We are proud to present Destination BC’s Dear Tourism Colleagues,

Dear Tourism Colleagues,
We are proud to present Destination BC’s In short, if we want to win, we must be better
and smarter than the competition.
new corporate strategy. It is our rallying
cry for the industry to come together in
Since Destination BC’s inception, we’ve been
pursuing common goals.
There is enormous opportunity today and
in our future. Tourism is one of the fastest
growing economic sectors and largest export
earners in the world. Strong economies and a
burgeoning middle class in some of the world’s
most populous markets have fueled consumer
confidence. And, with wealth, comes travel:
a billion people poised to explore the planet.
British Columbia — already one of the world’s
most inspiring places to live, work, study, invest
and visit — is catching this wave of potential.
The marketplace is intensely competitive.
Travel planning and preferences have shifted.
We’re competing on a global scale against
tourism experiences that are engaging
travellers’ imaginations in fresh new ways, with
sophisticated marketing from well-funded
Destination Marketing Organizations around
the world.
listening to industry’s many voices, gathering
perspectives on the best approach to building
value for the businesses and people in our visitor
economy and seeking direction on the most
important role for us in that work. Industry
wants bold leadership and a clear plan. They need
inspired marketing to draw the world to their
doorstep. And, like every business, they want to
get maximum value from every dollar in BC’s
tourism system.
This corporate plan lays out the strategy we
are following for the next three years to help
British Columbia reach its full potential as a
tourism destination — our plan for how we will
win, together.
We look forward to the prosperity of tomorrow.
Marsha Walden, CEO
Destination British Columbia
Andrea Shaw, Board Chair
Destination British Columbia