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Action Plan for Sports Funding 2013-2014
A full audit has been completed and the following areas are key for the development of PE across the
A meeting has been carried out with current and future PE co-ordinators to establish a vision for
allocating the money.
A teacher skills audit to be carried out very soon so as needs of staff can be identified. VP to do this.
Initial meeting held with VP and LP on 8/11/13
Presented to SLT 13/11/13
Second meeting with VP and LP 21/11/13
Vision presented to NA Governor 21/11/13
Final plan agreed by SLT /1/13
To present at CFC in January 2014
Outcomes of first term meeting VP and AD 16/1/14
Report to Governors 21/1/14
Review meeting with VP, view to booking summer events and website update 14/3/14
17th October 2014 – review of last year and planning for 2014-2015
AD Present to SLT
Objective: To raise the profile of sport and promote healthy lifestyle options for life and develop
projects that involve all children across the school and celebrate PE.
Key staff involved in the funding- Anna Davies, Victoria Palmieri and Lauren Priestaff only until Dec 13
Lead Person
Time scale
Co-ordinator release time
*To have 10 release days for the PE
co-ordinator this will be used for
teaching in other classes,
developing teacher skills and
knowledge in PE
*VP and LP to devise a detailed plan
as to how the 10 days will be used
*This will provide key time for the co-ordinator to fully develop the subject and imbed
key teaching strategies across the whole school
*This would enable the appropriate skilled sports experts to come into school and
help skill up staff
*The impact would be seen across the whole school in the development of PE
* would provide time to assess the Gifted and talented children in sport at school and
devise plans to cater for the needs of these children
*Exemplary model lessons would be demonstrated in each year group
*Help teachers with planning and ensuring that there is progression and continuity in
* Staff meeting time is devoted to promoting the subject area and sharing the PE
Autumn Term 13
To be formulated
by Autumn term
VP Summer Term
* Report back to governors and SLT on the outcome of the release days
*AD to oversee the 10 day plan
Provision for 2014/15 – coordinator
release time.
How the 10 days will be spent
1 day – sports equipment, resources, ordering and monitoring.
1 day – sports fixtures and matches and hand over with other coordinator.
2 days – sports day planning.
2 days – observing and teaching physical education.
2 days – taking children to competitions – football, cross country, netball, rugby
1 day – update, refine and review physical education policy, funding and research
into new initiatives, planning providers and specialist coaches.
1 day – organising the specialist coaches and timetables for assembly promotions.
In addition, time also needs to be added for
 Other teachers should be attending courses when applicable.
 School sports council meetings to be held every half term.
 Sports Leader coaching and feedback.
AD Summer Term
Review in
spring term
New initiatives
*Buy in GUGA Fit for 2 days to
provide workshops from Nursery –
Year 6
* Setting up a school sports council
* Having sports leaders in year 5
* getting parents on board with the
initiative by inviting them in to watch
* whole school Assembly to promote
the key messages
*All children would experience the multi skills activity with key focus on the nutritional
advice and promoting the physical literacy
* Sports council will help raise the profile of sports across the school and keep the
Guga Fit ethos at the for front of children’s minds
* Sports leaders will become ambassadors for Sport at Fern Hill promoting and
supporting VP in all key areas
* Parents are engaged and help support their child in selecting healthy life options
* in delivering whole school assemblies the message of the importance of being
healthy and active is a collective one
Meeting 29/11/13
with GUGA
15th and 17th
January 2014
VP to devise a rota
for the workshops
for year groups
*AD to support VP during the 2 day workshop
*To develop new sports in school
that will offer the children different
experiences, such as Hand ball,
Footsal and Frisbee
*AD to assess the outcomes of the workshop and feedback to SLT on the quality of
provision provided by Guga Fit and any follow up actions required
AD Spring term
first half
*Children are introduced to new activities that could engage and motivate them to
continue with that sport and provide alternative activities for them
* staff are introduced and trained in some new sports that can be implemented
across year groups and enhance the curriculum
VP to research and
select resources
for new initiatives
Spring 13
* Sports council will help raise the profile of sports across the school
* Sports leaders will become ambassadors for Sport at Fern Hill promoting and
supporting VP in all key areas
*Children are introduced to new activities that could engage and motivate them to
continue with that sport and provide alternative activities for them – ultimate Frisbee,
futsal and pop lacrosse.
*Maintain equipment – order and update.
* Staff are introduced and trained in some new sports that can be implemented
across year groups and enhance the curriculum – staff INSET
VP to book the
trip and provide
Book transport
Rock Climbing
*To provide an enriching experience
for year 3 children focussing on
adventurous activities.
Children would attend a rock
climbing session at Tolworth centre
Leap for Life Programme
*To buy into a programme that is
focussed on children’s fundamental
early learning developmental
movement skills
*The children would be inspired and motivated by taking on an exhilarating
experience like rock climbing
*This could become an activity that is repeated each year and parents are asked to
contribute towards the cost of the trip
*A programme is developed and delivered to the EYFS and KS1 team
*Children are confident and competent in movement skills by the end of year 2 and
able to demonstrate this via PE lessons
* AD to review this programme and report to SLT
To deliver training and to develop further.
Bringing in Expertise into school
*To provide qualified coaches to
help support in lessons
*giving quality expertise that can
develop new teaching skills for
*aiming at upper KS2, rugby, football
*The curriculum is extended and developed
*Teachers feel confident in delivering competitive sports and are provided with
structure and ideas for future teaching in these areas
*AD to monitor this provision for quality of coaches
and arrange
drivers (booked)
To be booked
VP to purchase
the scheme and
make a plan for
delivering the
programme to
staff Spring term
VP to book and
organise 2014
To be planned in accordance with topical or world sporting events
Katie Cannon – gymnastics promotion and assembly then to work with Year 2 – this
is a view to booking her afterwards. Assess the outcomes and impact on teacher’s
professional development.
David Weir (to look into)
VP and AD to
plan in Spring
term key focus
and book
Sporting focus Spring/ Summer
*To organise 2 whole school
sporting projects celebrating sport
across the school
*To promote sport for life in the
chosen activities
* Active Week – getting active
Examples*Skipping workshops across the school, getting active programme, guest speakers
into school, interhouse competitions, KS competitions, Rugby tournaments, football
* New sports into school and all children have a session learning that sport or just
key year groups
* Gymnastics demonstrations, inspirational speakers
*All children come into school in their sports clothes, rugby, football, cricket, golf,
dance, ballet as a celebration
*Needs a focus for each term, planning time would come from the 10 release days
*VP to book inspirational speakers and develop ideas for themes/ World cup next
*The children feel they have experienced a fun enriching and collaborative activity
VP to arrange
visit to see other
schemes of work
Inter-house competitions
Promotion of keeping active – aerobic time daily.
Active Week – getting active
Walk to school / 8:45am in the playground all the teachers / children and parents to
get involved in skipping/Zumba etc activities to promote keeping active.
Walking bus?
Scheme of work for PE ??
* To provide an alternative scheme
of work for PE, current scheme is 10
years old. This will need research
and investigating speak with PE coordinator at St Luke’s/ Latchmere re
scheme they are using.
*Coverage of the curriculum is better
*Teachers feel greater support in the teaching of PE
PE Programme
*To buy into a programme that is focused on children’s progression and that is easy
to follow for all teachers.
Is the scheme going to provide
something different? Do we need it?
To use Ben Skelton and his expertise to inform planning – coordinator to develop the
planning for Key Stage 1.
*A magazine that provides ideas and *Teachers use the ideas from the magazine to promote PE in their classrooms
activities, posters for teachers on a
*It supports VP in her development of the subject, providing innovative ideas for
monthly basis increasing the
planning and enrichment of PE
awareness of PE across the school
*Introducing swimming in year 3 for
the next 2 years
VP to subscribe
to the magazine
Autumn 13
*Promoting a life skill for children and greater chance of being able to swim 25
metres by the end of Primary school
*Over the 2 years it would target 150 children in helping them swim
Is this sustainable after the Sports funding has stopped would depend on school
However I do feel it is something we could continue with after funding by asking
parents to make a small contribution towards the costs.
Jo Tatum has
been booked
(costing to be
To provide provision for those children by the end of year 6 that cannot swim 25
metres. 10 from Year 6
AD to discuss and confirm Year 3’s to start swimming.
AD to confirm
with Jo and to
book and get
Will need
Fitness and Fatness / change for life
Outdoor learning
Purchase £210 pack
TA to run three sessions a week – promoting change for life – activity and healthy
Children selected via survey and then invited to attend this club. The club will be fully
On the back of their training Year 5/6 chn can become leaders – help to set up
games in the playground at lunchtime. They will also be invited to help with KS1
playtimes and PE times.
Coordinator - Train up playground leaders.
Outdoor coordinator to receive training to become an outdoor learning specialist.
Upon completion they will purchase the resource pack with the orienteering packs.
Day trips to Surrey Outdoor Learning.
£500 – map of the school
Playground markings – hop scotch / snakes and ladders / maps / number grids / etc
to promote activity.
AD to consult
SLT and confirm
costings / timings
/ TA support.