Sample Work Agreement for Nanny or Childcare
Note: This is a sample template only and not a legal document.
recommends all parents or guardians to seek legal advice before finalizing any
agreement between them and a potential caregiver/childcare applicant. Review
state and federal guidelines for hiring. Contact local agencies or regional centers
for respite care reimbursement requirements. Talk to your accountant regarding
tax filings and requirements. It is recommended applicants provide references of
and a background check.
Employer: _________________________________
Position: __________________________________
Effective Date of Agreement: _________________
Duration of Agreement:______________________
Work schedule:
Job description:
Primary Objective: <include short description of job’s functions, goals, responsibilities>
Responsibilities include the following: Children Activities including <specific examples>, homework with
child(ren), cooking <number of times> per week including <meals>, housekeeping duties including <i.e.
laundry, dishes, pick up toys or clothes>, transportation <distance, routes, schedules>.
Employee is required to pass a background check. <include any additional requirements for drug
Salary/wages will be paid <every week / every two weeks / on the 1st and the 15th of every month>.
Employee will receive a <gross/net> salary/wage of
per <week/bi-monthly>. The average
hours. Overnight or weekend care will be compensated at the rate of $
workweek is
overnight/ per hour / per 24 hour period>.
Out of town duty is defined as the regular working responsibilities while traveling with a family and is at
<per overnight/ per hour / per 24 hour period>. Expenses incurred while traveling
the rate of $
are to be paid by the employer within 14 days if receipts and documentation provided.
<Provide details on any additional benefits including housing or transportation. Require proof of driver’s
license and insurance if applicable>.
Any work-related expenses incurred by the employee on behalf of the position will be reimbursed based
upon request and receipts provided by the employee within 14 days. This may include <i.e. mobile
phone, gasoline, insurance>.
The following holidays that fall on a work day will be paid and are not required to be worked by the
employee <review federal holidays>:
- Thanksgiving Day and day after
- New Year’s Day
- Christmas Eve
- Christmas Day
Employee will receive <number> days paid vacation per year. Total of <number> sick leave days will be
provided and used for illness or family emergencies, not vacation. Sick leave may be used for s only.
Personal appointments or days off need to be coordinated with employer including 14 days notice for
scheduling. Vacation and sick leave days may not be accrued.
Employee is not permitted to take pictures, record or use of the likeness of any family/household member
without the expressed written consent of employer. Information pertaining to the family member’s medical,
educational or financial activities or other personal matters may not be shared or discussed with outside
parties. All information pertaining to the position including verbal, written and electronic communications
are considered confidential and a breach of contract is considered should they be forwarded without the
express written consent of employer.
Performance reviews:
A formal review will be scheduled for the employee on the following time intervals <i.e. every 3 months, 6
months>. Employee will receive a revised job description and contract should the position change.
This is an at-will contact. Employee may be released from this contract at anytime for no cause. Three
week notice is required by employee should they wish to end contract and employment.
This agreement may only be amended in writing and with the signature of both parties. No oral
amendments or agreements may be made. This agreement is binding by the state of <insert state>. All
disputes arising from this contract will be settled through arbitration <verify with your attorney additional
legal requirements>.
Each party has read and agreed to this agreement and after signing below will receive a copy of the
Signed and agreed:
Employee’s First and Last Name _______________________
Date ______________________
Employee’s signature ________________________________
Date ________________________
Mailing Address: _________________________________
City, State, Zip: _________________________________
Cell Phone:
Emergency Contact:_______________________________
Emergency Contact Phone: _________________________
Employer’s First and Last Name _______________________
Date ______________________
Employer’s signature ________________________________
Date ________________________
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