Cover Letter Explanation Your address Phone Number Date

Cover Letter Explanation
Your address
Phone Number
Employer Contact Person
Title of that person
Susan Brown
346 Main Street
Kettering, OH 45403
[email protected]
(937) 555-8765
July 21, 2010
Mr. Tom Seittel
Weaseltec, Inc.
25 Sacramento Street
Troy, OH 94102
Dear Mr. Seittel:
Dear John Smith:
First Paragraph
This paragraph should state why you
are writing, how you heard about the
job (internet, friend, etc.), and why
the employer should select you for
an interview. You can also flatter the
employer by using information about
the company that you find on the
internet. You will want to grab the
employer’s attention and make them
want to keep reading.
Middle Paragraph(s)
With over 5 years of prov
en sales experience, I am
confident that I would be
Weaseltec, Inc. in the pos
a positive asset to
ition of Inside Sales Rep
resentative. My ability to
relationships with custome
increase sales, build
rs, and lead others will ben
efit your company in man
y ways.
I currently work at Jolly’s
Rent a Car as a Manage
r In-Training. In this pos
information about van rent
ition I provide customers
als, sell damage waiver,
negotiate contracts with
marketing advertisements.
car companies, and crea
My damage waiver selling
percentage YTD is 35%
90% of the employees in
, which is 5% higher than
the tri-state area. The stra
tegies I employ includin
customer, explaining the
g building rapport with
benefits of purchasing dam
age waiver insurance, answ
thoroughly and succinct
ly, and following up with
ering questions
the customer to make sure
company was a positive
their experience with the
one. Utilizing these stra
tegies has resulted in high
several compliments from
customer retention rate
customers about my prof
essionalism and dedicat
service. Furthermore, I
ion to excellent custome
have been recognized by
my company numerous
expectations. I earned the
times for exceeding
“Employee of the Month”
award four out of the last
Inside Sales Rep for We
twelve months. As the
aseltec, Inc., you could
expect me to continue to
exceptional customer serv
exceed sales goals and prov
ice to new and current clie
In addition to an excelle
nt sales record, Weaseltec
with a degree in Busines
s Administration from Sinc also benefit from my leadership skills. I graduate
lair Community College
positions with both the
, and held leadership
Future Business Leaders
of America and the Sinc
Management Association
lair Chapter of the Busines
. Through these experie
nces, I honed my verbal
skills through presentation
and written communicat
s and grant writing, exte
nsively utilized Microso
meetings, produced mar
ft Office, facilitated wee
keting materials, and buil
t relationships with on and
Since these are all requirem
off campus constituents
ents of the Inside Sales
Representative position
ground running and beg
, I am confident I could
in to contribute to Weasel
hit the
tec, Inc. right away.
I have attached my resu
me for your review. I wou
ld like to meet to discuss
experiences can benefit
further how my skills and
Weaseltec, Inc. Thank you
for your time and conside
Explain what specific experience
and skills you could bring to the
company. Remember, the employer
Susan Brown
wants to know how your skills can
Susan Brown
benefit them! Explain some of your
strengths/ qualifications that are
relevant to the position and support those with specific
examples, accomplishments, and/or evidence of skills.
Last Paragraph
In this paragraph, you will want to ‘close the deal’. It is appropriate to ask for an interview or
state that you will follow up within a few weeks. Thank the employer for their time and include
information on how you will follow up. With many job searches going electronic-only, some
companies say, “No phone calls please”. If this is the case, you should not follow up with a phone
Sincerely or With Regards,
(Sign you name)
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