PFD's are housed in a storage locker with
a clearly marked Squadron sign. The Program was set up to insure that boaters
who may be short PFD's on their boat because of visiting friends and relatives
can borrow PFD's for the day to comply with Federal and State Boating Laws.
The Program is run strictly on the honor system and on a first come first serve
basis. We thank Marine Max Venice for their generosity in allowing use space
for the storage area. Squadron members P/C Hans Haseloff, AP and Dick Daniel
donated adult and youth PFD's to the program. P/C Tim McGarr, P donated his
carpentry skills and time to put the storage locker in place. Additional PFD's
came from the Squadron Quartermaster supply.
Venice Christmas Boat Parade
Page 8, Venice Inlet - Venice Sail and Power Squadron
Power Boat Handling Seminar at Marine Max
Page 9, Venice Inlet - Venice Sail and Power Squadron
Venice Squadron Christmas & Holiday Party
Page 10, Venice Inlet - Venice Sail and Power Squadron
Safety First….
Keeping Your Boat Afloat
An analysis of a year's worth of sinking files reveals the 10 most common
reasons that boats end up under the water.
By Beth Leonard Seaworthy Magazine
Published: April 2014
As the pie chart shows, more than two-thirds of the reasons why boats sank could be considered preventable. Half
of those preventable claims, or one-third of the total, involved boats that sank due to the gradual failure of a part
below the waterline. This is the single most common reason boats sink at the dock. While failed parts also cause
sinkings underway, it's much more common that they result from the boat hitting something, whether another boat,
the bottom, or something floating in the water. Failing to secure an otherwise working fitting, such as a drain plug
or a sea strainer, when the boat is in the water comes third on the list.
One big change we have seen is that swamping, responsible for eight percent of the sinkings in our files, is much
less likely to occur underway than it was in 2006 when we last looked at our sinking claims. The low-cut transoms
that were so common in the 1990s have largely been replaced by splashwells separated from the interior of the
boat by a high transom. This time around, only one boat sank as a result of a wave swamping the boat from
astern. Instead, boats were swamped at the dock when tied stern to open water in chop or waves raised by strong
winds. Finally, as was the case in 2006, five percent of the boats that sank got caught under the dock by waves or
tide due to problems with their dock line arrangements.
You can greatly reduce the chances of your boat sinking due to wear, tear, and corrosion by adhering to a regular
maintenance schedule. While all maintenance is important, the first six items in the list below represent the most
common maintenance-related failures that led to sinking in our claim files. The additional four items in the list could
be considered good seamanship, and will help to prevent boats from sinking due to causes other than age and
Page 11,
Venice Inlet - Venice Sail and Power Squadron
To read entire article, GoTo: